Clickbank Review – How To Make Money As An Affiliate

Today, we will do an in-depth Clickbank review and look at how to make money as an affiliate. If you are looking into affiliate marketing, you have already, or soon will, come across the affiliate network Clickbank.

It is one of the largest and best-known affiliate networks. Depending on where you sit, you may like or dislike them. If you have no opinion, maybe we can help you decide if it is for you.

  • Name: Clickbank
  • Website:
  • Price: Free (For Affiliates) $49 (Activation Cost for Vendors)
  • Owners: Tim and Eileen Barber
  • Overall Rank: 80 out of 100

Clickbank Review - clickbank affiliate networkClickbank, Product Overview

Clickbank was started in 1998 and now boasts a spot among the top 100 biggest internet retailers in North America. However, Clickbank stretches across the globe and reaches no less than 190 countries while serving around 6 million clients at the time of this review.

The site’s purpose is to connect vendors looking to sell their digital products with affiliates to market these products. And at the end of the day, profit sharing takes place where both parties can make money.

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The Pros and Cons of ClickBank

You will notice that Clickbank gets a pretty good rating while still facing some challenges. Here is a quick breakdown to help you make your own informed decision.

The Pros:

  • 1. It’s a reputable business that launched the right service at the right time
  • 2. The market is big, and your affiliate options are extensive
  • 3. Lucrative commissions
  • 4. A guide and tools to maximize affiliate campaigns
  • 5. Payments to affiliates are always made on time

The Cons:

  • 1. Clickbank operates with a stigma that many of the digital products don’t live up to the promotional hype created by the vendor
  • 2. Many experienced affiliates on the platform have strong reputations, making it hard to establish a presence.
  • Lots of chargebacks

Who is Clickbank For?

Both vendors and affiliates might find success through Clickbank. This is because the developers pay attention to the needs of both parties, creating a comfortable balance where many entrepreneurs start out.

When addressing affiliates specifically Clickbank is good for newbies and seasoned marketers. This is why you see affiliates come back to it even after having been away for a while.

Clickbank Tools And Training

Clickbank Review - training is needed when building an online business with Clickbank

Newbie affiliates will be happy to know Clickbank features several tools, specifically to help you properly steer your campaign in the right direction.

There is also a rather in-depth guide on how to work with the platform.

Clickbank Support

The support page on the site caters to vendors and affiliates individually. At least, this is how the support page is presented. With designated teams for both parties in case they need direction or advice, there is definitely sufficient support available.

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Clickbank Price

For affiliates, you won’t need to pay anything to start selling digital products. As for vendors, there are different price structures, starting with the activation fee ($49 at the time of this review).

How To Make Money with ClickBank

It’s not really necessary to establish whether entrepreneurs and affiliates are making money through Clickbank. The evidence is there.

Given that Clickbank has been operational for two decades without significant setbacks says something about the success to be found via this specific platform.

Even though Clickbank goes the extra mile to help both vendors and affiliates expand their degree of marketing knowledge, there are certain things that need to happen if you want to make money as an affiliate. They are:

Go Through The Guide

Take the time to go through the guide provided by Clickbank. This is where you get more info about the tools and resources at your disposal, as well as valuable advice you can implement with your campaign.

Find Quality Products

Clickbank Review - finding a variety of products on Clickbank

As mentioned earlier there is a stigma attached to Clickbank.

This hasn’t stopped the company from developing into a big online retailer with 6 million clients.

However, affiliates do want to build on their reputations. When you try to push products that only get customers frustrated, it will influence your success with products actually worth marketing. Save yourself the downfall and market quality products from the start.

– Pay Attention To The Profit You Get

Vendors get to choose how much of the profit they want to share. As an affiliate, it is in your best interest to benchmark these offers with those offered by the competition.

Although, basing your decision to market a product solely on the profit margin would be a mistake, seeing as there are significant differences when it comes to the quality of the products. So choose wisely and try to keep making smart decisions as you go.

