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Wealthy Affiliate Programs and what it can do for your marketing muscles

Wealthy Affiliate Programs are intense and answer all Marketers immediate concerns and Affiliate Marketers needs, which remind me of my gym membership.

Want to a Wealthy Affiliate gym membership? Sign up here for free.

How are a gym membership and Wealthy Affiliate alike? This is something I started thinking about.

I wanted to convey what a great opportunity Wealthy Affiliate is. Both as a training program as well as a business opportunity.

Since Wealthy Affiliate is a membership I got the idea in my head that in many ways a gym membership is like Wealthy Affiliate.


Let me count the ways 🙂

9 Ways Wealthy Affiliate Programs Is like A Gym Membership

1. Community-Comradery. When you join Wealthy Affiliate you’re joining a membership site that’s full of people just like you. These are people that are using the business model of affiliate marketing to make money.

It makes a lot of sense that you would want to be around people like that because you can help each other. You are in the membership for yourself, but not by yourself.

When you join a gym membership you’re coming into work out and that takes a certain amount of dedication. People who try to do this at their home often fail because they don’t have the motivation they can find from feeding off of other people working out just like them.

You develop a certain sense of camaraderie by belonging to a community of individuals just like yourself! You are more likely to stick with it longer as well.

2. Platform. Wealthy Affiliate has a training platform you can plug into and follow.

All members access this platform in the same way.

They just do it with their own secure login. You will only find paid members just like yourself.

At a gym membership, only members are let inside. You have to show your i.d. card to get in.

With a national chain, they are set up very similar from one location to the next. At a local gym, you walk in and have immediate access to the same workout equipment everyone else gets.

3. Millions are doing it. This is no exaggeration. Millions of people work out at a gym or workout club every day.

Training and working out is like Wealthy affiliate and their programsMillions of people do affiliate marketing every day on the Internet. Many of these people are members with Wealthy Affiliate. It is the premier training program online today!

4. Coaching. Maybe you just want to step on the treadmill and start walking.

For some of us, this is enough, at least at first. What if you want to go further?

You may need a personal coach and for an extra fee, you can have one. A coach is also called a trainer at a fitness club. Sometimes this is included in your monthly membership cost.

In the world of the Internet, marketing coaches are also called consultants. Again for a fee, they will help you become more successful.

With Wealthy Affiliate, the founders and owners, Kyle and Carson, are there to help coach you every day. They are active in the community answering questions and providing new training all of the time.

5. Classes. Sometimes whether it is making money or getting in shape you need to take a class.

This is a focused way to learn what you need at that time. With Wealthy Affiliate, they have an archived training program set up with classes on the whole process of making money with your own website and affiliate marketing.

At a gym, you can take classes on everything from how to use the workout equipment to how to eat right, and stretch and cool down after your workout.

6. Testing. In a gym, you test yourself every day often just by measuring how far you ran, or how fast you did it in a certain time. It might be how much you lifted or how many repetitions you did.

With Wealthy Affiliate as you complete their beginners and boot camp training, you progress towards a course certification after each session. These are designed to help you measure what you have learned and if you are ready to move on to the next training.

7. Competition. You may be only competing against yourself, or you may be competing against others.

Wealthy Affiliate has a Las Vegas paid trip as a reward for signing up 300 new paid members in a year. Only the best of the best can do this.

Any business is like a race or marathon like any internet programs onlineWhen you work out you may be getting in shape to run a marathon or take a walk for charity. This is a fun competition and a way to push yourself to do more and be better.

8. Variety. I love this one both at a gym or in Wealthy Affiliate.

During a work out you might be on a treadmill one minute and on an elliptical machine the next. Some people like to do a circuit to break up the monotony.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you are learning how to build a website and make money selling things on it. You use the affiliate marketing business model to do this.

The variety comes in how you set up your site, what you choose to sell and the niche you choose to sell it to. There is no boredom here!

9. Convenience. It is very convenient to log into your membership area at Wealthy Affiliate and start completing the training.

You will spend a lot of time on marketing. Again Wealthy Affiliate has everything you need to set up a website, do keyword research, chose affiliate products and much more.

Gyms are very convenient as well. They are close to where you live.

The equipment is set up so it is easy to find and use. So many people use a gym membership because of how everything is so convenient for them

My Conclusion On Wealthy Affiliate Programs

I have laid out several ways Wealthy Affiliate is like a gym membership. I like this analogy because many people are working out physically, but are ignoring improving their mind and bank account.

