11 Tips For Online Training – And My #1 Choice!

We are going to give you 11 tips for online training that we have used and got results. And if you implement these tips, you will get the same results with your business. Nowadays, many training courses are available online whether live or recorded.

Learning new knowledge and skills is now easy and very accessible. However, there are some factors that you need to consider before taking up an online training course. Without proper preparation, you may end up not being able to learn enough or unable to complete the entire course.

Since some of the online training courses are paid, it is important to have the right learning environment and the right mindset to make it valuable. We have listed down our best-recommended tips on how you can make your online training more effective and time-efficient.

tips of Online Training - Treat it like a real course1. Treat it like a real course

Online training should be treated as a real course. Just as you would treat a traditional class, place the same importance on attending the online course schedule.

While you can find courses that let you have the flexibility to take them anytime, try to fix a specific time of the day to schedule your online training. Make this your daily routine as if you’re attending regular classes.

If this is a paid course, you don’t want your money to go to waste. Although you may have the course available for the life of your account, you may want to finish it while it is relevant. Some courses receive updated versions of them after a while.

2. Be accountable

You will need to be accountable for yourself when taking online training. Unlike in a traditional school setting where you have professors to remind you of your homework, in online training that responsibility will be placed on you alone.

3. Manage your time

When managing your time, it is important to consider several factors. If the training is live and has a fixed schedule, you should prioritize this when creating your schedule for the week.

If the training is recorded and can be taken at any time of the day, then set a time when you can focus on the training better. The training hours should also be considered, if they last for hours, they may not fit into your schedule. You may want to request a different schedule from the trainer so you can manage your time better.

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4. Set up your learning space

Your learning space is another critical factor that can impact your online training. Learning will be very difficult if your surroundings have too much noise or too many distractions. Try to dedicate an area in your home where it is conducive to learning. It can be in your study room, bedroom, dining area, or even a corner anywhere in your house.

The materials you may need such as books, notebooks, and pens should be accessed easily. Or at least have them ready before your online training schedule so you can avoid leaving the training session to get them. It is also important to check if there’s a strong internet connection in your chosen training space to avoid connection problems.

5. Remove any distractions

Try to remove any distractions that can stop you from focusing on the online training and miss out on valuable learnings. While it is easy to move away from your TV, some distractions may not be easy to deal with.

You may have kids in the household and other family members that may unintentionally disturb you while you are in training. It is best to talk to them about your training hours to minimize the noise and disturbance inside the home.

Distractions can also be your actions. You could be tempted to check your social media or your messages during your online training. It is best to put your mobile phone in silent mode or keep it away for the time being.

You may also download applications for your laptop or computer that will restrict you from accessing social media and other websites that are not related to the training.

If the noise from the streets is too loud, perhaps using a noise-canceling headset would help you to focus more on learning. You would also have less background noise when participating in training discussions.

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6. Think about how you can learn the best

After setting up your learning area, think about how you can learn better and make the most out of the training sessions. Are you more comfortable learning during the day?

Or do you prefer to learn at night? Considering this can also help you schedule your training during the time of the day when you are most attentive and active.

If you think a cup of coffee can give you a boost during the training, you can place an electric kettle near you, some instant coffee, a stirrer, and your favorite mug.

If you’re more of a visual learner, you can print out the materials before the training so you can have visual materials during the session. If you’re an auditory learner, you can use headphones during the training to help you absorb more learning.

7. Focus on one training at a time

Sometimes focusing on one task allows you to have a better outcome rather than attempting to multitask. This is the same with online training. Taking up several training sessions could swamp your schedule and you may end up not being able to attend some of them.

It also prevents you from learning more since you are loaded with too much information. This is why it’s best to take up one training class after another so you can make the best of what you’ve paid for.

8. Participate in discussions

If online training is conducted in life, try to participate in discussions as much as possible. This will allow you to gain a better understanding of the topics being discussed and even get to know the other people that are also taking the training with you.

If you feel that you need to clarify some topics, ask questions or seek help from your trainer. Having a learning buddy may also help so you can help each other during the training or collaborate on the tasks that need to be done.

woman working taking notes on her online training9. Take notes

Aside from participating in discussions, also take note of the important information that could be useful later on. Write down the things that are relevant to your field of study or your job.

Think about whether these learnings can be applied to your business or your work. Notes can also be your guide just in case there are tasks to be done. It can also be a source of information when the need arises in the future.

10. Take a break

Remember to take a break once in a while. Some online training can last for a few hours and breaks are included in the schedule. However, if you’re training is a recorded video, remember to pause it after an hour or two for a short break.

You can also schedule your breaks for yourself so you can have a set reminder during your training hours. Perhaps grab a healthy snack or drink to refill your energy. Breaks are also important to relax your mind a little and be ready for the next set of topics.

11. Choose the right platform

Good training courses are found on different platforms online. You can find a platform that offers not only valuable knowledge and skills but business opportunities as well. The best part is, you can get one-on-one coaching sessions from successful professionals and business owners. You can also get all the tools you need to start up your business. If you’re interested simply follow this link.

Final thoughts

We hope these tips will allow you to gain more from the online training courses you plan to take up. Online training does not only provide you with new learnings but also allows you to meet a lot of wonderful people as well.

It helps to equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to become more qualified in your profession. Moreover, it expands your relations allowing you to learn more about income and business opportunities.

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4 thoughts on “11 Tips For Online Training – And My #1 Choice!”

  1. These tips are useful when it comes to learning how to get started making a living online. One of my main problems up till now is that I get distracted too easily. And I know I should close all my social media windows and avoid going to YouTube while doing the training. I think I can succeed once I achieve this!

    • We all go through that for a period of time, but when it hit us and the money is not coming in, we start to get serious. Success comes to those when their back is against the wall and there is no way to turn, and the people who are in the same business with you that are making it happen, then we tend to look back at these tips for online training to get our business running again.

  2. You give some excellent advice for learning a course online, which I am actually doing at the moment. It felt good to be able to tick off all your terrific tips and say yes to having a dedicated study area, keeping to a schedule, and committing to interaction with other students and teachers. I’ll be finished this 18-month long course in October and will be delighted to get my certificate.

    • Please let me know if you need some help or want to make some money along the way. I take this business seriously and my goal is to see others have the same success. Check out my recommendation and I will meet you inside to lend a helping hand and to see that you reach your goals and beyond.


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