What Is The Top Affiliate Marketing Program?

working on my online business from homeMany people starting out want to know what is the top affiliate marketing program they can join and how much would it cost them.

This one is my no. 1 recommendations you can join for free first and see if it is what you want.

If you decided to join, I will meet you inside and guide you along the steps that I take to build a successful business and is working for me.

I personally like “the top lists” for just about everything including affiliate marketing.

This kind of lists can be used as a starting point to determine a specific affiliate program that you might join to make more money.

In determining the top affiliate marketing program, you need to look at the criteria being used to establish what the top program is.


With that in mind here we go with some of the most important ones!

1. Commissions.

Affiliate marketers deserve to be paid well for what they do.

Without a doubt, Google Adsense pays out a lot of money to their affiliates every year. Over $1 Billion Dollars and they give back 68% of the revenue collected to their affiliates. This is a pay per click affiliate program.

Amazon is the largest affiliate program in the world and they pay out big money in commissions. You can sell both physical and digital products as Amazon affiliate which really opens up your options.

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind in regards to getting paid to be an affiliate. Often times selling digital products pay more in commissions then selling physical products do.

That is to say, you will earn a higher commission rate. You may or may not always make money?

How and why?

Digital products have no manufacturing costs. Once the product is created it is done.

Clickbank is the largest digital affiliate marketplace online. It is common to find commission rates of 50% to 75% there.

So for example, if you sell an ebook that costs $20 and pays a %75 commission rate to you your payment will be $15 less any merchant or network fees.

You may earn considerably less per sale on physical products, but the payment could be way higher. For example, if you sell a $5K entertainment center that pays 5% commission you would earn $250 for the sale.

Selling big-ticket items is a way to earn big money as an affiliate and there are plenty of physical and digital products you can become an affiliate to do that.

phone and internet access to work from home

2. Networks.

An affiliate network gives you access to multiple affiliate programs with one identification number.

For years, the top affiliate network for digital products has been Click-Bank. This is free to join and with one identification number that can be inserted into any product URL, you have instant access to thousands and thousands of digital products to sell.

A really good website to go and learn about affiliate marketing, and find access to some of the top affiliate networks is Offer Vault. I would put this on any list of top affiliate programs just because of the information they provide and the access they give you to the really top affiliate networks.

At Offer Vault you are going to find the cost per actions affiliate programs. This is also referred to as CPA offers and you are not selling anything. You are only asking for information.

There are affiliates earning 7 figures per years doing CPA affiliate marketing.

3. Affiliate business model.

You basically have five ways to make money as an affiliate marketer. You should keep these in mind when you’re looking for the top affiliate program.

Top affiliate marketing program and paying for results

– pay per click
– pay per lead, also known as cost per action, or CPA
– pay per sale
– two-tier affiliate programs
– start your own affiliate program

Here is a basic premise about affiliate marketing. The more you are asked to do by the affiliate merchant for that transaction the more you will earn.

If you are doing PPC ads with Google Adsense and the ad cost $1 for the click you will earn .68 cents.

If you are asking for an email address only on a CPA offer you might be paid $1 for it. If you have a 3-page form that needs to be filled out you might earn $100 or even more.

As I mentioned selling big ticket products is a way to earn big money on way sale. There is a skill to affiliate marketing and pre-selling that comes into play the more you are asked to do.

Starting your own blog and pre-selling is a great strategy for doing affiliate marketing the right way. I am doing that here on my Make Money Tips blog. It is a niche I enjoy and I hire a blog writer to help with content so I do not have to do all of it myself.

Many affiliate marketers will start with a specific business model and then branch into other models. A Google search is going to help you find the top affiliate programs for each specific business model.

This is time well spent because it will help you zero in and find a specific program based on the type of affiliate marketing you want to do. You can then choose the top affiliate marketing program for that business model and join it, often times for free.

My Pick For Top Affiliate Marketing Program

If you are searching for the top affiliate marketing program, I suggest you take a look at Wealthy Affiliate. This business is my No. 1 Recommendation. You can join for free and test drive this business and see if it is a good fit for you.

Please leave your question or comment below, I would love to get your feedback.

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20 thoughts on “What Is The Top Affiliate Marketing Program?”

  1. Hi David,

    I like the simplicity and honesty of your approach. I read they about D Bishop page as well. I envy the fact that you are business partners with your son. I aspire for that myself.

    The color co-ordination of your site aligns well with WA. Since we are both aiming for the same goal, to promote WA as an affiliate, it’s easy for me to spot that as your goal, but it is done subtly enough that I doubt the untrained eye will detect that you’re an affiliate for WA.

    Well done.

    • Hey, Bob, thank you for dropping by and giving your honest opinion on Wealthy Affiliate. My son loves the idea that you can educate people through your own blog and get rank for it. There are some very good programs out there, but with the community that Wealthy Affiliate has, surpasses the rest. Thank you for you comment and good luck with your business.


  2. Hey David, you hit the nail on the head with this one.

    The Wealthy Affiliate program has to be the best out there. Not only do they give you the tools to promote the product but you learn also along the way.

    It can make a person from knowing absolutely nothing about affiliating to making money in a few months if the work is put in.

