11 Tips On Content Creation – That Would Boost Your Rankings!

My tips on content creation is a critical key to driving brand awareness, increasing demand, and gaining more revenue. This is why publishers, marketers, and other people in the same industry are always looking for the best strategies to produce high-quality content that will help boost their rank in search engines.

In this topic, we will share our top tips to help you create content that can generate web traffic and eventually lead to more conversions. Let’s get started.

1. Be the expert

Google is expected to head towards rewarding websites with a depth of expertise above other ranking factors. Google’s algorithm is getting smarter with semantics which could cause the other factors for ranking in search results to decrease over time. Therefore, it is best to build a website that offers in-depth research content to establish your expertise and authority on the topics.

In the SEO landscape, backlinking is the primary factor in ranking better in search engine results. But expertise will ultimately play an equal or a more significant part in search engine rankings in the future, which means link relevancies would be reduced.

Besides studying and doing research on your own, you can also collaborate with other experts on your chosen topic. These SMEs or subject matter experts can provide better insights and valuable information to your case, which will help make your content. Besides contributing insights and relevant information, they can also provide you with ideas on how to repurpose your content and use it as marketing posts on other platforms.

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2. Leverage on Pillar pages

Pillar pages, also known as power pages or content pillars, are web pages related to the topic. When combined, these pages provide in-depth information about the issue and other contents related to it. They can be compiled to create an eBook, white paper, product catalogues, and other materials for your marketing purposes.

There are three commonly used pillar pages types:

  • Resource pillar page – It is a reference page with valuable links that point to comprehensive, relevant pages linked to external websites.
  • Product or service pillar page – This is very useful for business owners with multiple products or services. Usually, this page contains important information about the products or services offered by the business. It is also best for CTA placements.
  • 10x Content pillar pages – Usually, these are downloadable resources such as eBooks or guides.

Pillar pages can be blog posts or website pages, depending on the structure of your website. You can also use both or combinations of these pages on your website.

3. Be data-driven

Google is a logical thinker, so it is important to be data-driven when you are creating content. If you have already published a handful of content, check which has more search traffic or more shares. Then using a website analytic tool, check on the websites that rank better than yours. See what you are missing and what content components you can improve on. Go back to your content and update it. Add more information that is beneficial to your audience.

This does not necessarily mean that you need to add more words. You want to enrich your content for your audience to find it more valuable than the others.

4. Always provide valuable content

The internet bombards users with tons of content every day that makes your valuable getting their attention becomes more challenging. In creating valuable content, it is always important to first understand the needs of your customers and their intention behind interacting with your brand, to begin with.

Instead of showcasing what your products or services can do, showcase how they can solve their problems. Also, it is essential to note that gated content will possibly be outdated as more audience wants immediate content right away. You would like your audience to dive into reading and find your content’s value immediately.

5. Do more original research

Doing more original research can help you stand out among the sea of content that is the kind of internet nowadays. It is saturated with incredibly talented influencers and thought leaders, which is why it is essential to gain an edge by creating original research.

Research starts with a hypothesis, its purpose or why it is essential to study, and the research methods used to conduct it, including its details. You can test an idea or uncover what customers think about a problem or an issue.

Surveys, quizzes, interviews, social experiments, or expert collaborations are some of the best original research methods. Use the data collected to gain thorough insights about the issue or the problem, which will be your basis in determining solutions to address it. Best of all, you can repurpose your research in many ways. You can use the graphs, data, or quotes as social posts or in short video formats, and so on.

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11 Tips on Content Creation to boost rankings
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6. Long-form content isn’t always good

There is no guarantee that long-form content will always be good enough to rank better in search engines. Writing content with 5,000 words or more could be too long for your audience and could eventually bore them.

This could also mean throwing money out the window, significantly when you have invested money in creating that content like purchasing stock images, hiring a graphic artist, etc. Try to focus on writing valuable content around 2,000 words long. It is short enough to captivate your readers and comprehensive enough to provide a massive value to them.

7. Get more Engagement with Interactive Content

Creating interactive content is effective and can be a fun way of getting a higher engagement rate from your audience. You can use clickable icons or images, surveys, polls, quizzes, infographics, assessments, calculators, or short-form videos. There are free and paid tools online that you can easily create interactive content that your audience will love to try and engage with.

