Employment For Ex Criminals – And Why This Is Important!

In this article, I want to offer some advice on employment for ex-criminals that, hopefully, you’ll find enlightening and helpful.

There’s no doubt that unemployment is higher than the current statistics show it to be.

This means that more people are looking for jobs, but it also means that if you are an ex-criminal, you will be competing with more people for those jobs.

I think we are all hopeful with the new President Trump administration that employment will pick up, and if some of the meetings he’s been having are any indication, that certainly appears to be the case.

So if you’re an ex-criminal, how can you take advantage of what hopefully will be a better economy to find a job? My advice would be to start online and learn from a community that is a verse about the marketplace today.

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5 Steps For Employment For Ex Criminals

1. Your record. First of all, start by taking a look at your record. It is possible that you can get a lawyer and possibly even a public defender to clean your record up. Regardless of what it says, it’s worth looking at improving it. That is why I recommend starting on the internet while this is being looked into.

When somebody takes a look at hiring you, they will be doing a background check on you. That’s the case for anybody that applies for jobs today. So feel discouraged? There are agencies out there that have programs that help you clean up your bad record and even offer financial help.

2. Your Resume. The second thing to consider is whether you have an up-to-date resume.

The question on a resume goes beyond what your work history looks like. Ex-criminals have to consider whether they want to include their record on their resume or not.

Many human resource managers will tell you to leave that off and wait until you’re actually in an interview before you bring it up. That makes sense because you won’t have a chance to get any interviews if people never contact you, and having your record on your resume may not allow you to get the first call.

3. Before the interview. You must understand that your appearance is precious in making that first impression.

This doesn’t mean that you have to go out and buy an expensive suit, but you should take care of the basics. Get a haircut, wear presentable clothes, never wear tennis shoes, but get a decent pair of dress shoes even if you have to buy them at a discount store.

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4. The interview. When you go in for the interview, you must be calm and confident. Make eye contact and answer all questions asked of you.

When it comes time to broach the subject of your record, explain briefly what happened and how you’ve overcome that. Be sure and let the human resource interviewer know that you have been rehabilitated and would be a good candidate for the position because of your skills. Always emphasize your strengths and not spend time on your weaknesses.

5. Skills. I saw Mike Rowe on Tucker Carlson last night, and he was talking about the skills required to be hireable in today’s job marketplace.

One thing that he really focused on was getting a specific skill in a trade. He talked about professions that need more employees, including truck drivers, plumbers, electricians, HVAC repairers, etc.

If you are interested in this, it may be worth your time to go to a trade school and get an actual degree that gives you a skill that will make you more hireable. If you already have skills, be sure and focus on those on your resume and the interview because companies need qualified people more than ever, and that skill is what will get your foot in the door on your first job.

Who Is Hiring? 

Do you have access to the Internet? This is going to become important in doing research for current job openings.

You can go to websites that have job boards, such as Career Builder, Monster.com, etc. You could even do a Google search for keyword phrases such as employment for felons, jobs for ex-criminals, etc.

This will help bring up websites and articles that may be helpful to you. I also want to point out specific companies that have employment opportunities for convicted felons.

Employment Opportunities For Convicted Felons

applebees for jobs
dollar tree
Employment For Ex Criminals
Employment For Ex Criminals

Ace Hardware
Advance Auto Parts
American Greetings
Apple Inc.
Avon Products
Bed, Bath & Beyond
Best Western
Black & Decker
Buffalo Wild Wings
Cambell’s Soup
Carl’s Jr.
Carrier Corporation
ConAgra Foods
Dairy Queen
Delta Faucets
Dole Food Company
Dollar Tree
Dr. Pepper
Dunkin’ Donuts
Einstein Bros.
Embassy Suites
Firestone Auto Care
Flying J
Foot Locker
Fruit of the Loom
General Electric
General Mills
General Motors
Golden Corral
Great Clips
Holiday Inn
In-N-Out Burger
Interstate Batteries
Jack in the Box
Jiffy Lube
Jimmy Johns
Kelly Moore Paints
Kraft Foods
Longhorn Steakhouse
Men’s Wearhouse
Miller Brewing Company
Olive Garden
Papa Johns
Phillip Morris Inc.
Red Lobster
Red Robin
Ruby Tuesday
Salvation Army
Sara Lee
Shell Oil
Smash Burger
Trader Joes
Tyson Foods
US Foods
US Steel Corporation
Volunteers of America
WinCo Foods
Wyndham Hotels
Yard House

My Final On Employment For Ex Criminals

One other thing to consider is FlexJobs.com. You will find companies that hire people to telecommute.

The focus here will be on skills and not so much on your background as you will not be dealing with the public or other employees in a face-to-face situation.

One more thing is to look at using the Internet to make money. I highly recommend affiliate marketing for that.

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    what are “Higher excrement holes”

    And why not guide ex felons toward Bitcoins more??? I am an ex feln convicted but never guilty of THE ACT I actuay told the trooper to move on, no weed here for you, don’t know you don’t know what your talking about GO SO MARK BAILEY the narc! And I got busted six months later with NO Tape recaordings and NO witnesses just one Loser NY State trooper undercover narco agent named Peter Pendergrast.

    BUT I live with the fact that I KNOW I am right and my God will accept me when it is time to make my bed and rest in my room he has for me! BTW, already talked with St Pete Twice! He said I was too busy here to be allowed there yet!

    • And I did nt finish about the State Trooper, he lied outright. I never made the sale BUT I was HOME ALONE NO witnesses to prove I did not BUT “What did Ross Ticci do with the recordings I am sure they had the trooper narco agent wired???? OH and then I repeated the same thing five minutes later WHAT LIES WHAT BS BUT I am ok with my Self Inflicted Seven Figure Income!!

      • All lies are seen by the creator, and there is a judgment day. You did well jeff by leaving it in His hands. I wish you all the best and that you would experience that in the future. God Speed

    • Hey Jeffry, thank you for taking the time to read my article and leave a comment. sorry for you past ordeal with law enforcement. You did the right thing by leaving it your creator. He is the one that will guide and protect you in the end. I heard about bitcoin but never get into the details. I will take a look at your site to learn more about it.

      I can only share what I know about, but I am so proud that you are doing well in your business and can help others do the same with Bitcoins. My wish is for you to have continued growth and help others as well. Take care and God Speed.

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    • Thank you for wanting to help ex-convict get their lives back on track. It gives me great pleasure to extend your resources out there to my audience. If there is anything you need further, please reach out to me. I take this business seriously and I will do whatever it takes to see ex-criminals lives be restored back in this society, hence the reson i promote Wealthy affiliate so that I can work with them to make that happen.



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