Bullrun MLM Review – Is This Another Scam?

When P.T. Barnum said there is a sucker born every minute, he failed to include a scam artist born every minute. After reading this Bullrun MLM review, you may wish he had sounded the warning about scam artists.

That is the problem when people want to get out of their current financial mess. They become vulnerable and easy prey to those who want to scam money. Those with financial needs are desperate and fall for the empty promises and the attractive hype surrounding various products.

To find out if Bullrun fits into this category, all you have to do is continue reading our review. It is filled with the information you need to make an intelligent decision. And information is what you need before leaping to believe an unrealistic promise or out-of-this-world hype.

Take the few minutes this article requires to get the full information about Bullrun and its cryptocurrency opportunity. It may save you from making a life mistake that your wife or husband won’t let you live down for many years to come.

What is Bullrun?

Bullrun MLM Review - a Cryptocurrency

That is an excellent question. The problem is there is little information about the company or its owners anywhere. If this was such a good deal, why are the owners remaining anonymous?

All that is known about the company is that it promises to give you cryptocurrency in exchange for cash. Research this company for business details; it incorporated or set the website up on 1/10/20.

In other words, it is only 6 months old yet. Wait, there is more bad news. The company does not have any products for you to buy or sell to make money. You are simply investing in supposed cryptocurrency and get paid when you recruit others to invest as well.

That is not a very good deal and raises more than one red flag, and we have barely begun this review. What else is bad is that it gives a bad name to the MLM industry as that is the business model it uses to appear legitimate and legal.

The fact that the owners remain anonymous is due to the idea that they may reboot this scheme under different names.

Bullrun Review How Does It Work?

The process is simple if you can find out all the details you need to sign up. To be involved in this program, you need to pay $21.04 to get 0.1 Ethereum. That means you have to pay $210.40 to get just one little Ethereum.

Then you have to assemble ‘a team’ using the 2:1 and the 3:1 downline system. That means your first team needs you to recruit only 2 people, who then recruit more people.

The 3:1 downline option means you need to recruit 3 people to fill your second level and start making money. There are no products to buy, no products to sell, and no legitimate way to make money.

Many websites say that this is a Ponzi scheme, but it looks more like a pyramid scheme home business. The only way you make money is to get more people to buy into the program and recruit more people.

Without products to buy and then later resell, you have no hope of doing very well in this company if you cannot recruit. There is nothing else about this company that shows that it works any differently.

Can You Make Money With Bullrun MLM?

Only if you find those suckers that Mr. Barnum spoke about in his famous quote, the amount of money you make is tied to how many people you can recruit to buy 0.1 Ethereum.

Plus, you may be spending more time trying to explain what Ethereum is only to find out that no one is interested in taking the same chance you did. Saying Ethereum is like Bitcoin may help the people you talk to understand what Ethereum is, and it may not.

You would have to be really good at convincing people that what you are selling is worthwhile if you want a chance to make money working this scheme. Once you have convinced enough people and build up your team, you can cash out but how much you get is not totally known.

The compensation plan is very convoluted and difficult to understand. The one thing that this has in common with an MLM company is the complicated compensation plan and the fact you have to recruit to make any money.

Other than that, there is nothing MLM about this company, and it should stay that way.

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Examples Of How To Make Money With Bullrun

Bullrun - ethereum cryptocurrency

As we said, the only way to make any money is through recruitment. Once the people you recruit sign ups, you get a commission, or so it may seem. It is hard to tell as the compensation talk is all in their amounts and not actual dollars.

You can build your teams up, and then once that is done, you can do what cal is; led cycle out. You earn your commission and get out while you can. Or you can continue to do referrals and repeat the process.

It is said this company will honor recruits up to the 100th level. {promises are easy to make when you know you never have to honor those promises. If you know how many people are in 100 levels, then you are too smart to work for this company.

