17 Tips On Web Hosting – Benefits Of Choosing The Right One!

With so many web hosting providers out there, it can be challenging to find the best among the rest. They offer different price ranges, inclusions, features, benefits, freebies, and so on. You will find yourself confused between your top options, which sometimes do not live up to your expectations. You could end up wasting money on a costly monthly plan and be stuck with an inefficient web host.

In this topic, we have listed our best tips for finding the best website hosting provider that will be suitable for your web hosting needs. You will also learn the important things you need to consider before signing up and paying for a subscription plan. We will also share our top choice for web hosting, which is definitely worth trying out. Let’s check out what you should be looking for in a web hosting service.

1. Read the Customer Reviews and Ratings

The best way to check whether the web hosting service is a good choice or not is to read customer reviews and ratings. You can use the Google search engine or other search engines to find reliable reviews and ratings. Type in the name of the web hosting service then followed by the word “reviews” or “ratings.”

Some websites list down the top web hosting services with customer reviews that describe their experience with the service. You can use these reviews to help you with your decision-making. If the majority of the reviews are positive, then the website hosting service is worth checking out.

2. Check the Website’s Uptime

Website uptime is a term used in defining the website hosting provider’s availability versus their downtime. This is generally measured in percentage, which has a considerable goal of 99.999%.

Web hosting services sometimes experience downtime issues or planned downtime for maintenance. Having a web hosting service with too many downtime instances could cause unrecoverable damages such as financial or traffic loss.

3. Ensure fast loading time

Ensuring that the website hosting has a fast-loading time is very important. You could lose web traffic if your website is slow. Your audience will no longer visit your website if it’s loading too slowly for them.

factors such as images and videos also contribute to a website’s loading time. Having a fast-loading website also allows you to have an edge when designing or building your website’s content.

4. Ease of use

When looking for a good web hosting provider, it is also essential to check out their control panel’s ease of use. Usually, web hosting services have a free trial period. This is the best time for you to understand its features and functions. If possible, look for a system that provides easy-to-learn attributes and an intuitive account interface.

5. Identify the storage capacity you need

If you run a small or medium-sized website, several gigabytes of storage capacity will probably be enough. However, web hosting services provide unlimited storage capacity, which is a waste not considered.

You may need bigger storage space in the future. Just make sure that you check those fine print. There may be some conditions that your website needs to meet to maintain unlimited storage.

6. Determine your bandwidth

The bandwidth is the amount of your upload and download per month and those of your visitors. The number of visits to your website is also included here. You will often see bandwidth and storage offered together and sometimes offered as unlimited. This is a good option if your website receives high traffic every month. However, if you’re starting a website, a basic plan should be enough, and upgrade to higher plans when the need arises.

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7. Select more domains and subdomains

If you manage several websites, you may want to check the number of domains and subdomains that a web hosting provider offers. This is also applicable if you’re planning to get multiple websites in the future. This will also save you money instead of getting another web hosting provider for your other websites.

8. Get more email accounts

See how many email accounts the provider offers on their plans. Determine how many email accounts you need if you have several email accounts or a multiple-webmail interface if you can integrate your existing email clients such as Gmail, Yahoo mail, etc. Find out what important email features you need and what the web hosting provider can offer.

9. Web Security features

Web security is a critical feature, especially nowadays when cyber-attacks are happening more frequently. Even if you are just a start-up website, a small-scale website, or you don’t store any confidential information, you can’t be too complacent. Your content is already valuable enough for hackers to steal, use for other purposes, or seek payment in exchange.

Ensure that the web hosting provider will be able to offer the following:

  • SSL certificate
  • Firewall protection
  • Daily Malware scan, detection, and removal
  • Anti-virus software
  • DDoS prevention
  • Security monitoring, analysis, and reports
  • Mobile app for security alerts and easy management on the go

10. Easy-install and Framework support

It is also important to check if the web hosting offers easy installation and supports popular frameworks WordPress, CMS, and other blogging platforms. Many website hosts offer one-click install, but just in case they don’t, they must offer set-up support or a free tech service to set it up for you.

11. Tech Support availability

They must provide 24/7 tech support or provide customer support even after hours. Otherwise, check if they have an email or ticketing system for customer issues or concerns. Please find out the turnaround time of their response to your email or ticket. Try to familiarize yourself with their FAQs as well; you may find the answers and guidance you need from there.

