Creating A Successful Post – On The Right SEO Platform!

There are different ways of creating a successful post but in this short article, I will give you the guidelines and then send you my business review so that you would have a clear understanding of the process.

Writing a blog post is not that different from writing any other piece but the most important word to remember before starting or even heeding any tips on writing a blog post, no matter who they’re from, is “relevance”.

If your blog post isn’t anywhere near being relevant in its content, it’s pretty worthless. So, to that end, here are some tips on writing a blog post that could help you with the relevance issue and get you started:

Creating A Successful Post - finding a problem1. Finding a Problem

Just like in motorcycles, “there’s an ass for every seat“, and it’s the same with blog posts. There are a million issues to be addressed out there, from gluten-free diets to pet care, childcare, lawn care, and every other type of care that you can think of, and people want to know something about them.

And, then there are problems, of course. From ED to psoriasis and everything in between, somebody is dealing with the problem that you are writing your blog post about, so do the research, make sure you’re armed with the facts, and then address their problem.

2. Getting the Solution

OK, so you have presented info on a specific problem, and your blog readers want you to provide a solution. So, again, that research is crucial so that you can provide relevant answers that will provide the best possible solution. Again, relevance is the key here.

3. Showing the Benefits

Every solution to a problem has specific benefits. So, go all out on describing how beneficial they really are. And, often you need to give your description of the benefits a ton of in-depth details to ensure that your readers get it. After all, if you’re not clear enough for them to get it, then those benefits are not beneficial at all, but just words.

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4. What Step They Should Take (call to action)

Call, click, fill out an online form, or whatever, you need to say tell them what they need to do about the problem, then do it. Why? Well, because that’s what people expect you to do. After all, you’re an expert in whatever the blog post is about. Right? And, if you haven’t convinced your readers that you are, then you need a serious rewrite.

Final Thoughts

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