Suffice it to say that getting 100 levels to recruit under you is impossible. You will be lucky if you get 2 or 3 levels under you, and then your money stream runs out. Of course, you do not get paid unless someone else puts money into the scheme and tries their luck at recruiting.

Oh, and this past March, the company announced on Facebook, of all places, that they were launching Bullrun 2.0. This move means that 1.0 has collapsed and is no longer sustainable. After 2 months of operation, it fails not good.

Bullrun MLM Pros & Cons

There are times when you cannot say anything positive about a company or its employment opportunities. This may be one of those times as this company has scams written all over it.


We actually cannot think of one good thing this program has to offer anyone. The owners benefit only, whoever they may be, and you are stuck holding nothing but air like the promise, and the hype disappears like fog in the midday sun.


  • Anonymous owners
  • No business information was found anywhere
  • No headquarters, no oversight, nothing
  • Pay to play
  • Need to recruit heavily
  • No products to buy or sell
  • Impossible to recruit people
  • Very complicated compensation plan
  • It uses the MLM business model very badly
  • Very fragile business- collapsed after 2 months
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Any Negatives? Beware of Lawsuits

We have not found any lawsuits against Bullrun, but you can’t sue someone if they cannot be found or tied to the failed business, the false promises, or the unrealistic hype.

There is nothing good about this company, so there is nothing but negativity surrounding it. The fact that it launched Bullrun 2.0 shows that the scheme cannot be sustained and must reinvent itself to continue taking money from those suckers P.T. Barnum spoke about.

If you want to give away your money with little to no return, you should drop it off at the nearest beggar and walk away. At least you would get a good feeling out of doing that. That good feeling won’t happen if you buy into the hype surrounding this company and spend even $21.04 buying their fake cryptocurrency.

Is Bullrun Legitimate?

Bullrun Review

We found it humorous that in all the research we did, we found many reviewers saying nothing but bad about this company and its operation. Then at the end of their reviews, they turn around and call the company legitimate. Or they say it is not a scam.

We can do nothing but laugh at such comments because Bullrun is nothing but a scam. It has been called a Ponzi scheme, and that is where initial investors get paid after new investors join the group.

That is the only way you will get paid if you sign up with this company. That is not a legit company but an illegal one that brought down Bernie Madoff many years ago. So those reviewers are a little out of touch with reality if they call Bullrun legit and not a scam.

The fact that after 2 months, they had to start all over again under a new revised name tells you it is not a legit business or has anything to do with anything credible.

Final Thoughts

Run, don’t walk, just run when anyone asks you to join them in this new cryptocurrency plan that they claim makes them a lot of money. Bullrun is not the original name for this program, and we have seen it before under a different title.

You can’t make money working this scheme, and if you do, you may be indicted if you stay too long. There is nothing legal about this company so stay away from it. Cryptocurrency is hard for people to grasp, and this Bullrun review does not help as it only exposes another scam to avoid.

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4 thoughts on “Bullrun MLM Review – Is This Another Scam?”

  1. Hello there, thank you so much for sharing this. This is a very awesome piece and a very detailed one. I’m really happy I came across this.  Learning about bullrun mlm reviews is very interesting. I never would have thought it’s a scam platform. Thank you for clarifying us on this platform 

    • When the owners are not known and the huge amount of money that one has to invest tells you about the integrity of the company. Recruiting is a skill procedure that is why success rate in MLM is so low. I would love to see people adapt to affiliate marketing where the success rate is much higher, and the support is there.

  2. Hi there, Big thank you for your thorough and Honest review on Bullrun MLM. Happens to even be my first time on hearing about it. As much as I would love to get in the Crypto market, your review clearly show this is some crazy scam out there to get newbies and naive people hungry for money.

    • I could not have said it better, Josh. There are tons of people falling prey to these businesses that claim you can earn money so easy. You are simply investing in supposed cryptocurrency and get paid when you recruit others to invest as well. no physical product to sell and the owners of the company is unknown. This is a big red flag.


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