13 Tips On Paid Ads – How To Grab Your Audience Attention!

Tips on paid ads are everywhere online, and the competition to grab the audience’s attention is getting tougher. There’s no secret ingredient or magic wand in making a potential customer click on an ad. Rather, there are proven strategies and innovative ways for you to efficiently create an effective advertisement that converts a click into a sale.

This is why we have listed down our big tips on Paid Ads that are actionable and will prepare you for the next level of paid advertising.

1. Group your keywords and ads effectively

Tips On Paid Ads - grouping your keywords

Grouping your keywords and ads into different campaigns helps in ensuring a high-quality score and better click-through rates. It makes adding search terms a lot easier as well.

Separating your ads and keywords semantically also results in more cost-efficient ad campaigns. List down all the top-level keywords based on your customers and visitors and the keywords that drive you more traffic.

This is an arduous task most of the time, but you can use a keyword search tool to save time and get valuable keywords within minutes.

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2. Pick the right keyword match-types

Can someone control your desired outcome by picking the right keyword match types? These are strategic ways to balance relevancy, impressions, and cost. There are four keyword match-types modifiers:

  • Broad – The widest search word match includes any word with the target keyword in any order. It also includes synonyms.
  • Broad Match Modified –This is the second widest search word match which will show your ad on keywords you have bid on in any order.
  • Phrase Match – This will show your ad on the exact keywords and the exact order you have specified.
  • Exact Match – This is similar to phrase match but a little lenient. Your ads will still show if on the plural forms of the keywords, common misspellings, or keywords that can be interchanged.

Depending on the modifiers you use, the outcome will be different. For example, using the broad match will get you more impressions, while using the exact match will result in low impressions and higher click-through rates.

3. Negative keywords optimization

Perhaps one of the most powerful strategies in paid ads is negative keyword optimization. It is like telling the ad platforms what your ad is not. Hence preventing your ads from showing on irrelevant keywords. You would want to target the audience who have a higher probability of clicking your ads.

For example, if your business is a local bed and breakfast aimed at vacationists, tourists, families, and so on, you would want to exclude terms like a hotel, rental property, etc.

4. Perfect your landing pages

Knowing that the ultimate goal is to make a sale, perfecting your landing pages should also be your priority. Often, landing pages are overlooked. Ads managers are usually too focused on creating ads and tweaking bids, and so on, landing pages do not get enough attention.

Your goal is to ensure that your landing pages can convert your prospect into a paying customer. Optimize your landing pages to be consistent with the keywords used in your ads. By maintaining this consistency, you can improve your click-through and conversion rates, and at the same time, it could lower your cost per click.

5. Analyze your buyer’s journey

More than just depending on data, ad managers should also analyze their buyer’s journey. Data availability continues to be obscured with the recent developments in advertising platforms such as Google Ads and Microsoft Ads.

And this opens an opportunity for ad managers to go beyond data analysis. This is by studying their customer’s behaviour, such as how their customers decide to buy from them. This means knowing the following:

  • The duration of the process from clicks to conversions
  • The point of engagement
  • The information the customers need from you
  • Your measurement of success

It would be best to consider these factors along with knowing who your target audience is, who your prospects are, and who will be most likely to convert. Your goal is to target and engage with the right audience using these strategies.

be creative with your text ads6. Fill out Expanded Text Ads

Google Ads has Expanded Text Ads or ETAs that help ads perform better. It tells a story about what the ad is all about. Here are the ETAs and what you can include in these fields.

  • Final URL – This is the link to the relevant landing page.
  • Headline 1 – This field should include the name of your brand, primary preposition, or keyword themes.
  • Headline 2 – You can put a secondary preposition in this field or description.
  • Headline 3 – This is also a good place to put a value proposition.
  • Paths (1 and 2) – You can put a text description related to the content of your landing page, which is displayed after your website’s domain. This doesn’t necessarily need to be part of your website’s URL.
  • Description Lines (1 and 2) – These lines have 90 characters allowance, respectively. Try to focus on providing relevant information to what the user searched for instead of telling them about your product or service.

