How I Sell Products Online with Zero Inventory using a Simple 4-Step Formula

Getting Started with building an online business can be very difficult,
but with the right tools & support – it’s possible!

Hi, I’m David.

What I am about to reveal to you is the EXACT method used to build an online business that creates a passive income for me and my family. Before we get started, I want you to know that this is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme as it takes an effort to build an online business. But with my guidance – you are well on your way to the path of earning a passive income for yourself.

Here is a screenshot of someone who got started with the 4 step formula and earned $2,000 in a single day! This is of course after he put in the effort, but the point is that earning a passive income online is doable!

Wealthy Affiliate Commission Record

Let’s get started!  Below are the 4 steps needed to build your online business and I shall go through each step with you.

The Simple 4-Step Formula

4 step formula

Step 1: Choose an Interest

Do you have a passion or hobby or something that interests you? It could be anything from model trains to fashion!
And did you know there are thousands of other people who share the same interest and make purchases online?

So when it comes to building an affiliate website, it is best to choose something that you have knowledge of. For example, I enjoy ping pong!  There are thousands of other folks who buy ping-pong-related items online.  Since I have an interest in Ping Pong, it seems natural that I would create an affiliate website about ping pong.

Step 2: Build a Website

Now that we have decided on an interest, it is time to build a website. I know the thought of building a website sounds scary because it deals with all sorts of technology that you may not know about. For example:

  • A domain name
  • A website hosting service
  • Software to build the website
  • A website theme for the look of it
  • Etc.

But there is an easy solution for this which handles all that stuff within a few clicks. The solution is called SiteRubix and is an awesome website builder that helps you build a website in just a few clicks!

Step 3: Attract Visitors

Now that you have a website ready to go, it’s time to bring visitors to your shiny new website. We do this by writing content (called blogging) that the search engines list and people can find your content.

Step 4: Earn Revenue

Once you have some content written and it is listed in the search engines, now comes the exciting part where you earn revenue! We do this by placing affiliate links within the content whereas if your reader clicks on the affiliate links and makes a purchase – you earn a commission!

Now It’s Your Turn

As you can see above, building an online business isn’t too hard as long as you stick with it and trust those who are helping you. Throughout your affiliate marketing journey, I will coach you along the way. If you are ready to get started and want to build your own website for free – click on any of the buttons on this page to get rolling. I will see you on the other side and will coach you every step of the way!

How I Got Started with My Online Business

It was only a couple of years ago…

But, I remember the day as if it was yesterday. I would listen to an influential speaker with eloquence, as he shared his “latest and greatest product or service that could help me in building my business online successfully and make me a lot of money.

And without even knowing the price, I would pull out my credit card and buy. Why? Because I believed he had something that worked and I wanted it. So I would buy the product or service, go through the training from start to finish, and apply everything I was told to do.

Expecting to watch my team grow and my income rise to heights so that I can take care of my family and give more to my church.

Nothing happened! And for the longest time, I never knew why. I thought maybe:

  • “It must be me.”
  • “Success wasn’t meant for me.”
  • “I must be doing something wrong.”

Then eventually, I would just buy another product, and the same thing would happen over, and over and over again. I felt like an idiot.

I was determined to stay active in my Dream.

Then I realized it wasn’t my fault. I felt some hope within me. I realized I wasn’t following a proven formula or system. They were no community that I can relate to that is having the same problem as I am. I realized that all the products I was buying and the techniques I was applying to my business… It worked for some, but not all.

I knew that if I wanted to be a success in this business and help my team do the same, I needed a proven formula for success, and I am glad that I got it.

My Proven System For Success

Remember the book “Think and Grow Rich”? It was written by  Napoleon Hill, and it was published in 1937. Since the release of “Think and Grow Rich,” there have
been over 15,000,000 (15 million!) copies sold. And to date, it remains one of the top-selling books worldwide.

Why? because it is a step-by-step proven formula that anyone can use to get rich. Here are some success stories by some of these members who are using this 4 step system.

Dylan Success story
Preciouns success story at Wealthy Affiliate
dj-Drea experiencing success at Wealthy Affiliate

You can have the same success starting today if you take the time and go through these simple 4 steps proven success formula, and a community will be there to work with you every day

Using a proven success system is what you need.

That’s the difference between success and failure.
That’s the difference between building a large, profitable team and building a team that drains life and money out of you.

So I stopped reaching out to people until I find such a system. Months went by, and I searched, tested, and even join some programs.

But there was nothing to introduce online that has been worth talking about for almost six months. Until Now.
All the crap I have seen, overselling sales pages, Guru getting rich, or trying to sell you crap for $2000, or even 4 $5000.

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