19 Tips On Backlinks – One Of The Best Ranking Factor!

My tips on backlinks will be one of the most important posts on search engine ranking. When quality websites link to your website, it tells the search engine crawlers that your website is valuable and helpful to searchers. This may be a little confusing, especially for beginners. So, before we go any further, here’s what you need to know first.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are links from another webpage to your webpage. They are also called Inbound Links or IBL. It is one factor to determine the importance or popularity of your website for search engines such as Google. This also means that a website without backlinks may not rank.

Why are backlinks important? And how to get Backlinks for your Website?

Experienced and successful publishers can probably list down a lot of reasons why backlinks are important. But the following benefits will tell us how beneficial backlinks are:

  • Google uses it as a ranking factor
  • It points to great content that deserves to rank
  • Promotes credibility and authority
  • It helps discover your website

So, how do you build high-quality backlinks? In this topic, we will share our best tips in backlink building that are proven effective and achievable. Let’s get started.

1. Publish high-quality Content

If you want to attract backlinks to your website, you should publish high-quality content all the time. Other websites will eventually backlink to you if they find that your content is valuable. It also represents your brand or the image you want your audience to remember about you. If they find that your website looks low quality and lacks valuable content, other sites will not treat you as a credible brand worth linking to. Creating quality and useful content consistently also helps you in earning links for a long time.

2. Write Original Research

One way to attract high-quality backlinks is to write original research content. This could require more effort and time, but it pays off really well. Here are some things you can consider in creating original research:

  • Conduct surveys or quizzes
  • Use your business data
  • Case studies

Organize your content with informative data and analysis. You can use visuals such as graphs or infographics to present your data to your audience better. If possible, try to do some unique research that you can’t find on other sites. This will allow you to be a forerunner of original content, and other publishers may find it interesting and link to your research.

3. Write comprehensive Content

Writing complete and comprehensive content is another way to attract other publishers and build high-quality backlinks. This shows your extensive understanding of the topic and helps in building your authority. You can create complete guides or checklists that other publishers will see as a good source of information and worth linking to.

4. Build many evergreen Contents

Evergreen content is timeless information that remains relevant even for a long time. Other publishers will often link to them since they provide long-term value and less likely to become irrelevant. Invest in building evergreen content on your site to encourage more backlinks to your website. Some examples of these are the following:

  • How-to guides
  • Top (Number) Lists
  • Question and Answer interviews
  • Checklists
  • Case Studies

5. Publish lists of Content

Publishing content as lists provides an easy-to-read chunk of information to your audience. It makes it easy for your content to scan using any device. You can also revamp your old content and change it into a list format to increase readability. Other publishers can easily find your content desirable and link to it.

6. Check what’s Trending

Time-sensitive content like the latest news or trending topics can gain you quick and relevant backlinks. Oftentimes, these links are from news websites or fast-paced media outlets. You can also check out the seasonal events or holidays that can help you plan and publish trending topics to increase web traffic and gain more backlinks.

7. Request for Backlinks

If you know people who have a blog or a website, try to request backlinks from the best backlink sites. This is a good way to start, especially for those just beginning to build backlinks to their website. If possible, ask for in-content backlinks instead of footer or sidebar backlinks. Make sure that their content is related to your niche. Otherwise, it may not create any impact and could even be harmful to your website.

8. Build Good Relations

Good relations equate to good link-building. There are plenty of opportunities to do this. You can start by joining social media groups or communities, forums, or blogs. Then be active in contributing useful comments or posts. When they find that your content is valuable to them, they could link to your web page or share your post on their timeline.

9. Link building thru Testimonials

Offering testimonials is also a good way to build backlinks. Many businesses will be happy to receive your testimonials about their products or services. It is a give-and-take situation. The company gets your testimonial to help them build customer trust, and in turn, you can get a backlink or potential website traffic.

10 Give interviews and Participate in Roundups

Providing interviews and participating in roundup posts are also great ways to get high-quality backlinks. Some examples of these are posts that feature publishers, brands, marketing quotes, or best practices. Oftentimes, these posts link back to the featured publisher’s website.

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11. Optimize your Website for easy Backlinks

Optimize your website for other publishers to easily link back to it. This ensures that other publishers will be able to link back to your website without any issues. You can use HTML-ready snippets for other publishers to copy and paste on their websites. You can also utilize tools to insert a link back to your site when they copy and paste your content.

