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building a business you need to to attract customersGetting Started on Building a business online can be very difficult, but with the right tools and community, it is possible to succeed. In this article, I will show you how.

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Before I give you my story and tell you what I have been through, let me explain to you what I will do for you with this business. The training that you about to get started is going to be straight, short and to the point. At the end of each lesson, there are tasks that you have to do before you go forward.
1. I will see to it that you go through each task before you go on.
2. There will be a community of people will be with you along the way.
3. You will realize the pitfalls that you have made in the past, and will not make them again.
4. You will be rewarded for all your efforts going forward and you will begin to feel good about yourself and your business.
Now here is my story.

My History.

It was only a couple of years ago.

But, I remember the day as if it was yesterday…

I would listen to an influential speaker with eloquence, as he shared his “latest and greatest product or service that could help me in building my business online successfully and make me a lot of money.

And without even knowing the price, I would pull out my credit card and buy.


Because I believed he had something that worked.

… And I wanted it.

So I would…

Buy the product or service.

Go through the training from start to finish.

Apply everything I was told to do…

Expecting to watch my team grow and my income rise to heights so that I can take care of my family and give more to my church.

Nothing happened!

… And for the longest time, I never knew why.

I thought maybe.

“It must be me.”

“Success wasn’t meant for me.”

“I must be doing something wrong.”

Then eventually, I would just buy another product.

And the same thing would happen.

Over, and over and over again.

I felt like an idiot.

lost found searcking

I was determined to stay active in my Dream.

Then it came to me.

I realized it wasn’t my fault.

And I felt some hope within me.

I realized I wasn’t following a proven formula or system. They were no community that I can relate to that is having the same problem as I am.

I realized that all the products I was buying and the
techniques I was applying to my business…

It Worked for some, but not all.

I knew that if I wanted to be a success in
this business, and help my team do the same,

I need a proven formula for success, and I am glad that I got it.

My Proven System For Success

Remember the book “Think and Grow Rich”?

It was written by  Napoleon Hill, and it was published in 1937.

Since the release of “Think and Grow Rich,” there has
been over 15,000,000 (15 million!) copies sold.

And to date, it remains one of the top-selling books worldwide.

Why? because it is a step by step proven formula that anyone can use to get rich.

That’s the difference between success and failure.

That’s the difference between building a large, profitable
team and building a team that drains life and money
out of you.
So I stopped reaching out to people until I find such a system.

Months went by, and I have searched, tested, even join some programs.

But there was nothing to introduced online that has been worth talking about for almost six months. Until Now.

All the crap I have seen, overselling sales pages, Guru’s getting rich, or trying to sell you crap for $2000, or even 4 or $5000.

Sky is the limit

My #1 Recommendation:

There is a product out now, at an entry-level price, that delivers what it says, and more.  It is a system that I have started to use in the past but ignored, and now have started using it again.

If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend: Click on the button below to get started.

And remember….

I take this business seriously, and I will do whatever it takes to see others have the same results!

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10 thoughts on “Getting Started”

  1. Hi David, you are writing from the heart. I can feel the message you are trying to send. Keep it up. Looking forward for more content


    • Thank you for the comment Azian, when you live it, is easier for you to tell your story from the heart. Hope others do not have to go through this. Take care.

  2. Hi David,

    Your story reminds me of my early days starting out online! I tried every new product that promised me the sun, moon and stars and then…… nothing. I’d be left wondering was it me or what? Nothing used to work! Thanks for sharing and bringing back memories!

    All the best

    • Yes, I guess most of us went through that in some form or fashion. the good thing today we can be trained and not have others make the same mistakes as we did in the past.

      hope you are in a better spot today, and you are seeing success with your business. I can safely say that I am doing much better than before and is getting the training to grow my business to a full-time income from home. all the best David.

  3. Hi David, I love your story! I have been there, buying programs and following them to the letter. Sometimes it worked for me and sometimes not and it was a waste of money.
    I am a part of your recommended program, and I love the training and the community. It really stands out as one that is proven to work. It is working for me!

    • Thank you for identifying with my failures. We need to let others know the right approach to building a successful business online so that they would not be fooled by companies that promise you success without putting the work. Glad that you are part of a growing Community and learning what you need to do to grow a business from home. wish you all the best and feel free to contact me if you need a hand with anything. God Speed!

  4. Hey David, I totally relate to you and your struggle to build a reliable business. I, too, spent the sleepless nights searching and grasping at straws and mirages. Glad you finally found something that is actually working for you. Much success.

    • Muhammad, you can see that my travels were not that easy. And most times I wanted to quit searching, but I was not the quitting type. And now that my business is moving in the right direction, I am here to help others to do the same, through Wealthy Affiliate.

      I take this business seriously and I will do what it takes to see others have the same success. Thank you Muhammad.

    • Hey Cliff, we all had that same notion. But is good that we did. All I have to say is to stay focus and consistent and soon you will begin to reap the rewards of your hard work. Talk to you soon.


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