Forsage MLM Review – You Can Join Or Avoid Completely!

In this Forsage MLM review, we get to the facts so you can either jump on board the bandwagon or avoid the company altogether. You may or may not have heard of this company and it is a little bit different from other companies we have reviewed.

That difference is in that this company does not have products or services to sell you or for you to market. That is one big red flag right there. There is a rumour that this company is merely making money through recruitment only which puts it in the illegal category before you even sign up.

Is good to see that you are doing your due diligence by researching this company to get all the facts before you make a decision to join. And please don’t stop there, get all the facts until you are comfortable. Some do review to show off their own company, be mindful of that as well.

One thing is for sure, even if the company is illegal it has a very interesting landing page on its website. That website tries to cover everything on its landing page so you do not have to do a lot of navigating to get the information you want. The problem is, does it sell information that is illegal? You will have to decide for yourselves.

What is Forsage?

The best way to describe Forsage? It is a cryptocurrency business that uses the MLM business strategy to make money. The transactions are done by smart contracts which are supposed to eliminate the need for a manager or an administrative staff.

The website says it has neither run its company. There is no information on who owns this company or who founded it. Plus there are no other business details you can find that explain who operates this website or the company itself.

That is another big red flag as the lack of transparency is not good for anyone but the real owners of the company. The one clue about the owner’s identity is the bits and pieces of Russian on the English side of the website.

People can say that the company is operating in the blockchain so there is no owner. There has to be someone who had to create the contract or commission it to be done, someone who had started the company, and someone who is earning money from the other people joining so there has to be an owner.

This structure is another big red flag as it strives hard to keep anyone knowing where the money is going and to whom.

Forsage MLM Review: How Does It Work?

To join you have to pay a fee. 1 ETH is supposedly valued at $206.52 and your fee is 1/2 ETH or $103.26. Then you have to recruit and recruit till you start making some big bucks. For every person you sign up with, you get $5.

The rest of the money from the $103 fee is sent up the pyramid to some people you may know and to the anonymous owners at the top of the pyramid. The way the smart contract works is you pay your fee to the smart contract link which automatically divides it up as it sends it up the ladder.

Once you do that the smart contract places you in your position so you can start collecting money from the people you sign up for and the ones your recruits recruit. Like traditional MLM companies, the more people you recruit, the more money you are supposed to make.

With no product to buy or sell, you are basically getting involved in a pyramid scheme that is illegal. The company even says its source of money for profits comes from recruiting.

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Can You Make Money with Forsage MLM?

If you find gullible people to join up then yes you stand a good chance of making some money. Even if you are not good at recruiting, all you need to do to make your money back is sign up 21 people.

The fee to enter is not low, but it is not that high either, so there is a good chance of earning that back. The biggest drawback is that you have to recruit a lot, and your recruits have to do the same as well.

That is the only way you can make money at this company. The FAQ on their landing page titled ‘How to make money fast and furious’ says this exact same thing. Keep in mind that once people pay the one-time fee, there is no other income stream to make money.

You have to recruit to keep those fees coming, and at $5, it is not worth the effort. Chances are you will be working for less than minimum wage if you compare how much time you spend recruiting, with how many people you actually sign up for. A couple of red flags in this section to consider.

How To Make Money With Forsage

There are no real examples of how to make money at this company. With no products to sell, you can only make a signup fee when you successfully recruit. There are no commissions for anything else as there is nothing else for you to represent.

Then there are no bonuses available for you to earn some extra cash if you work hard. All you can do is recruit and have your recruits recruit. When you all run out of people you are out of luck.

The cycles of matrixes that can be created will make your head spin. This company is a game for anonymous owners who will have a great time laughing at those running around in circles trying to recruit their friends and family members.

They will laugh even harder when you run out of people to recruit. They will have made lots of money while you may not even get your initial fee amount saved up. The only winners in this game are the people who own the company.

Forsage MLM Review: Pros & Cons

Every once in a while there comes along a company that has nothing good to be said about it. This is one of those companies. Our research indicates that this company has nothing positive for anyone but the owners.

Nevertheless, their website lists some pros to help convince you to sign up.


