9 Tips On Lead Generation – Your Ideal Marketing Tactics!

My tips on lead generation will include various marketing tactics such as email marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, and much more. But the strategies that work a year ago may not effectively work today. That’s why we have listed down the most effective and recent lead-generation tips to help you boost your sales.

What is Lead Generation?

Before we get into the juicy tips, let’s understand what lead generation is first. It can be described as the process of getting potential customers who could buy your products or services. This simple definition could be misleading as it may sound straightforward.

But in reality, lead generation includes diverse and complex strategies that evolve to accommodate the changes in people’s needs. Here are my 9 tips on lead generation and why you should pay close attention to this list and my all-in-one training platform.

1. Personalize your solutions

One of the most effective strategies of lead generation is personalizing your solutions to your audience. Most businesses throw in white paper advertising on their websites in return for contact information. This sometimes works, but the problem is everyone is doing it.

To truly master lead generation, you should set yourself apart from your competitors. This means creating a different approach to the different audiences targeting their interests and needs and offering more than expected.

For example, if your business sells t-shirts with customizable designs, try to also offer some DIY t-shirt design kits for your customers. Besides supporting your audience’s interests on another level, this also opens the possibility of future business-to-business partnerships.

2. Create short quizzes

Creating short quizzes allows you to understand your audience better. Think about what type of quiz would make them interested, such as self-awareness quizzes like “What do these designs say about your personality?” or “What does your style say about you?”

People love knowing more about themselves; that’s why these types of quizzes are always popular. You can use quiz maker apps that can integrate into your social media. They are easy to make and can be shareable, which helps reach out to more audiences and increase brand awareness.

When you create them, make sure that they are related to the industry your business is in. So if you’re selling t-shirts, you should consider creating quizzes with the examples above. It may not be as effective when you create quizzes about food that is unrelated to your niche. Overall, quizzes are a fun and interactive way to generate leads.

3. Get your audience involved

Most businesses would introduce a new product without getting their audience involved. The overhyped promotions and motivational drivels can be perceived to be too impersonal and appear to be a money-grab tactic that your audience may not appreciate. Such a negative impression could lead to a permanently poor image of your brand, which can be difficult to revive.

Always get your audience involved from gathering ideas, planning, marketing, and even up to the delivery options of your products or services. Have these documented in the form of videos, audio, or short stories?

Always include a call to action at every step, asking your audience what they think about it. Your audience would love to get involved and be a part of your brand’s success, which in turn will get you more loyal customers and more leads.

4. Promote all your platforms

Promoting all the email and social media platforms that your business has maximizes the opportunity to get more leads than concentrating on just one. Although, focusing on one platform where most of your audience is allows you to connect with them. But this somehow limits you to one source of leads when many platforms could potentially get you more.

When you can actively market your business across all these platforms, let your audience know that your business is in all of them. Please encourage them to follow you on Facebook or Instagram, sign up on your email list, and subscribe to your YouTube channel. Your goal is to get your audience into your ecosystem as much as possible to help you drive more leads.

5. Be actively engaged with your audience all the time

Another important opportunity that most businesses fail to manage is to be actively engaged with their audience at all times. This means responding to all types of messages, such as emails and those private messages from your social media accounts.

Also, reply to the comments of your audience from your posts or uploaded videos. Let them know that you’re always listening to them and that you’re available for any of their inquiries. Grab every opportunity of getting leads and work on getting them converted to sales.

6. Automate your lead generation

When you’re stretching your bandwidth too thin and hiring staff becomes expensive, automating your lead generation could deliberately get off some of the hard work from your plate. Consider using apps that enable you to capture potential leads, whether you’re online or offline.

Try to use chatbots on your social media accounts for your customer inquiries or direct them to your website or email list. Or use survey apps that also allow you to capture leads and filter them to be your quality leads.

7. Start your affiliate and loyalty programs

Many successful businesses today started marketing using the word-of-mouth strategy from their affiliate and loyalty programs. This means encouraging your customers to bring you more leads and give them something in return. It can be in the form of loyalty points that can convert into discounts or gift cards or a simple gesture of appreciation such as free items from your store.