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7. Take advantage of Responsive Search Ads

Another feature in Google Ads that you should take advantage of is responsive search ads or RSA. You can add as many as 15 headlines and up to 4 descriptions. When doing this, it is important to add unique headlines that do not contain the same keywords. They should also make sense when shown individually or in combinations.

If you already have an existing responsive search ad, try to check your top-performing assets and see if you can include them. You will also notice that you can see your ad strength score which tells you the performance of your ad from poor to excellent.

The tool provides recommended ad ideas, which is a good way to help improve your ad’s performance.

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8. Utilize all the relevant ad extension

Besides focusing on the headlines and descriptions, it is also essential to use all the relevant ad extensions to boost its performance and customer experience.

Ad extensions help in offering valuable information about your brand to your potential customers. These include the call buttons, location, additional text, links to specific parts of your website, and many more.

9. Optimize Geotargeting

Optimizing geotargeting is not limited to physical locations only. You can base your bids on user needs, weather, and season as well. For example, if you sell lawnmowers, you should bid more on regions with mostly warm seasons or those regions with the upcoming summer season.

You can negatively bid on cold regions or those with snowfall to avoid wasting clicks from those areas. You can save money while increasing the likelihood of conversions.

looking at the big picture when considering paid ads for your campaign10. Look at the big picture

Sometimes ad managers get lost in the data and forget to look at the big picture of how their ads impact their audience. This means unleashing your creativity and investing in smarter choices. Group your ads by themes that precisely appeal to your audience. Target by their preferences and behaviours aside from depending on your data.

11. Focus on Mobile-focused campaigns

Focusing on creating mobile-focused campaigns will give you a significant increase in engagement. Mobile devices usually outperform desktops or tablets in terms of conversions.

Overlooking this great opportunity could cause you to miss out on a huge number of potential customers. You can add mobile phone users’ bid modifiers to increase your ad’s visibility. Also, you can use click-to-call extensions to make the most of mobile-focused campaigns.

12. Branch out on different platforms

As Google Ads and Microsoft Ads are becoming more automated, which reduces control over ad performance, the call for branching out to different platforms is needed now more than ever.

It is important to make a sound decision to set your business up for success with these changes. This means being knowledgeable in other advertising platforms such as social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and even YouTube where your audience fits.

13. Always do Ad testing

New variables would arise in every aspect of advertising which is why ad managers always need to do ad testing. Should test campaigns regularly; checking what strategy is working can apply that to the other campaigns.

A/B testing or split testing remains an effective tactic in finding out what works best for your target audience. Generally, split testing is published within two weeks, then advertisers check the results and conclude what ad or ads outperformed the others.

You can then replicate what is working with the rest of the ads to improve their performance and get more conversions.

Testing is a cycle and an unending process. It is important to remember to never be comfortable with what you already know, as your audience’s needs and preferences could change at any time.

My Final thoughts

Paid Ads will continue to be the best course of action if you want to get faster results. Hopefully, with our tips, you will create ads that will stand out, attract more clicks, and receive more conversions. The competition may be tough, but with the right tools and strategies, you have the chance to outperform the others.

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4 thoughts on “13 Tips On Paid Ads – How To Grab Your Audience Attention!”

  1. Paid ads have always been an intimidating topic to me. When I started out online I decided to make content a core part of my strategy. In my book, content marketing is one of the best online advertising methods because it can support other marketing and advertising efforts. I have begun to have success with social media. And now I want to venture into paid ads. But the column, for me, is content.

    • One should always focus on content marketing, because it is free and if done right, can be around for a long time ranking for lots of keywords that you may not know. Sometimes people lack patience and if they are not getting results within a certain period of time, they tend to quit.

      If you learn all the necessary elements of paid advertising, you can see results much faster than content marketing. Is always a good practice to test different areas of traffic generation for maximum reach.

  2. These are great tips! Thank you so much for sharing them with us today because some people like us are really oblivious to all this world of keywords and such. Thank you so much for this information because I have decided to list you as a trustworthy source of information and I have bookmark your site for future reference thank you so much for this.

    • Thank you for the kind words and please feel free and stop by from time to time, because I regularly update this website on what is working today for online marketers. Paid ads have played a major part in my business as I continue to build my content. If done right, it can 10X your business.


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