Know Your Audience

Finally, it is crucial that you know your audience before you start marketing to them. This gives you insight into how to really fine-tune the campaign toward the consumers that are most likely to convert.

Of course, getting this information will take time and effort, but that is what successful affiliates tend to do.

Final Verdict: Legit

Clickbank is without a doubt legit, and it offers a great opportunity for entrepreneurs and affiliates alike. However, don’t expect it to be easy, especially with so many spam products circulating.

Plus, it helps if you know as much about the product as possible. This gives you more confidence to write a targeted pitch or ad.

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Overall Quality



  • It's a reputable business
  • The market is big
  • Lucrative commissions


  • Clickbank operates with a stigma
  • hard to establish a presence.
  • Lots of chargebacks

14 thoughts on “Clickbank Review – How To Make Money As An Affiliate”

  1. Thanks, David Bishop for taking the time to write this informative post on Clickbank. I have heard of Clickbank long before now, and I actually did register then but got discouraged because I could not find a product to promote. However with this your guide, I am more than encouraged to give it another trial. It is great to hear from someone like you that Clickbank is legit and they support their vendors and affiliates. Thanks, David Bishop, great piece.

    • Happy to know that my Clickbank review was informative. You must try it again cause lots have changed then. Back in the days, they were a lot of products did not stand the test, but strict rules and guidelines has been inforced since. The amount of chargebacks ones use to received has lessen considerably, and more quality products are there for you to promote.

      It is a legit business and there ways to promote their products with your own website if you join Wealthy Affiliate and follow the training so that you can set up your business right. once your website is up and getting rank in the search engines you would be able to market whatever you want because you own the website. Hope that helps!

      • Bishop,

        I was a member of WA and never learned about clickbank marketing. I thought that the paid WA membership only taught about Amazon marketing. I paid for my WA membership back in 2018. I really want to join again as a paid member in the future using my old credentials for this WA site.

        • Hey Joseph, about everything you can think about has been taught in Wealthy Affiliate. Not necessary in the Affiliate Bootcamp or the online Entrepreneur course, but every Friday you have an hour of training with Jay (aka Magistudious) that covers all the areas to grow your business.

          Yes, you can resubscribe again and sign up again with the same credentials, if your username is not taken. But creating a new username would not be a problem. I hope to see you soon, and please say hello when you are back.

          Talk to you soon!


  2. This is a great and simple to follow guide on how to make money as an affiliate marketer.

    You laid it all out clearly and showed examples that helped emphasize your various points. This guide will be very useful for people like me.

    I have heard about the advantages of Clickbank and here is what I am reading again.

    This is the type of information some professional bloggers will love to hide from public knowledge. I’m so happy I found your blog.

    • Lot of affiliate marketer choose Clickbank because of the wide rage of products and the high commissions they offer. You can promote some products that pay as high as 75% commissions, and that is huge.

      Clicbank has come a long way since so I may give a try with my next website i built. If you do decide to use it, to get the most out of the product you choose is to buil;d a website and send vtraffic to the review page. Hoppe that helps!

  3. Your review on click bank is appreciated. Actually, it’s the first time I am getting to know about click bank. Going through the review you posted I have the belief that you see also a member of click bank. I think I will have to give it a trial as well but presently am with Wealthy Affiliate. When I am done with the training and courses, then I can give click bank a trial. Thanks for sharing this article. 

    • Happy to know that you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate. you made the right choice that you would never regret. if you need help as you go through your training, please feel free and reach out to me, would be happy to lend a hand.

      Depending on the niche you choose, Clickbank can have products relative to your niche. Although Amazon is a big favorite, many chooses Clickbank because of the high commission percentage. Talk to you soon.

  4. Thanks for a very interesting review of Clickbank David.

    I am curious, you mention that Clickbank may not have the best reputation out there and that some of the products may not be the best. My question is, “how do you make sure the product I pick to promote is quality and not garbage?”

