Does SEnuke Work? Or Is SeNuke A Scam Or Legit?

Does SEnuke Work? Or is SEnuke a scam or Legit? In this SEnuke Review, you will see back in 2019 this was the question many companies and people, including website owners and marketers, asked.

The truth is; that being on the very first page of the Google results for a keyword phrase is what every marketer wants and dreams of because it is often the key to increased traffic and sales.

Since its emergence in 2016, SEnuke TNG, also known as the Turbo Wizard has been commonly used as a black hat SEO tool to get low-quality and relevant backlinks to improve search engine position. We will look into this software and see if there is any legitimacy with this product.

Name: SEnuke TNG

Website: $97 single license, $147 for three licensesOverall Scam Rank: Let’s see!

Features of SEnuke TNG

  • Key Word Searching: – Through the website search, SEnuke TNG helps you get a large number of individuals clicking on your website and increasing the chances of your site appearing on the user’s search results.
  • Free Captcha Solving: -SEnuke TNG helps solve Captcha automatically.
  • Crowd Searcher: – SEnuke TNG acts as a simulator where it simulates people looking for a specific keyword and specifically end up clicking on your website.
  • Automated Link-Building Creation: – SEnuke TNG automatically creates building links for your website with a single campaign, and the fantastic thing about this is that it’s a continuous process unless you stop it.

    This feature allows users to enter specific keywords into the software. Then, it automatically generates thousands of backlinks for each keyword entered. The generated links are placed on websites that have been selected by the software.
  • Proxy Server Support

One of the most important things about any link-building software is that it should be able to work with proxy servers. A proxy server is a computer that acts as an intermediary between your website and another website. By using a proxy server, you can access sites that would normally not allow you to view them.

  • Multiple Languages

SEnuke TNG supports multiple languages, so it can be accessed from all over the globe. In addition, it has a built-in translator that makes it easy to communicate with people who speak different languages.

Pricing And Availability

Now that we know what the Turbo Wizard software offers, let’s talk about pricing. Senuke TNG comes in two packages:

• Standard Package (1 Year) – $49/month

• Pro Package (3 Years) – $99/month

Both packages come with unlimited High-quality backlinks, but the pro package also includes additional complex SEO campaign premium features such as automated content creation, automatic submission to social networks, etc.

The Reality Behind SEnuke TNG

SEnuke TNG is a black hat SEO search program that uses spammy, ingenuine, and shady techniques for search engine rankings.

To fully be effective claims, this program has to create a natural-looking backlink for your website.

It has to send fake traffic to your website to create engagement. It also has to rewrite and spin your content to publish it on your site.

These three components play a crucial role in making the program effective since this program does. In theory, by building up backlinks using this program, Google will rank your site higher than others.

By getting fake visits and clicks on your site, Google will think your site is of a higher quality and will, in turn, rank it higher. Lastly, Google will see you uniquely as an authority in your niche by spinning your content.

Google Take On This Software

Ideally, having known what this Turbo Wizard, SEnuke TNG does, the truth was in 2019, it is a waste of your time and money. According to Matt Cutts, the head of the Google spam team, Google will ultimately penalize your site if you use SEnuke TNG.

Google believes in legit and genuine web content which is high in quality and that users will love. They rank sites in relevance to how helpful they are to Google searchers.

Most importantly, Google uses a complicated algorithm with over 200 ranking signals to rank your site. These are based on high-quality content, positive social movements, people sticking to your site for a long time, and a zero policy of using low-quality backlinks.

Using SEnuke TNG  as an SEO software, to spin your content and rank it is a bad idea. It will create worthless backlinks as well as fake social signals.

Then traffic users through fake visits and clicks to make users stay on your site for a more extended period will always be a bad idea. Avoiding SEnuke TNG and using legit methods is the only natural way to long-term success.

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The Real Alternative

When a business or Internet marker uses SEnuke TNG, they are looking for shortcuts. I’m here to tell you that there are no shortcuts to building a high-quality website or blog and getting it ranked in the long run.

The natural alternative to software such as this is to do what I call the grunt work. This provides unique, high-quality content that is helpful to your reader.

Does Senuke work - providing high-quality content is what will give you better rankings

The only way to do that is to write the content yourself or hire a freelance writer. Article spinners are a waste of time because the articles don’t read well.

You spend more time trying to correct them, or you’re putting a bad image on your blog by posting this type of content on it.

The other thing is that getting backlinks should be a natural process instead of just creating high-volume spam backlinks. When you get a backlink, you’re creating your own World Wide Web.

A natural backlink is a vote for your site. Somebody is willing to link back to you because they’re telling their readers or viewers this is a website or blog worth looking at. There are many white hat methods to do backlinking, but today’s article marketing with spam articles is not one!

A better approach is to seek out other websites and blogs and offer to write a guest post for them when you do that, and you can include a link to your blog in the author’s bio.

Another way to create a tips article and link to 20-25 blogs in it that you want to get a backlink for. Tag them and contact the blog owner and let them know you have linked to them. Some will naturally reciprocate.

Is Senuke TNG Going Out of Business?

The software giant announced it is shutting down the popular Web design tool Senuke. This product had been around since 2004 and was downloaded over 10 million times.

Senuke was acquired by the Japanese web development firm, Softonic, in 2008. But now, Softonic is closing down the product. In a blog post, Softonic says it wants to focus on “more modern technologies.”

Softonic says it will continue to support existing customers while offering a 30-day free trial of the latest version of Senuke.

SEnuke TNG at a Glance…

Name: SEnuke TNG
Price: $97 single license, $147 for three licenses
Legit?: NO

Does SEnuke Work - With all the SEO automationFinal thoughts on SEnuke TNG

SeNuke will not work for you long-term. Here is why!

