Be An Internet Spy: How to Learn SEO Strategies From Your Competitors

looking at the world through a microscopeDo you want to be an internet spy who learns how to use SEO strategies from your competitors?

When it comes to search engine optimization or SEO, anyone who has struggled to achieve and maintain high search rankings knows it’s a constant race against your competitors.

For you to stay ahead of them you need to monitor your rivals’ websites and blogs and see what they are doing in addition to improving your site regularly.

You may have watched your competitors getting ahead of you, which means that one way to catch up with them is to use their tactics. I call that being an Internet marketing spy that sounds kind of sinister, but in reality, it is just smart business on your part.

This post will show you how it is done, and how to learn SEO strategies from your competitors, and I will give you 5 tips to consider.

Plan Your Keywords Finding Strategies Carefully

As you create the best useful and right content for your target market you need to pay close attention to the keywords you’re using.

The reason is that even if you reach the top of Google search results as a result of using a particular keyword, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re ahead.

Most people do not have a keyword list.


It takes work to build and maintain a keyword list for your blog or website. Chances are you do not how to do this and are not willing to learn how. I think this is a big mistake.

The best way is to focus on keywords that bring you the highest traffic. You need to consider what keywords your competitors are using.

Consider using Google’s webmaster tools program or Google analytics to determine which keywords produce the highest traffic. Focus on these are your primary keyword for a page or new blog post.

Also, sprinkle these words throughout your content where it makes sense and sounds natural.

taking a closer look at the environment

Keep Checking SEO News

The SEO field is constantly changing. It means that you need to find out trends are growing and jump on them, which enables you to take the lead in search results of potential customers.

The best way is to set aside some time to check SEO news websites such as Search Engine Watch or Search Engine Land. Subscribe to their email list or notifications. This is an easy way to quickly see what is going on in the world of SEO as it happens.

Constantly Create New Content

SEO optimization requires you to create new and informative content. Keep in mind that the amount and quality of your content matters, since it’s what attracts readers and potential customers.

By adding fresh content, you keep your site appealing to search engines, their indexing programs, which are automated and users. If you blog this is easy to do.

If you do not have a blog on your website start one. Then work hard at creating new content.

Here are some ideas of what I am talking about.

1. Articles
2. Videos
3. Podcasts
4. Images

When you make new blog posts add pictures to it to liven it up. Add a video as well.

If you do not have one go to YouTube and find one. YouTube is a shared video site so you can copy the embed code and place it on your page for free.

Use Pixabay for free shared images. This really does a lot to make your blog look more professional.

In terms of articles focus on fresh content. You do not have to create all of it yourself either.

Hire a blog writer or accept guest blog posts if you are pressed for time or do not want to do it all yourself. The main thing is to focus on your keyword list and get as many words as you can in an article without stuffing them of shooting for a specific keyword density.

Check Your Competitors On-Site Activities

Make sure you monitor your competitor’s on-site search engine optimization activities. If they change their strategies dramatically, it could be that they are reacting to a penalty from search engines or discovered a new to optimize their sites.

Keep an eye on their use of keyword-optimized headers and title tag structures, which will enable you to learn how to stay ahead. Subscribe to their email list of website notifications so you know when they have something new you want to see.


web siteLook At Your Competitors’ Backlink Profiles

Keep checking any changes in your competitors’ links while also monitoring your site’s backlink profiles, which enable you to prevent negative SEO attacks. Bear in mind that the best SEO techniques are not widely publicized.

In fact, most winning combinations are accidentally stumbled upon, which results in positive website results. For ideas on getting backlinks to read Backlinks!


The above post on how to be an Internet Spy: How to Learn SEO Strategies from Your Competitors should make it easier to stay ahead in the results of search engines and build traffic to your site. The key point to remember is to keep creating content and checking your competitor’s on-site activities.

Nothing beats fresh content and the best competitors you will find are doing that all of the time. Learn from them

You will come up with many blog post ideas of your own. When you use your own keyword ideas from your list you can create unique content that Google will not view as a duplicate content.

This will help you rank your own content on Google. Plus it gives people interested in the theme of your niche new things to view and read which can help you with viral traffic and social sharing.

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