Facebook Marketing Tips For Small Business

Facebook for marketing

With more than 2 billion active monthly users Facebook is great to connect. Here I will give you some Facebook marketing tips for small business can implement. However, from a business standpoint, Facebook can be more of a place to make a personal connection than a professional one. This can be overcome for internet business … [Read more…]

The Benefits Of Using Email Marketing

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Are you new to the marketing world and wondering if email marketing is still effective? Well, It is! here I will discuss the benefits of using email marketing. Think about your own personal situation. Do you open email? I’ll bet you do if it is from someone you know, or from someone sending you the … [Read more…]

Home Based Business Ideas For Retirees

retiree spending time with grand kid

Just because you are retired doesn’t mean you can’t generate a little extra income. In fact, there are many home based business ideas for retirees that won’t require too much physical strain, but can still bring in the money. One of these methods, thanks to things like the internet is marketing for local businesses. Chances … [Read more…]