1. Hello David,
    This was a really thorough article on the concept of franchising. I have to admit that it is daunting the amount of outlay up front. But when you know the return is so high, that is only a temporary dilemma. So what are you considering as an option?
    in peace and gratitude, Ariel

    • Hi Ariel, thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. Yes, it is thorough cause I have gone through this process a few times. What I have tested and found the best approach is to attend Franchise events. Here you will be able to meet with people who own franchises as well as people selling them.

      If you find that this is a little high to start out, you can begin with Affiliate Marketing as I mention. Here the startup cost is low and the training can be very useful if you decide to follow up with franchising at a later time. Hope this helps.

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