Want to make more money? I can help you with affiliate marketing and you can start learning with a free membership to start!

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PS: Please leave any comments or questions you may have below, I would love to get your feedback.

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10 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Programs”

  1. Hi, David.
    What a beautiful comparison between Wealthy Affiliate and Gym Workout.
    The nine points given by you are absolutely correct according to me as I go for the Gym as well I am Proud Member of Wealthy Affiliate from past one year, so can relate with this comparison well.

    I would like to add one advantageous comparison – There is a scope of Huge earning once we become successful in learning all aspects of Wealthy Affiliate and implement it on our niche website, similarly we can have huge earning from Gym workout after we shape our body as per the standards of competitions. Both need consistency of efforts for a persistent time.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    • Gaurav, thank you for the comment and happy to know you can relate to wealthy affiliate has having a gym membership. I saw the similarity as soon I joined WA back in 2013. I realized that it would take hard work and consistency in the beginning, and once you get out of your comfort zone, you would begin to reap the rewards.

      Glad that you mention the income potential with Wealthy affiliate as oppose to going to the gym, and once you implement the training on your niche website, you can leverage your hours on your day job and even have more time to spend in the gym. Thank you for the feedback.


  2. What an interesting way to look at Wealthy Affiliate as like a gym membership! Wow, it makes perfect sense too. Wealthy Affiliate allows you to get fit in any niche you can think of. And with the training and coach to help guide and mentor you along the way. How much does it cost? 

    • Hey Cathy, happy to hear that you see the similarity between Wealthy Affiliate and owning a gym membership. if you take your business seriously as your workout, the benefits would come, but consistency plays a major role here.

      You can join Wealthy Affiliate for free and give it a test run to see if that is a good fit for you. if you decide that it is, you can upgrade to a premium membership at $49.00/month. Just referring just over two people you see the need and upgrade to a premium membership, you could have it paying for itself. Hope that helps!

  3. Great post here on Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate truly is one of the best platforms and communities out there. Comparing Wealthy Affiliate to a gym membership is interesting. I agree that Wealthy Affiliate and gyms offer great coaching and classes. 

    They both also provide ways to gauge competition. I think of boxing, MMA and bodybuilding when it comes to gauging competition at the gym. There definitely is added convenience when talking about these two places. Most people know about the gym, but not all know about Wealthy Affiliate, so I encourage those who don’t to check out the links and see what it’s all about! Excellent analogy.

    • Success always requires hard work, and if we can maintain a healthy work out plan at the gym, that will create the right mindset to do the same with our business. happy that you see the importance of the two and how they relate to each other.

      Most of the people who are coming on board Wealthy Affiliate can’t thank me enough for introducing this platform to them. It is great to see that dreams are being met with this program. Glad that you are a part of this community and your business is growing. Thank you for the comment and insight.

  4. Hello Bishop!!

    Wealthy affiliate is like a gym workout!!! 

    Wow, this is great. You have such a good sense of humor. The comparison makes something really easy to understand. And you have done it nicely. You described nicely about your points about training, classes, competition, etc. I want to know about the Las Vegas paid tour reward of Wealthy affiliate that you have said.

    • I find the similarity within myself by not being consistent on going to the gym and taking my workouts serious. the same thing happens when I had started out to build a business online. nothing happens in my business cause I was treating the same way I treated my gym membership.

      Once I started to take both seriously, the results started to come. I eventually created momentum and it all started to become so easy, cause I was having fun along the way.

      The Las Vegas Trip in Wealthy Affiliate Explained.


  5. I had never thought that an online business could be like a gym membership, but the way you explain it with Wealthy Affiliate makes sense. It sounds like it might be a sound investment in my future. I have been checking some things out and I keep coming back to Wealthy Affiliate. I was wondering though I don’t have much experience with online business and I saw that they teach you how to do it, but do they start from the ground zero. I mean like no experience at all?



    • My friend did not know how to copy and paste when he started with Wealthy Affiliate. Now He is working and making a full-time income from home. if that did not answer your question, then meet me inside Wealthy Affiliate, and I would be happy to answer your questions and concerns.

      Working out in a gym is not an easy task, but if you stay consistent and dedicate to the task at hand, the results will show. That is what building a successful business is all about, and Wealthy Affiliate will show you step by step how to go through that process. Thank you for the feedback.


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