11 Tips On Amazon Affiliate Marketing – Rapid Income Growth!

Our tips on Amazon affiliate marketing will show you it is the largest affiliate program in the world today. It is no surprise that you can become an Amazon affiliate because it is a well-known and trusted brand. Joining the affiliate program may be easy, but the question is how can you earn more with this affiliate program.

In this topic, we have enlisted our best-recommended tips on how you can maximize your potential earnings as an Amazon affiliate marketer. Before that, let’s have a quick talk about Amazon affiliate marketing and its company.

What is Amazon Affiliate Marketing?

Amazon is the first company that made affiliate marketing into a program called Amazon Associates. This is the first affiliate marketing program that is available to the general public. Since its launch in 1996, it has become the model for other affiliate marketing programs today. In 2019, Amazon delivered 3.5 billion packages globally. Amazon has 150 million prime members and 300 million active customers worldwide.

Now that we’ve learned more about the company and its affiliate program let’s now go to our top tips on Amazon affiliate marketing. Let’s check them out.

1. Choose your niche

One essential thing that is critical to your success is choosing your niche. Sometimes even an experienced affiliate marketer may not find it easy. This is because deciding what niche is the best for you is not an easy task. But there are online tools that can help you with your niche research. You can start by using a keyword search tool such as Jaaxy.

The Jaaxy keyword search tool will help you identify if a keyword is popular or has a high demand. Let’s say that you are thinking of “t-shirts” as your potential niche. We input that keyword on the Jaaxy tool and hit the “find keywords” button to reveal the results.

using Jaaxy keyword search tool to help find your niche popularity

Based on the results above, you can see that the keyword has more than 9K searches on average per month or more, which means it is quite popular. Jaaxy also provides you with SEO insights where a higher score would mean better search engine rankings. Moreover, you can see the related words that you can use for your niche or your sub-niches.

Besides that, it would help if you also thought about the things that interest you, your passions, and your motivation. All of these factors are necessary to be considered to come up with the niche that you can focus on. If you already have a running website or a blog, then continue to read the next tip.

2. Select the right Amazon products

Look for the right products relevant to your niche. Should be related these products to the topics you write about. You can also check what products are popular in Amazon to give you an idea of what products are currently in demand. See what products you can promote on your website. It would help if you also considered promoting specialized or unique products that could pique the interest of your readers.

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3. Write quality product reviews

Writing quality product reviews is a great way to increase your online authority and boost your sales. Always provide thoughtful product reviews that your audience will find informative and interesting. You can use the customer reviews from Amazon as your basis. Or you can check the manufacturer’s website if they have customer reviews available for their products.

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Aside from the reviews, include important product details that contain some technical information about the product. Most customers tend to check this info before deciding to purchase the product. In this way, you can improve your website’s reliability and credibility that can help gain more buying customers.

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4. Make use of product comparison

Comparing different products allows your customers to have options to select from. Amazon has plenty of products that have similar purposes but may differ in terms of their prices, quality, features, and so on.

Create a table to display the products and their information side by side. Your customers will find this very useful, especially when they need help in finalizing their decision to purchase a certain product. Providing product comparisons also promotes repeat website visits. Your customers will go back to your website instead of doing the product comparison research themselves.

5. Include product links in your content

Failing to link the product links in your content could make you lose out on earning opportunities. Sometimes a potential customer would not read the entire content but would click a product link to make the purchase. If your website’s bounce rate is high, it could be a sign that your customers leave your website within seconds after visiting it. So, make sure that the product links are easily seen and, more importantly, check if they work as they should.

6. Explore Amazon’s best sellers

Check out what products are selling fast on Amazon regularly. From Amazon’s home page, you can click on the “Best-Seller” menu to reveal the list of product categories. Select the category relevant to your niche to see the best-selling products. From here, you can do further research and work out a plan on how you can promote them effectively.

You can also publish content about Amazon’s best sellers monthly or twice a month. If you’re signed up for the Amazon newsletter, you could regularly receive the best seller’s information. By doing this, you help increase your website’s credibility by introducing them to widely popular and in-demand products.

