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Agency Navigator Review

Everyone is looking for a better life where they can work from home and be able to take care of their family and live a comfortable life. I was there myself, so with this Agency Navigator Review, we will discuss if this is the vehicle to do just that, or what is available to give you that freedom not wondering if it is a scam or a legitimate business.

In addition, I will be going over some alternative ways to make money from home, and how I can personally assist you. I’ll give you my honest opinion on what I think about Agency Navigator Review give you their pros and cons and whether it is a good fit for you.

If you choose to join, what is the best way to stay in contact with me, so I can share some strategies that would increase your profits and traffic in whatever business you decide to join?

Fair enough?… 

Full Product Overview of My Agency Navigator Review

  • Product Name: Agency Navigator
  • Owners: Iman Gadzhi
  • Product Type: Digital Marketing Course
  • Price: $1499
  • Best For Business owners and Entrepreneurs
  • Ratings: 4


Please keep in mind as you read my Agency Navigator  Review, that I am not a member or an affiliate of Agency Navigator. This review is based on research and information available online in the public domain. Any opinions and conclusions may not apply to all persons or situations. So read this review in its entirety and you make your own decision. It might even be helpful to read other Agency Navigator Reviews.

What Is Agency Navigator?

Agency Navigator is a Training program that teaches you how to build your very own digital marketing business through different services that potentially earn you 10k plus a month if you go through his training and practice and put to work all that you learn in his 8-phase course.

He focuses on content creation, Conversation optimization, Facebook paid ads, cold-calling, email marketing, social media marketing, and some more basic strategies, to build a successful digital marketing business.

Who Is Iman Gadzhi

He is a 23-year-old experienced digital who has been working with digital agency owners for over 3 years. He owns several businesses, including AgenciFlow, (A software company), and Gents Croquet Club (an NFT project), Grow your Agency is another one of his digital businesses. 

His goal is to make it easy and possible for the average person to own their own Agency, and become successful in doing so with his intense training course. He is a multi-millionaire that has a passion for educating people and is also a philanthropist.

How Does The  Agency Navigator Work? 

When you join Agency Navigator you would receive the six following tools for your agency business.

1.  Agency navigator Core Curriculum.

50 hours of training teaching how to build an agency from scratch.

2. An E-Learning Platform for Agency Owners.

Here you will have access to all the modules, materials, leaderboard, and FAQs.

3. A private community for  Agency owners.

Here you will network with other agency owners and be able to ask and answer questions.

4. A Planner, Revenue calculator, and tracker.

These are personal tools that you need to build your business and plan your activities.

5. Website templates, and funnels.

These are website templates that you can edit to suit your business through a copy-and-paste process.

6. Contracts, sales scripts, and agreements.

This would able you to pitch to your clients and close the sales through a great number of meetings and are tested to work from past experience.

Iman Gadzhi in the past had worked with agency owners to build a successful agency business, and now put all of his knowledge into his training course that is broken down into 8 phases.

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  1. Laying your foundations
  2. Mindset
  3. System & Processes
  4. Leads and Setting  Meetings
  5. Sales
  6. Service delivery
  7. Operational Supremacy
  8. Bonuses

Phase One –  Laying Your Foundations.

This is covering the basics and understanding all the basic tools that you will need to start your own agency business.

Phase Two – Mindset

To build any business you need to have the right mindset if you are going to succeed. Iman covers that in this step in detail.

Phase Three – System & Processes

This is where you learn how to sell to your clients successfully, using corporate structure, pricing, taxes, and accounting, and learning how to communicate to close the sale.

Phase Four – Leads and Setting Meetings

Here you learn how to find leads, cold-calling, setting meetings, send messages, Upwork, and use social media platforms like Linkedin, funnels, copywriting Facebook ads, 

Phase Five – Sales

Live scripts on closing the sales, handling objections, and a vault of real live scripts break down to handle your potential clients. This is the step that will grow your business so he pays close attention to this step.

Phase Six – Service Delivery

This is a very intense step where you learn how to handle your top clients (Whales) and learn the various ways how to reach out to them through different avenues like Ad creatives, lead generation, local businesses, and tracking.

Phase Seven – Operational Supremacy

Here you will learn how to build your revenue and profit,  locate the best contractors, and grow your business to a full-time income.

Phase Eight – Bonuses

This is where you will get new strategies as they come out to keep ahead of the curve in order to sustain your business with regular updates.

There you have your arsenal of 8 phases as you get prepared to go out and sell your business.  With the way the internet is so advanced, I was surprised by how far the internet has advanced that people still use some of these methods to build a business. Sound like another 9 to 5 job as far as I am concerned.

Is The Agency Navigator Course Worth It?

What he teaches in his course is very basic, and you can learn those and even more advanced training for building a successful business for much cheaper than 1499. Most of its modules can be found on Youtube for free.

digital marketing for agency navigator review

Can You Make Money With Agency Navigator?

The answer is yes. With hard work and professional selling, it is possible to make a full-time income. Go through intense training and follow those who are already successful with their agency, and once you model after them, you can achieve the same results.

There are successful agency Owners that you can see on their website.

  • Pierce Hyland – 10k plus monthly
  • Stefan Andjelovic – 12k plus monthly
  • John Danes – 17.5k plus monthly

The community celebrates when any of the 3 tier clients have made a purchase from an Agency Owner.

  • $1,000 to $3,000 monthly. This client is a Fish
  • $3,000 to $8,000 monthly. This client is a Shark
  • $8,000 plus monthly. This client is a Whale.

Is Agency Navigator A Scam?

No, Agency Navigator is not a scam.

 The Pros and Cons of Agency Navigator

The Pros:

  • Having a Community 
  • The course is updated
  • Many tools and resources.
  • Comprehensive training
  • 14-day money-back guarantee
  • Community Weekly Q&A

The Cons:

  • The course is fairly expensive
  • Lots of hidden costs involved here
  • You need to learn how the face rejection.
  •  Success can’t be guaranteed or promised. 
  • Running an agency is more demanding than they claim
  • Selling a service you probably have no experience delivering.

Any Negatives About Agency Navigator? 

A few minor complaints I was able to find them, but no need to mention them here, because of all the good that most members have to say about the integrity of the business and the level of support they received.

It would be impossible to find a company without any complaints that run a business today. They are all different walks of people all over the world and it would be impossible to please everyone.

Final Thoughts

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