A Closer Look At World Global Network

World Global Network is a company that trades a community of wireless networks. Its motto is “we connect people”.

What I want to do in this review is analyze the business, looking at the people involved, the products, and the opportunity it affords those who choose to join them as an independent network marketing opportunity.

Fabio Galdi is the Chief Executive Officer of WGN. His involvement in the tech world started in 1994 and has earned him a variety of experience that he used to start this business in 2011. He founded Italy’s second-largest internet provider and invented the first LCD touchscreen PC computer in 2002.

WGN sells a number of technological devices that help in making life easier and better. It is rapidly changing the world and has helped many people make money.

In a period of five years, it is reported that the company has made 157 million dollars and built a community of over seven hundred thousand customers that benefit from better income potential.

World Global Network in LondonThere is no clear information that establishes its headquarters since its website indicates London while English and financial transactions originating from Singapore. WGN has been categorized as the fastest expanding technology company with 15 offices. Their products are shipped to 195 different countries at this time.

Most network marketers working from home are continually looking for the next network marketing opportunity creating a “the grass is greener” mentality. Once your first business is up and running you can comfortably venture on another one, but the problem is many never get their first business to a profit level.

Some good income-earning opportunities do exist in multi-level marketing. WGN can be a good place to be if you are looking for an exciting opportunity. if you need more basic skills and how the Internet works, you can click on the banner below and I will meet you inside and be your personal coach along the way.

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World Global Network recently released a Helo health tracking device which is the world’s advanced device that helps in real-time health monitoring. However, there are a number of health monitoring devices like Apple Watch and Fitbit but Helo has more features at an affordable price.

Other products offered by the company include power clouds, VoIP and video software, smart pack (includes VideoWebMeet which is a software for video conferencing), video postcard (software used to produce video emails) as well as mobile technology (tablets and smartphones).

A Closer Look At World Global NetworkThe Purpose Of WGN

World Global Network has plans that operate like affiliate marketing. One of the plans is referral marketing which is the most means to make your business grow.

It is free to join and you do not need to come up with your own product but rather to sell an already existing one. A referral customer is more likely to buy a product than then one who randomly visits the company’s website.

If someone buys a product from the company, he/she automatically becomes a partner and is assigned a free personalized website which you can use to share with others and earn 10% of each sale. Apart from the percentage commission, you also earn a percentage from your chain of partners who make referrals too.

In a nutshell, WGN gives you a commission on every sale and pays you on your customers’ referrals thus making it a networking marketing business. The larger the network of customers, the more the amount of money you make.

Let me talk briefly about the differences between affiliate marketing and network marketing so you can decide for yourself which is a better opportunity for yourself.

As an affiliate, you operate independently and work for an affiliate merchant. Some people think of being an affiliate as having a job, although you are not paid a wage or do you receive any benefits.

Most affiliate programs are free to join. Some affiliates do choose to develop a business out of their affiliate marketing is endeavours.

affiliates from all around the globe networking together

Networking Marketing vs Affiliate Marketing

In network marketing, you join a business opportunity as an independent distributor. Virtually every network marketing business that I’m aware of costs something to join.

This can be as simple as purchasing a start-up distributor kit, or more complex by buying in at a certain level which can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Another key difference in affiliate marketing is you get paid on sales you make. but you’re not actually building a downline group. There are two-tier affiliate programs where you can enrol affiliates and earn money on their sales as well as on the sales of your own.

In network marketing, you can personally sponsor distributors, but you can also build a downline of distributors by helping people in your group grow their business. With affiliate marketing, you’ll never have much of a sales team unless you’re building a two-tier affiliate business.

In network marketing, your business could grow into hundreds or even thousands of distributors in your downline earning you commissions. The facts are that in network marketing most people never sponsor more than two distributors on their front line.

In affiliate marketing, many people do jump around from one program to the next never making any money. However, failure in affiliate marketing and network marketing never lies in the fault of the business opportunity in my opinion.

The same will be true with the World Global Network. They have some fantastic products and do offer a network marketing business opportunity.

Conclusion On World Global Network

I would suggest you look at Wealthy Affiliate to determine whether affiliate marketing might be a better route for you to go. I have done my due diligence with this company and countless others as well. In any business, education is key. Here you will learn all the necessary tools to build a business online today.

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