Amazon best sellers

7. Aim for higher commissions

Some product categories in Amazon have higher commissions compared to others. Although the rates have undergone some changes in the past, Amazon still has thousands of popular products you can earn commissions from. Check out what products will allow you to earn better commissions and focus on marketing them. Here’s the latest in Amazon’s commission rates per product categories:

Tips On Amazon Affiliate Marketing - Aim for higher commissions

8. Check out the special commissions

Amazon has special commissions that let you earn referrals each time a customer signs up in one of their programs. For example, the bounty events allow you to earn anywhere from $0.50 up to $25 for each referral. The bounty events include program registrations, membership sign-ups, purchases, and many others. It currently enlists 35 bounties, so you have plenty of earning opportunities to choose from.

9. Enhance your website design and layout

Another vital factor for your success in Amazon affiliate marketing is the design and layout of your website. Your goal is to keep your website visitors glued to your web pages. Always go for an attractive web layout and design, incorporate high-resolution images and videos. Your landing pages should be designed to charm your audience with clear and compelling CTAs. You can also include some snippet previews of your other blogs related to the topic they are currently reading.

10. Post links on YouTube

The Amazon affiliate program allows its affiliates to post their links on YouTube. Create a YouTube channel that focuses on your niche or your brand. When making your videos, try to make them short, simple, and relatable. Place your associate link on the description box or include them in the videos. Ensure that you always follow the FTC guidelines and add the affiliate disclosure statement.

11. Email Marketing

As an affiliate of Amazon, you will not be able to use direct email marketing to your customers. But you can create an email campaign that leads your subscribers to your website containing the affiliate links.

Before creating the email campaigns, you need to bear in mind that you can’t send promotional or relational emails. But you can make the best use of transactional emails where you provide your subscribers with the best value so they can visit your website in return. Of course, the other email marketing strategies are applicable, such as writing appealing subject lines and personalizing your email messages.

Final thoughts about my Tips On Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Being an Amazon associate can be a good source of extra income when done properly. But if you’re new to affiliate marketing and still unsure where to start, you can try this amazing training platform specially built for affiliate marketers. It offers a lot of training courses on affiliate marketing and other courses related to it too. You can also get personal coaching from affiliate marketing experts and support from other people in the community. Plus, you also get free web hosting, a free Jaaxy keyword search tool, and many more. Click on this link to start learning today.

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6 thoughts on “11 Tips On Amazon Affiliate Marketing – Rapid Income Growth!”

  1. Thank you for sharing these 11 tips on Amazon Affiliate Program. I have to say that it has been hard for me because they dropped me 2 times because I did not make the sales within the 180 days. That was when I was really new at affiliate marketing but now I am ready again! I think I can try to monetize it by using youtube like you suggested. But the most important of all is the good content. 

    • I believe a lot of Amazon Affiliates went through the same experience you did. That shows the seriousness of their program and what they know they can deliver for their affiliates. content creation is what is going to get you over the road, but youtube videos are making a big jump, so please do not rule it out. I hope it goes well, thank you for chiming in.

  2. Thanks for these great tips on how to do affiliate marketing using Amazon. I have been using Amazon for years now and you just gave me some fresh new ideas.

    Even though Amazon has dropped their commissions quite drastically, I would still recommend using them, because I find I get sales in all sorts of niches, as customers I refer normally get to Amazon and end up buying other things. With other affiliate programs the commissions may be higher, but I find conversions are much lower in my case.

    What is your favorite way of selling Amazon Products? I still enjoy content marketing the most.

    • Yes, Amazon is still the number one affiliate program, although their commissions have dropped a little they are still more widespread than others. Anyone starting out I always recommend they start with Amazon because of the number of products you can choose from and their marketplace is huge.

      Content marketing is still one of the best ways to market their products, especially reviews. But keep in mind that youtube videos are gaining grounds. Thank you for your feedback


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