This creates a shared experience between you and your audience. This will make your audience feel that they are part of the content’s story. It makes them want to anticipate the outcome and be excited to read the published content. These positive experiences help builds trust in your audience and contributes to brand loyalty as well.

8. Increase the adoption of Useful AI and ML tools

There are many AI and ML or machine learning tools that are adopted in content creation. These tools are handy for content optimization, analysis, A/B testing, and more. There are tools to help you create better content, be more accessible, and be more audience-targeted. An example is the Jaaxy Keyword Search Tool. It is an AI-powered keyword search and optimization tool to help you create the best comprehensive and targeted content. It provides you with the related searched keywords, average search volume per month, traffic, keyword quality, SEO rank, and more.

Jaaxy research on fashion blog

9. Use content templates

Content templates enable better search intent that helps drive more organic traffic to your website, increasing conversions. Create templates for your products or services that show your audience what they are, how they can use them, their benefits, what problems they can solve, and so on. And when you have enough, you can even build a library of your product templates which will be very useful for marketing and content repurposing. Aside from creating product or service templates, you can also make one for your brand or your business that provides an overview of the company, departments, teams, and so on.

create an ebook with your content10. Reimagine and repurpose content

Your old content can be reimagined and repurposed to something relevant today and presented in a new way. Break down a long range into several chunks that include the essential part of the topic. You can also take the contents of an eBook or white paper and separate them to create issues for a blog post or into an email course. As we move forward, content production will be more critical than ever. Taking one piece of content and breaking it down into minor digestible information will allow you to gain more out of it.

11. Optimize for overall user experience

Aside from optimizing keywords, Google will be focusing on the overall user experience. How we deliver the content to users will be most critical in creating a more delightful web. This means that in-depth content could be overtaken by other in-depth content but contains a more remarkable presentation for the audience.

High-quality content is a priority, but other factors such as image positioning, page loading speed, or mobile responsiveness should also be considered. Think about how you can communicate with your audience one on one instead of doing mass media marketing.

Practices and strategies for content creation will continue to have changed as people look for better content online. It is a constant battle for content improvement and a race to put an original design out there. We hope that our tips will guide you in revamping your existing content or creating a new original one.

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6 thoughts on “11 Tips On Content Creation – That Would Boost Your Rankings!”

  1. This has truly been very instructive and useful for me. I am currently working on building out my blog to bring more people to it through the content I create and I must admit that this is really challenging and it’s no easy deal! But your article has made me take a breath of fresh air and realize that there are still things I can do to optimize my website and content for my viewers. I specifically struggle with creating content but this is amazing. 

    One question though, you mentioned AI, what do you think about using AI to literally make content for you, then you going in and making editorial changes on your content to make it more you and less robotic

    • Great that you get some value here, although I think content marketing is slowly fading away cause people are becoming more visual and video is growing fast, it still works. If you are very good at keyword research then content marketing is a no-brainer despite your competition. Yes, you can edit the changes to your content with Al to suit your brand.

  2. Great tips- thanks for sharing!

    I like that you put “be the expert” in the top position. Most of us don’t feel like an expert but we certainly can become one. In fact, using your other tips takes us in the right direction to become a true expert. If we do the research and continue pursuing more information, we rise to the top of our niche.

    Excellent article with tips I can use! Thank you!

    • We often try to do so many things and we are not focusing on any one thing. I believe we should stick to one form of promoting our business and become an expert at it before moving on to others. Like the saying “Jack of all trades and master of none!” Thanks for chiming in.

  3. Thank you for sharing all these amazing tips on content creation! I have to say that I always started off a few contents with a great start but then I also run out of ideas mid-campaign. Either that or I have the writer’s block. Anyway, I will save the picture of your tips. I tried to get engagement in my blog but only a few people get back. I guess time will help. 

    • Keep in mind that videos and infographics are becoming the norm now. Although content marketing still works today, more people are searching on video channels for answers. Continue with your content creation but dab into a little video and infographics from time to time. I hope that helps!


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