12. Fix broken Links

Sometimes publishers may use links that are broken, and this needs immediate fixing. If you see a broken backlink to your website, inform that publisher right away. Advise them about the error and provide them with a working link back to your website to replace the broken links. Checking these backlinks once in a while ensures that you don’t lose valuable website traffic.

13. Recover image Links

Similar to broken links, recovering image links is also important in backlink building. Embedded images on websites usually include the source link. If a publisher has linked one of your images, graphics, or visuals, do a quick check and make sure that they link back to your site properly.

14. Comment on related Posts

Commenting on the posts of other publishers is also a great way to acquire a backlink. This is also a good way to gain exposure and attract website traffic. It also enables you to build connections with other publishers with a similar niche as yours. Furthermore, it promotes healthy competition and can open up an opportunity for future collaboration to enrich your content.

15. Create outgoing Links to Related Sites

Some publishers may ask for backlinks in exchange for outgoing links to their websites. This is also called reciprocal linking. It builds the best relationship between publishers since you provide support to each other. As long as these reciprocal links are relevant and make sense from an audience standpoint, it can be a fruitful exchange that can help improve your website ranking.

16. Reach out to Websites that Link to Competitions

Determine the websites that have backlinks to your competitions and reach out to them. You can use a backlink checker tool to identify them easily. You will get a list of websites that are already linked to your competitions.

We can safely assume that if they are linking to your competitions, you may also have a chance for them to backlink to your site as well. Find out what content links to your competition and see if you can offer more value to the topic. Reach out to the publisher and provide them with a strong reason for how your content can add more value to theirs.

17. Try event Hosting or meet-up Sponsorships

Besides building backlinks online, you can also do offline link-building by hosting an event or sponsoring a meet-up. When you host an event, your website link is available on the event’s website, banners, invitations, and so on. Your brand can also have additional exposure during these events. This is the same when you sponsor a meet-up where you can gain links from the event page.

18. Build a Business profile

Typically, a business profile will include a backlink to your website that helps build a link portfolio. Social media networks related to your niche or your business and online directories are good platforms to build your business profile. Create your business profiles on these sites to help you gain more links and online exposure.

19. Develop a powerful Social Media Strategy

A powerful social media strategy can help increase your website traffic and increase your online exposure. Therefore, social media helps in getting more links to your website as well. Create content that can be shared by your audience and reach out to more people. While your audience shares your content, they help you gain maximum exposure at the same time.

My Final thoughts

Building high-quality backlinks is a continuous process. Hopefully, our tips can help you along the way. These are white hat backlinks techniques that will help you in gaining organic and natural links. You won’t have to worry about getting penalized. Instead, you will reap the rewards of getting more traffic, SEO benefits, and better search engine ranking.

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8 thoughts on “19 Tips On Backlinks – One Of The Best Ranking Factor!”

  1. Hi David,
    I am building my site and I have started to see results with Search Engines. However, I need to continue improving my relationships with Google and backlinks are the way to go. In this post, you have given me several useful ideas. I’ll start by reaching out to other publishers for backlinks.

    • Great choice, you can embed infographics from Canva on your posts, and embed a code that is shareable soo that people can place it on their site once it is relevant. Follow some of the tips I mentioned and you would be fine.

  2. Great information on the importance of back links.  I have a basic question…how do I know if I have any or how many back links I have?  And is there any programs or companies out there that offers a way to swap back links?  I know how important they are, I guess I have just really never have done much with them.

  3. Hello! I feel that backlinks are sometimes overlooked by people. From what I’ve seen, most people focus on keywords and arranging their content to be SEO-friendly. I notice that you mention online communities as a way to engage with other bloggers; do you have any specific sites that I could be direct to? I would love to start engaging with people from similar niches! Thanks for your and answer and for the useful information you just provided! 🙂

    • I am happy you mention backlinks being overlooked. I think at one time they were lots of software that produces backlinks and Google penalizes websites. Google can tell what is normal and what is not, that is the reason backlinks have a bad name.

      Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best communities that you can join and get great help from members who are like-minded like you within the same niche. You cannot spam members with your offers, and that what makes it a great learning community forum and University.


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