8. Use a good keyword tool

Using a keyword tool allows you to stay on top of the game to compete with your competitors and more. This tool can do more than give you some ideas on what to write about in your blog posts. Take the Jaaxy keyword search tool, for example.

The Jaaxy tool enables you to search for the winning keywords that your competitors use to generate leads. It also provides you with insightful data to understand why your competitors’ websites are ranking. You can get the details such as the content structure, content length and quality, meta tags, backlinks, ad placements, and so much more. Utilizing this information gives you a competitive edge to boost your lead generation.

web hosting9. Choose a reliable web hosting service

The majority of businesses rely on their website as the last point of sale, and this is why a reliable web hosting service is critical. The last thing you want is to know your website is unavailable since its server is down due to some issues. This causes a lot of potential leads to go to waste therefore losing a lot of income.

When looking for a reliable web hosting service, our best bet is Bluehost.com. Aside from dependability, you can get an SSL certificate, CDN, domain privacy, automated back-up, dedicated IP address, 1-year domain, and a lot more. Best of all, you can get them all free on most plans. Your website is always protected and in top performance, giving you less worry about getting those leads instead.

Final thoughts

Implementing these tips may not immediately result in more leads, but your hard work will pay off after being consistent. But if you’re up to the challenge and be an expert in all aspects of marketing, I would highly recommend joining this to get all the training materials you need and be supported by many professionals on your marketing goals.

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8 thoughts on “9 Tips On Lead Generation – Your Ideal Marketing Tactics!”

  1. Thank you for this simple yet informative article. You sure have simplified lead generations. Like you said, practicing the recommendations does not promise immediate result but consistency is key. This is one of the few articles that gives practical advise without promising overnight results.. Thanks again. I will focus on one at a time until I am able to run with all of them.

    • One at a time is the best working strategy that many entrepreneurs take, and they get success better with that approach. Think long-term and you would start to see results in the near future. Glad to see that you got some value here.

  2. Hello, pleased to meet you. I went through your post on 9 tips on lead generation. I understand what lead generation is and all the 9 tips on lead generation. I am new to wealthy affiliates and I will be implementing these 9 tips. I hope this brings a positive change to my website. Thanks for sharing this helpful and educative information with us, I will be sharing it with others as well.

    • Happy to know that you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate. Seeing that you just get started, it would be better if you focus on the training first before implementing these 9 tips on lead generation. Then when you start to get some traffic with content marketing and videos, then you can come back and implement these tips for your business.

  3. Hi David, 

    I was looking for some money-making tips and I think I may have found some! I have been working in the affiliate marketing field for a while now and traffic seems to be the biggest hurdle I have yet to accomplish. I have tried paid advertising and it works but is expensive! 

    I am just now jumping into the social media world, never been a fan but now that I am actually involved it has been a lot of fun. It also allows you to get involved on a personal level as you said. 

    Something I have learned recently is that you are not selling things you are helping people with their problems, the selling is a byproduct. If you can prove your product/business is worth looking at people will look at it. 

    Folks should know this information you have here is golden. It is coming from the Bishop!



    • Chad, it looks like you are doing what any smart marketer would do, by dipping into different types of advertising to see what works best. And all that you have mentioned are fine. Paid advertising if not learned properly, you can really lose a lot of your earnings very quickly. My advice to you is to learn it well and test, test, and test some more with a small number of your earnings first until you find a winning campaign.

      Great to see that you understand never have a selling approach to your audience, no one likes to be sold. solving a problem is the better approach, and if they see the need to solving their problem, they will buy.

  4. Glad to see your post about 9 Tips On Lead Generation!

    To achieve sales, it is necessary to give the audience the products or services they need. 

    And interact with the audience, listen to their ideas, and then improve your work.

    Yes, keywords are also very important. With good keyword research, we can find a shortcut to improve the ranking of websites.

    This is a great article, thank you!


    • Thank you for your insight here on lead generation. Keyword research is a major factor in getting the message to your audience to find what they need. Anytime you focus on solving a problem, your audience would increase, and that is the basis to generate leads for your business.


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