Nine University Review – Earn Profits Through FBA!

Learning never ends. Some times you have to learn the hard way to understand what it is you did wrong. The Nine University review is designed to help you to learn before you get yourself in trouble.

This educational program claims to be able to help you earn profits through the FBA program offered by Amazon. Finding the right products and making money from your selection can be difficult, you expect an educational program to guide you around the pitfalls to success.

You will have to make up your own mind if this program is honest or not. It does make a lot of claims. The people behind this university claim to have built a 7 figure income in just 2 years.

It’s is possible they are on the up and up but you have to read our review then do your own research before coming to a decision. To find out more about Nine University just continue to read.

What is Nine University?

Nine University is more of an educational program. The founders, Kale Abrahamson and Taylor Hiott created this teaching opportunity when they found that they were a success running their own Amazon FBA business.

Nine University ReviewThe course is 7 weeks long and you get to watch a 20-minute introductory video to see if the business model is for you or not. The good thing is you do not have to pay any money or sign up to the program to view this video.

So far so good and an interesting concept to help hook people to pay for the course. The cost of the course will have you thinking twice though it is extremely high. You have to pay $1200 for the 7 weeks of instruction. That is if you want to pay the fee in one lump sum.

If you want you can pay in 4 instalments of $599 each, and if you are good at math you know that totals $2400 or a 100% profit for the two men. You really have to be interested and think it is going to work for you before you pay the money.

The two men justify this fee by stating that they are giving you around $15,000 worth of training, etc. in exchange. That remains to be seen.

Nine University Review: How Does Nine University Work?

As we have just said, you need to watch the beginning video to see if this business opportunity is for you. If you do not know anything about Amazon FBA then you get a little understanding of how the program works.

If you decide to go ahead, you give Kale Abrahamson and Taylor Hiott your personal information, your call preference and this can be through Skype if you want. Then you provide them with your e-mail address, age, and how much money you have to invest in this venture.

On top of that, you tell them when you can start and what your biggest challenges are. Once all that information is submitted The two men pencil you in for a phone interview to talk some more. So far you have invested nothing.

After the phone call is over, you can sign up for the educational materials and training, and get ready to learn in 7 weeks what you need to know to do an Amazon FBA business.

When your courses arrive you can begin to study and see what you are investing in. When you invest the type of money those two men are asking on top of investing in a product for your business you better be ready to learn and go forward with this niche business.

earn money through fbaCan You Make Money With Nine University?

That is a good question. This is not a typical or an MLM program you are signing up to participate in. In essence, you are paying a tuition fee to learn how to do business from two men who claim to be a very quick success at the same work.

There is nothing to sell but you do have to pay a huge amount of money to learn their trade secrets. The real test comes when you open your Amazon FBA account and start to work.

This may be as good as time as any, to throw a little water on all the good news you have read so far. There is a disclaimer, and it is the standard one used by different MLM businesses, and it is usually written in small print so you miss it.

On their website right under a bright red banner waiting to take you to their introductory video is a disclaimer stating that they do not guarantee you will make money following their educational training.

It also says that the success they display is self-reported and not typical. In other words, they are hype to get you to sign up and pay a lot of money to these two men. The final straw is that the disclaimer says most people do not make any money following their program.

According to the two men, it is most likely that you will not make any money after spending almost 2 months learning from them.

Nine University Review Examples Of How To Make Money

Nine University The only way to make money by signing up with this school is to open your own Amazon FBA business and give it a whirl. Of course, it will take a lot of hard work and you need to spend a lot of time working your business, that is the reason I include the four-step proven system that I use at the end of this article.

There are a lot of SEO strategies you need to learn as well as other business pointers like Amazon’s strict enforcement policies. Yes, Amazon is very strict, so know their rules and follow them well.

Oh, and they put that disclaimer under every testimonial so if you read each one you should not miss it unless you are distracted by the hype and the red banner that precedes it.

Any money you will earn will depend on your selection of the right products, how you market them and if you follow all the SEO rules you need to learn to get visitors to your website or Amazon page.

Your profit is not going to be found in following the training you get from these two men. That training will help but it is not the sole portion of your success.

Nine University Review Pros & Cons

The training sounds good and gives you something for your money. That is one positive you can get out of this company. Here are some more positives to look at as well as some negatives to make sure you have the proper perspective.


You get good training
Do not have to pay to learn more about the opportunity
2 experienced trainers are helping you
Zero pressure
Supposedly 100% transparency
No recruiting
Exclusive Facebook group to join to help you
Accessible and knowledgeable owners
Only 7 weeks of training, some courses take longer
As far as we know no upsells


A huge investment when cheaper programs are available
No mention of terms and conditions
No mention of subscription fees
Amazon FBA is very competitive and requires a lot of work to make it
High cost for buying products to sell
The pressure to join their affiliate program
Need to pay for advertising
Need lots of dedication to succeed

Any Negatives? Beware of Lawsuits

There are always negatives and in this case, it seems that the cons of this program are balanced out by the positives. The two men seem ready to guide the students who sign and as well as provide them with some good training material.

Nine University ReviewThe biggest negative is the disclaimer, make sure to READ THE DISCLAIMER before you sign up. It gives you the whole story in about 4 or 5 lines. Plus, it paints the real picture that is not mentioned in the advertising of the training program.

The second biggest negative is the high cost of enrollment. While you do get good training and materials, paying $1200 at one time may be too much for some people. Even the 4 instalments of $600 is a little bit much and can put a big hole in someone’s savings or budget.

Finally, the last big negative you have to worry about is having enough money to pay for product and advertising. All of this adds up to the fact that this University is not for those people who need money. You need to have money to have a hope of making it in the FBA business.

Is Nine University Legitimate?

We do not see anything that is not legitimate in Nine University. The owners seem to have a very good reputation, they remain accessible and not anonymous. Plus, they seem to know what they are talking about.

The drawbacks, of course, is what was discussed already in the negatives. You need a lot of money to get started and that investment does not guarantee success. But it is not a scam nor a pyramid scheme. There are just no guarantees.

Nine University Review Final Thoughts

If you have the money and want to work for yourself then you might want to give this educational opportunity a try. They say that nothing ventured is nothing gained and this could be a golden opportunity for you to succeed. Could be.

You will have to analyze it yourself and see if you can get the same information for cheaper on the internet. Their disclaimer is a big red flag that should be taken very seriously. You do not want to lose your savings.

If you are ready to work from home and own your own business, take a look at what other people are doing with this service. You would get websites, training, lots of support, 24/7 live chat where you get help from experts. You can start for FREE!
PS: No credit card needed!

Nine University Review Video Version

Nine University Review






Overall Quality



  • You get good training
  • 2 experienced trainers are helping you
  • Zero pressure


  • No mention of terms and conditions
  • No mention of subscription fees
  • mazon FBA is very competitive and requires a lot of work to make it
  • High cost for buying products to sell
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  1. Thanks for the great review! This was super interesting to read as I’ve never heard of Nine University before this. I love how the course has a very clear timeline and seems well mapped out. Nothing makes me more suspicious than “courses” with no defined outline. I feel like I’m walking into an unorganized mess. I do, however, find the price point a bit high. I don’t know if I can quite afford that right now. I understand that they don’t make any guarantees, but I think I could probably find the same training for a lot less. Thanks for the great read!

    • Yes, Maria, they are asking way too much for this course, where cheaper programs are available. and the idea that there are no terms and conditions raise a red flag. this is one to stay away from.


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