Unnatural backlinks will kill your site, and Google’s terms and conditions are pretty straightforward, as disclosed on their link schemes. Spun content will not work for you since Google has released a technique known as Google Panda, which checks for spun content.

So far, millions of websites have been penalized for using spun content. Lastly, black hat SEO won’t work for you, which SEnuke uses to rank your site.

It will be a waste of your time as well as your money. SeNuke is not worth either your time or money. You are better off following the white hat SEO route.

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14 thoughts on “Does SEnuke Work? Or Is SeNuke A Scam Or Legit?”

  1. Hi David

    Wow- I hadn’t heard of Senuke before I landed here today and thank you for sharing this great review

    what a Scam and imagine people using this and Google nailing them. This could be the demise of their business for sure.

    It is always refreshing to read reviews from great people like yourself as it really does help us, marketers, to steer clear of crap like this

    Thank you

    • Happy to see that Google is punishing these websites that are using software to gain search engine rankings like SEnuke. This is one reason that we should focus on quality content and give value to your audience and increase your organic traffic for better rankings.

      Somehow people forget that there are real people behind Google and the search engines and are trying to trick them through some kind of software, hoping the search engines do not find out. That is so crazy. Thank you for the feedback, Vicki.

  2. Hi, Great post. I have read your article carefully. I am happy you found this helpful topic. I hadn’t heard of SEnuke before I landed here today and thank you for sharing this great review. Happy to see that Google is punishing these websites that are using software to gain search engine rankings like SEnuke.

    Unnatural backlinks will kill your site and Google’s terms and conditions are pretty clear as disclosed on their SEnuke. It’s always refreshing to read reviews from great people like yourself as it really does help us, marketers, to steer clear of crap like this.

    Once again, thanks for giving the issue.

    • Good to see that you are aware of how Google operates and why this software does not work to get rankings anymore. Surprising that these software owners are not aware of Google rules and regulations. or maybe they know but just looking to make a quick buck on marketers who do not know better.

      Google looks for natural backlinks which I think it is not a major issue when coming to rankings. Quality contents and engagements I think are key factors that marketers are missing. glad that you see my point of view.

  3. Hi David,

    Thanks for the heads up about SENuke. There are so many black hat SEO services out there that I’ve heard of but SENuke is new to me. The fact is that even if they drive tons of traffic to your site if it’s the wrong type of traffic it will actually hurt your site rankings with Google. 

    The only type of traffic that really matters is organic traffic which you correctly point out requires work and steady effort from the site owner. Are there any other services like SENuke that you’d recommend we stay away from?



    • Erica,

      The search engines have come a long way and yes, back then when SeNuke was introduced, the software worked great. but when Google Panda was released back in 2011, most of these websites that use these black hat SEO came off the search engines radar, my sites were included as well, and had to look for a day job again.

      When SeNuke was released back in 2008 it was with an article spinner call content Boss, but after several upgrades, The Best Spinner was introduced, where you can literally take articles from anywhere and spin it and it would show up as unique. that is one reason Google had to come up with something to change there algorithms to software like these.

      There are lots more of software that one should stay away from that I mention on my website under product reviews, you can take a look. And as they surface I will do my due diligence to inform my audience. Writing unique articles and giving value to your customers in your niche is your best bet. Google would love you for it. Thank you for the feedback.

  4. Oh my goodness! Is this what Senuke is all about?

    Thank God I decided to check this product before trying it out. I never knew the way Senuke operates is what is called black hat, and is something that can actually cause my site more harm than good.

    I do write quality content, one that I believe is very engaging, but I wanted to try something else that might help improve my site presence and traffic, and hence the reason I am checking out Senuke.

    But from your review, I can see it’s absolutely not worth it and would be more detrimental for me than helpful.

    Will definitely stay clear off Senuke and will look into your recommendation instead.

    Thanks for this eye-opening review. 

    • Glad I was able to help and open your eyes on SeNuke. By continuing writing quality articles and targetting low competition keywords, your traffic would come. Google loves value, and if you could bring that to the marketplace, they would favor your website.

      I learned the hard way with SeNuke when Google Panda was introduced back in 2011, so please do not look to gain rankings from any software, Google will crawl your site and detect any black hat SEO. Keep writing quality content and you should be fine.

  5. Thanks so much for the excellent review and then telling people that the legitimate way to do things is the only sustainable way.  It’s too bad programs like these even exist, to be honest. 

    It makes it harder for legitimate businesses to succeed.  Short cuts never do well for long.  So excellent review, excellent advice, and thanks for being an honest site that isn’t promoting spam and black hat products.   

    • You are welcome. There are so many people who purchase SeNuke is trying to sell their license today. If it such a good tool why are they selling? exactly! The software will hurt your website. Check SeNuke $1300 for sale.

      If you Google SeNuke for sale you will see how many License are up for grabs. Hope that helps!

  6. thank you for explaining this software in such detail. It would be nice if there was such software that does all this work that Google would accept, but I guess originality is best.

  7. Thank you so much David for writing this review. Unfortunately, we live in an instant society where some people look for the easiest route to getting what they want. We all wish that SEO was a lot easier than it is but at least we know that Google rewards those that are an authority in their niche and that is a blessing. Thanks again for the great article, fantastic read and informative.

    • Hey Wayne, I am happy that it was a great read. I guess we will see if ChatHPT would fall in that same category. Would be interesting to see. I took a look at your website and is good to see that you are in the SEO business. A great marketing agency. Would take a closer look and write a review.


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