  • Zero risk factors
  • Peer-to-peer payment plans- smart contracts do it all for you
  • Transparency and anonymity- you can have one but not the other
  • Indefinite access to the program
  • No supervisors to fire you or make life hard on you
  • Transactions are secure
  • No products to sell or buy


  • No known owner – anonymity keeps transparency away
  • No transparency – you do not know who you are earning money for or where it goes
  • Pyramid scheme only
  • No products to represent, sell or buy
  • You have to recruit till you drop
  • Paid $5 only for every person you sign up
  • Violate federal laws
  • Focus on how much you can make
  • English on the website is terrible and contradictory
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Any Negatives? Beware of Lawsuits

If you have been reading closely you should know by now that there are a ton of negatives and absolutely no positives to balance those negatives out or turn them into positives. There are just too many red flags involved with this company.

Let’s review some of those negatives.

#1. No known owner or founder. They are well hidden and use anonymity to counter transparency.

#2. No products to represent. With no products to sell you only have one way to make money- recruiting and that is illegal

#3. Blockchains. Uses blockchain and smart contracts to appear legitimate

Forsage MLM Review

#4. Recruiting The company even says the only way for you to make money is by recruiting. What do they care, they have your $100+ and you are not getting it back. There is no place to get a refund.

#5. SOL. All you are doing is recruiting, and when you run out of people, you are SOL.

#6. Illegal. This scheme is illegal and it should be shut down by the FTC as quickly as possible.

The only good thing about this company is that there are no known lawsuits filed against it. But it is hard to file a lawsuit when you can’t find the owners.

Is Forsage Legitimate?

No, and that is the only answer we can provide. If you have read the cons and the negatives, then you should be able to see for yourselves that you should have nothing to do with this company, because their prime objective is to collect money from you and your friends.

We are sure that the owners are laughing at all the people who have supposedly signed up, but then they probably know that there is a sucker born every minute. If you do not sign up they will get someone else to pay their fee. They have to sit back and be patient.

Final Thoughts

Our final thoughts are best said in one word–RUN! Do not waste your time or money even trying to figure this scheme out. It is illegal and all you are going to do is lose your money and friends.

There are no redeeming qualities to this company at all. If the anonymity of the owners is not enough to scare you away then all the subsequent red flags should be. There are enough of them and too many to ignore.

That is if you like to waste your time and put in a lot of effort for only $5 per sign-up. That is not enough money to make involvement in this company worthwhile. It is a scam and a sham.

Generally, we usually like MLM companies, but this Forsage Review is not one of those we like. It only exists to separate you from your money and your friends from theirs. Avoid at all costs.

, but this Forsage Review is not one of those we like. It only exists to separate you from your money and your friends from theirs. Avoid at all costs.

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Overall Quality



  • Zero risk factors
  • Peer to peer payment plans
  • Transactions are secure


  • No known owner
  • Pyramid scheme only
  • Violate federal laws
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8 thoughts on “Forsage MLM Review – You Can Join Or Avoid Completely!”

  1. Oh no this sounds truly awful, how does making it cryptocurrency made it any better than any other blatant pyramid scheme? I would not trust this and I recommend everyone else stays far away from it. Any business that does not share the real details of the owners and is very vague about how it works is an alarm on its own. 

    • Is crazy that they think people would join when not knowing who the owners are, and who they can reach when there is a problem. surprise that they are still functioning when there are no physical products to sell.

  2. Hi

    It always saddens me that people use such underhand tactics to make money. In this case, they are not offering even a product but the promise to make money by constantly recruiting. I can only imagine how someone feels after being duped and then after they duped others. I would certainly feel guilty and the reward is absolutely rubbish. They are trying to go for the bling approach, a flashing website that promises a lot and delivers nothing. It will be probably closed down soon and the owners will move on, creating another fake business.



    • Forsage has no retail products or services to sell and all you do is buy positions in the compensation plan and have others do the same. This is definitely a pyramid scheme and should be shut down.

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    • thank you for sharing that information with us. i have heard that from a few people as well, and I am happy you provide some recovery address so that my audience who had the same issue can reach out your recovery expert to get their bitcoin back as well.

      Thank your for sharing!



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