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Tips on Internet marketing strategy is an ever-changing landscape with several improvements done over the years. But despite that, some strategies prove to be effective no matter what. If you are new to this field, this is the best time to learn about some of the best tips you can do, even if you’re just a novice in internet marketing. Read on to learn more.

1. Check your competitors

The first thing you should do is check your competitors to know where you stand in the competition. If you’re marketing beauty products, use the Google search engine to reveal your top competitors. Visit their websites and try to analyze their marketing strategies. Then devise a plan on how you can improve these strategies to apply them to your marketing methods.

Read their customer reviews to learn what the customers look for in the products you’re selling. Read both the negative and positive feedback to know what you should avoid and what you should replicate.

2. Write more quality content

Marketing includes writing more content that helps promote the brand you are selling. However, writing more doesn’t always mean that it’s better. Your content should be of high quality and rich in useful information that your audience will find relevant.

Create in-depth blog posts that are proven to help generate new audiences than shorter posts. But try to avoid creating long-winded posts that could bore your audiences and make them leave your page. According to Google, the first page of a search result would have around 1,000 up to 1,447 words on average.

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Before writing, conduct a keyword search for popular terms related to your products or your niche. You can use a keyword search tool such as Jaaxy to give you a view of how popular the keywords are.

tips on internet marketing - using Jaaxy as a search tool

As you can see with the example above, Jaaxy will show you the number of times the keyword has been looked up in Google search. You can also see the traffic quantity that it will drive to your website when you get high rankings. There’s also the keyword indicator that immediately tells you if the keyword is a good topic to use for your content.

3. Create content based on your buyer’s journey

Generally, there are three phases of a buyer’s journey on that you can also base your content on. These are brand awareness, purchase consideration, and decision finalization. You can write about topics that can help create awareness about your brand and why your audience should consider buying your products. Your website should also be easy to navigate to help direct your audience to the pages where they view the products and purchase them.

4. Provide great visuals

A great visual can add more credibility and identity to your brand. There are many visuals that you can use aside from high-resolution images. You can use graphs, charts, and infographics to present data or facts better. They are also great for highlighting important information and making an impact on your audience.

Great visuals also come in the form of videos. Customers love to see how the products are used, the unboxing of the product packaging, or how the products are made. These videos do not have to be professionally made. You can use your mobile phone to shoot the video and free apps to edit them or add some creative touch. You can post these videos on your social media accounts or YouTube channel.

5. Apply a Personalized Marketing Approach

A personalized marketing approach is an effective strategy that can help you gain more customers and potentially increase your revenue. I can apply this to email marketing and all your conversations with your customers.

Addressing your customers using their name and offering them products that are tailor-fit to their needs helps boost sales compared to generic messages. Personalizing your website also helps your brand to stand out among faceless competitors. Best of all, it is one of the cheapest internet marketing strategies that require little to no investment.

Using Email Marketing as one of your Internet marketing strategy6. Create Email Campaigns

Internet marketing always includes creating email campaigns. It is always the best strategy for local businesses, or if you want to earn higher returns from a little investment. But this depends on how your email campaigns are set up.

For example, sending automated responses to thank your customers for their recent purchases helps boost your email open rate. This is a good opportunity to include other deals on the thank you email relevant to your customer or a great addition to their purchased product. Furthermore, sending a couple of emails to remind your customers about the items left in their cart can help get more sales.

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7. Go for mobile optimization

Mobile users have been growing annually, and this is why mobile optimization is tough to ignore. If your mobile website has a slow loading speed or poor response time, you may end up losing potential customers. If it’s difficult to navigate your website using a mobile phone, you may have little to zero returning customers later on.

Mobile optimization would include reformatting the content of your website to make it more user-friendly. This includes resizing too large images or using the right font size.

This will also help speed up your website’s loading speed and display content neatly on a typical mobile screen. It also helps your customers scan through your products easier and make a purchase faster.

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8. Remarket by retargeting

Can do marketing using retargeting. One of which is setting a cookie tag on your website. Your web visitors will receive a prompt if they want to accept cookies or deny them. Accepting this would mean remembering their preferences or the items they checked while they are shopping online.

This will result in having them see the same products in an ad anywhere they go online. They can click on the ad and be directed to your website again, and make another purchase.

You can also set this up using Google Ads to retarget your products on other websites. Or you can use the custom audience feature of Facebook if you have a business page on that platform.

facebook for business9. Invest in Facebook Ads

Investing a modest amount in Facebook Ads could help expand your audience reach and generate more leads. It works quite simply, really. Setting up an ad includes targeting the type of audience who are highly likely to purchase your products. The audience type can be based on several factors such as age, gender, and location.

After setting up your ad, Facebook will then display it on the walls of your targeted audience. When someone clicks on it, you will pay Facebook a small amount. Every time someone clicks on your ad, the potential buyer is directed to your website. But If you’re not yet ready to invest in Facebook Ads, you still have the non-paid advertising method such as publishing posts, using videos, and so on.

10. Reach out to small influencers

Nowadays, there are plenty of influencers on social media and other platforms you can reach out to. They are more effective in advertising because people relate to them more. When looking for your influencer, they don’t have to be influencers with millions of followers as their fees can be expensive.

Try to find an influencer with around 1,000 to 10,000 followers, and more importantly, they should not have any reputation issues. Your influencer should add more credibility and value to your product when they promote it.

11. Always be ready to learn more

Effective internet marketing involves learning more about your target customers. Customer preferences are always changing, and technology is always evolving. It would help if you stayed on top of what’s popular or new to know how these changes can affect your business or your marketing strategies.

Final thoughts

The key is always to do your market research to understand your target customers better. This means improving your marketing methods by undergoing applicable training and consulting marketing professionals.

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  1. I loved these 11 tips on internet marketing David as I am pretty new to the whole internet world. I was pleased to note that I am using about 7 of your strategies already and am committed to learning lots every week in this new world. I’m still unclear as to how to find my competition in Google? This is a topic that is glossed over by the experts as I guess it seems pretty simple. it would be great to have an article on tips and links and examples on how to do this.

    • Seven out of 11 tips is a good start for someone who is new. If creating content on a regular basis is one of them, then you are on the right track. When your site begins to get some decent traffic on a regular basis then you can focus on your competition to take it to another level.

  2. There’s actually some pretty unique information in here. I’m going to have to go back and make sure my word count hits this point, somethings are so vague and basic but this had valuable information, information that I can actually apply to my content and use to help my site out.

    • Is always good to go back and update some of our posts because the new ones when we first get started, are always the ones that make our website not rank as it should. Good choice.


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