    • Hey, Mark, glad you see my point of view with Wealthy Affiliate. I wish I had my premium membership many years ago. For short period of time I have learned so much. And the community here is awesome. They are so eager to assist you whenever you ask for help. Thank you for kind feedback.

  3. Wow ! this one is a excellent page you have created! really impressed ! great ideas and the pictures you have added are really matching! apart from all that you have made it so clear so that others could understand easily! thats what people look for! great stuff so far! keep up the good work! best of luck! thank you!

    • Thank you for dropping by Hasitha, and thank you for your kind feedback. Glad you understand the difference on the top affiliate marketing programs that you can make money. if you just mastered one and focus on it consistently, you can see a huge improvement in your bank account.

      If I can help you in any wa, please do not hesitate to ask. Good luck with your online quest, and I wish uou all the best. Take care.


  4. Thanks for the helpful tips! I’ll have to keep these in mind when looking for affiliate programs across the web.

    I’ve been using Wealthy Affiliate for little over a month and have already learned quite a bit. Affiliate marketing should help me make a lot more than I did with Adsense. Adsense requires thousands of page views before seeing any sort of decent income, but affiliate marketing requires less if you’re a good marketer.

    • Alec,

      You are right on track with Wealthy Affiliate. Keep following the courses and doing the task and you should be fine. This business has done wonders for my business, and it will for you as well. thank you for stopping by.


  5. Great and thorought information on what is the top affiliate marketing program online at the moment. You gave detailed instructions how the whole affiliate circle works and gave valuable insight to me. I saw Wealthy Affiliate within your page. What you think sets WA apart from any other affiliate program on the internet and why? I’m kinda curious to try it but I’m a complete newbie. Thanks a lot!

    • Jesse,

      Glad you skeptical and you should be. I wish I was that in the beginning. I have lost money with those scam businesses that teaches those get rich schemes programs. What I did at first was to join for free and see if this company was the right fit for me.

      And yes, I am enjoying every minute of it with my upgrade affiliate membership. So feel free to start your membership and see if it is right for you. If you need further clarification or help with anything, please let me know. Hope I was not too long with my response, if I was, please accept my apology. Thanks Jesse.


  6. Hey David, this is really great post if I do say so myself. Personally, I have heard of Click Bank and how many, many people make a full time income just through that affiliate program. I think I make give it a try one time. Wealthy Affiliate University is awesome too and I fully recommend anyone to give it a shot. You will learn so much from Wealthy Affiliate, you are doing a disservice to yourself if you don’t join in. It’s really great. Awesome post and thanks for the idea of Click Bank again. Have a good day! 🙂

    • Mike,

      Thank you for the positive comment on my post. Glad you see that Clickbank can be a useful way of making a full-time income from home. Wealthy Affiliate is a sure way of learning exactly how to do that.

      It is working for me and would like to show others how it can work for them as well. Wish you all the best with your business and your journey with Wealthy Affiliate.


  7. Hey David,

    I just bumped into your site. WA is indeed one of the most comprehensive onlne programs at the moment.
    It is structured in such a way that even a person with no technical skill or marketing experience can take the plunge right away.

    The Simplicity alone gets you immediately hooked.An the best part…it works!

    • George,

      You hit the nail on the head about Wealthy Affiliate. What attract me the most is, you can join for free and test the waters first, before you shell out your hard earn cash on the premium product. something that is few with other programs.

      Then you have the community that seek your interest and eager to see you succeed with your online business. Kyle and Carson place serious concerns when developing this product, to help all that join have success.

      Thanks for your comment and wish you all the best with your business. if there is anything I can do to help please feel free to contact me.


  8. Hey there Bishop,

    There are many ways of making money online and when you starting out, in my opinion, affiliate marketing is the easiest way. No responsible needs to be taken for the product except for the clients in order to have a sustainable relationship with them.

    Anyway, you must try out different sources in order to know which one of them suits best to you. However, before doing that, I would actually give my best at one source before jumping to the other.

    Thank you for sharing Bishop 🙂

    • Winny,

      Thank you for your input on what is the top Affiliate Marketing Program, and how to go about finding out which is the best for you.

      The problem is that, how long do you find out if the program is right for you. I believe some people leave too fast, and others stay too long with the wrong program. Would love your input on that.


  9. This was a short, simple, and to the point article that hooked me throughout the whole thing. I did not know a lot of this stuff like all of the methods to obtain a commission like pay per lead or getting customers to fill out whole forms. What is your favorite method of obtaining commissions and why do you think that it is so effective?

    • Thank you for stopping by and leaving such a positive comment. Yes, there are many ways one can earn a commission online, but my favorite is pay-per-sale. this can mount up to huge profits that can be ongoing for years to come.

  10. Hi Bishop, this is, as usual, a straightforward approach to simplify a rigid issue. I wanted to opt in for Clickbank but it’s heavily dominated by scam products. Also, I haven’t heard about Offer Vault. The information gotten from this post about it makes it seem like a perfect network to dive into for CPA though I have never engaged in that before.

    Thank you for this post, I have learned about CPA offer and I will be sure to try it out.

    • Focus is key to building a successful business online. I would follow my passion and pick a niche surrounding that. whether is digital or a physical product, mostly everything is in demand. You would definitely have more fun writing about something you have a passion for. Would love to hjelp1

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