    I’m not sure why, but I thought that there was a fee to register as an affiliate. I’m very happy to read that I was wrong and I can join for free.

    How would you rank Clickbank for someone who is very new and trying to make some money in the early days? How can I promote affiliate offers if I don’t have a list?



    • Ian, thank you for your curiosity. 

      ClickBank uses a measure called ‘gravity’ to represent how well each product sells, based on how many sales have been made and how recent these sales occur.

      A very high gravity (i.e. 100+) will indicate that there is a lot of competition in this product. Don’t let that scare you off. Competition is sometimes a good thing. It means there’s lots of demand for that product. It also means that there are potentially a lot of people with lists who you could form partnerships or JV’s (Joint Ventures) with. This is the best way to tell that your product is not garbage.

      For vendors that want to sell their products through ClickBank, we charge a one-time $49.95 activation charge that must be paid upon approval of your first product. Activation fees do not apply to Affiliates.

      Ranking Clickbank to someone that is new, I would say find a passion that you have. Get training on how to go about the making money process:

      1. Find a niche
      2. build a website
      3. Monetize that website
      4. Create revenue

      The training in Wealthy Affiliate will show you the process of making money without a list, and when is the appropriate time to start building your list. Hope that addresses your concerns. take care.

  5. Hi bishop 

    I have just read your whole article about Clickbank. This is really a nice review. Online is the best way of making money quickly. Clickbank is a good site for earning money. Clickbank is good for newbies and seasoned marketers. It is not so expensive its activation fee is 49 dollars. 

    Clickbank is a very much helpful website to earn money. I am so excited to get started this money-making affiliate system. I will share this great article with my friends and relatives. Thanks for sharing this.

    • Yes, Clickbank is an easy way to make money as an affiliate once you set up your business on the right platform. The activation fee is only for vendors and not for Affiliates.

      People make mistakes by promoting their products in the wrong way. You cannot just take their Hoplink and advertise your affiliate link all over the Internet. Google will not favor your link because they hate that process of just placing affiliate links without a proper website.

      The process is to build a website, write a review on that product, educate your audience on that product and send them to the review where you should place your affiliate link only. So although you find the right product, the process is where you going to make money.

      Products do not make you money

      Process makes you money

  6. Hi Bishop,

    Thank you for sharing this great informational post. I was impressed by reading my article. I do not even know I have learned many things about Clickbank review and look at how to make money as an affiliate and I believe it will be helpful for all freelancers. Information technology is engulfed at every stage of life. With the welfare of the Internet, people are now roaming around the world. Business and Medical Education Jobs All of these are now internet-centric. Many unemployed people have also been employed during this time. 

    It has been made in many ways to earn money from home. I’m a Premium member at Wealthy Affiliate, but I did not have much idea about Clickbank. I read the article and got a lot of idea about Clickbank which enabled me to work. Can I work at Clickbank as well as Wealthy Affiliate? Would you tell me how much time to pay me every day for a good income? And do I need any website for this? I think newcomers can learn more through your articles. I’ve bookmarked this article and I’ll definitely share it with my friend.

    • The information age is moving with or without us. if you have a business and is based on online strategies, it would be difficult to take time off for a few months. Because of the paste, you might be left behind. Being a member would be a plus to you or anyone, cause the members would be able to keep you in the loop.

      Building a business online I like to break it down in five simple steps for my readers.

      1. Find a niche
      2. Build a website
      3. Monetize the website
      4. Drive traffic to your website
      5. Create Revenue.

      Clicbank can only fit n1 of 5 steps, and that is Monetize. Finding a product based on your niche to place on your website. So wondering if you can do Clickbank and Wealthy Affiliate is a no brainer. You do not need to work at Clickbank.

      You income will depend on your goals and what will make you live comfortable. In the 3rd lessons in WA in Phase 1 Kyle ask to write down your monetary goals. Everyone is different. Work on those goals and when you accomplish them, set you ones. Hope I answered your concerns. Talk to you in the community.


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