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Let me welcome you to my make money tips website. I am David Bishop, a full-time affiliate marketing consultant who earns revenue from the internet. As you read this page feel free to come back often and learn what is working for me and can work for you as well. You can contact me at any time and I will always get back to you to answer any questions or comments you have.


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A Little About Me...

I started David Bishop Make Money Tips to share with you all of the different tips I have learned to make extra money. My focus is on using the Internet to make money, but I share tips on ways people just like you and I are earning money offline as well.

My online marketing journey began all the way back in 2001. It seems like a lifetime ago and in many ways it was.

I read one time that Internet marketing years are like dog years. You can feel like you aged 7 years in one year. I know at times I did 🙂

I struggled to make money all the way until 2013. Jumping from one program to another always thinking the grass was greener was what I did.

Sadly that did not work for me. Maybe you know what I mean!

However, in 2013 I discovered Wealthy Affiliate and things began to change. I hooked up with a great community of people just like me who were learning how to make money online.

Suddenly I felt like I was in business for myself, but not by myself. This was an important step that still holds true today.

Here Is My First Make Money Tip

making money is easyBeyond the new relationships I was developing with people, I started getting focused on learning the right skills and applying them using the affiliate marketing business model. This has been the biggest change for me and one I can not stress enough to you as you read this.

You need skills to make money. This isn’t rocket science. However, it is all about getting an education and focusing on what works and not getting sidetracked on what does not.

Making money online is not as easy as people make it out to be. However, I have found once you learn even a couple of useful skills such as building a blog, and getting traffic to it, earning money is within the reach of anybody anywhere in the world including you!

Sadly here is what really happens to most people.

They see an online ad. Making money is easy they say.

Become a millionaire working 30 minutes a day in your underwear. It’s so easy a fifth-grader can do it.

And so on…..

You have seen the ads. They are all over Google and Facebook, and YouTube. They are everywhere.


Because they work. There is not an easier niche to make money in than the migrating make money online niche.

People will jump from program to program spending money every 60 days or so almost positive what they just bought will work this one time. It has too because a professional copywriter just painted a picture so believable it sucks you and me in….

One more time!

Admit You Need To Work

Here is what I suggest you do. Start working smart.

Don’t jump around. Get focused and stay that way. I can show you what is working for me and will work for you if you will learn affiliate marketing skills and then apply what you learn.

I am not saying you won’t have ups and downs. You will because you are going into business for yourself and nothing is gained in business without trials and tribulations.

Expect it because it will happen. But as I said you will not be failing alone because you will have me as a mentor and a community of people at Wealthy Affiliate to help pick you up.

It is a great feeling to get up every day knowing there is nothing you cannot accomplish with a handful of skills and a support network to lean on