Wealthy Affiliate Web Hosting12. Multiple servers in different locations

It is also important to know if they have multiple servers and are located in different places. In case one server is down, another server should automatically run your website. Also, having servers in different locations allows your audience to connect to your website via the nearest server location to them.

This reduces the connection time and improves your site’s performance. If this information is not readily available, you can send an email inquiry to the web hosting provider.

13. Provides easy migration

You also need to check how you can migrate from one host to another. Suppose you have your website on another host at the moment or anticipate a change of hosting provider in the future. Most web hosting providers support host migration, but the hours it may take depend on your website’s size. Other providers also offer technical assistance if you encounter any issues during the process.

14. Automatic daily website backup

If you regularly update your website, you need to find a web host that can offer daily website backup. You want to avoid losing your website’s content one day, which could decrease your website’s traffic and cause a huge financial loss.

You need to check what components a web hosting provider can back up for you since some can only offer content backup and not the entire website, including the images, themes, layout, etc.

15. Offers quick and effortless website recovery

Aside from website backup, see if they guarantee quick and effortless website recovery. You need to ensure that the web host can do a fast website recovery process and advise you clearly on how they will do it.

Some providers can offer an IT service to perform the recovery process for you if you’re unable to figure out how to do it yourself. Others also send you a copy of your website saved on a hard drive if you prefer.

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16. Select value for money

Another important thing to consider is to look for a web hosting provider and plan that offers value for your money. There are website hosting services that offer cheap subscription costs and renewal fees. However, these hosting services may not meet your expectations, and you could encounter issues later on.

They may not also provide you with the features and security that you need for your website. Cheap hosting services will likely host hundreds more other websites aside from yours, and when you find these things, it may already be too late.

Wealthy Affiliate Web Hosting

17. Try our best recommendation

Wealthy Affiliate is our top choice for a web hosting service that offers powerful and secure hosting services. It automatically backs up your website daily and double hosts your site. It offers zero risks and zero obligations with the free starter membership plan.

While the web hosting basic plan is priced at $49 a month with plenty of inclusions. It includes 10 websites, instant DNS setup, faster-hosting speed, 30 GB of storage space, 500K visitors per month for the bandwidth, free SSL Certificate, free Jaaxy Keyword Search tool, and many more. Wealthy also provides 24/7 support and 1-on-1 coaching on marketing.

Hopefully, these tips will guide you in choosing the best web hosting provider for your website. It is better if you know what your website needs, what you want for a website hosting provider, and other things that you would like to consider for your plans for your website.

When you are clear with these things, together with the help of these tips, you will select a good web hosting service provider and the plan that is suitable for you and your website.

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  1. Hello there! This is an informative article! It makes sense that for one to host something online, the provider of the web hosting service must be good quality for there to be no hiccups that can interfere with the content that is to be delivered. You provided really great tips on choosing a good one and I definitely agree with number 17! Thanks for creating this piece.

    • Hey Mike, thanks for chiming in on my tips on Web hosting. I have heard so many stories of online entrepreneurs who traffic huge boost in traffic by changing their web hosting, and that caught my attention. Having the right one does help, that is the reason I have my recommendation on the one I use.

  2. Great article and thank you for listing out most of the essential things to consider when selecting a platform for web hosting. Finding a suitable web hosting platform maybe a headache at times. And wealthy affiliate provides most of what’s needed  to host a website and their technical support is always their to help you technically through out your journey.

    • Wealthy Affiliate is a great web hosting company, they hosting provides all the security SSL certificate and speed that enables you to rank faster on the search engines. And as you mention, the support is in place to monitor, avoid spams and back up your website on a daily basis. 

  3. Good day, I’m pleased to come across this important information. In order to get the benefits, it’s a clear fact that web hosting should be done the best way. I’m thrilled to see the tips you have provided for us to ace web hosting. It may need extra effort, especially in selecting more domains and subdomains. This is very helpful, thank you so much.

    • Most people starting out this is one of their biggest concern, and I definitely understand why. If you are going to put in your money and countless time into your business, you want to know the security it would have and choosing the right web hosting is your number one priority.


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