1. Hello David,
    This was a really thorough article on the concept of franchising. I have to admit that it is daunting the amount of outlay up front. But when you know the return is so high, that is only a temporary dilemma. So what are you considering as an option?
    in peace and gratitude, Ariel

    • Hi Ariel, thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. Yes, it is thorough cause I have gone through this process a few times. What I have tested and found the best approach is to attend Franchise events. Here you will be able to meet with people who own franchises as well as people selling them.

      If you find that this is a little high to start out, you can begin with Affiliate Marketing as I mention. Here the startup cost is low and the training can be very useful if you decide to follow up with franchising at a later time. Hope this helps.

  2. DorcasW

    Hi Lazybloggr; I have read through your post on Franchising for executives. I can see that you have explain a lot.

    If you are suggesting that Executives can borrow the start up funds for Franchising, which reads $50K the turnover must be very attractive, is that so?

    Are you certain that there is no chance of loosing the investment?


    • Bishop

      Hi DorcasW, glad you left a comment and have concerns. Here in New York, fanchising is being done on a regular basis and the failure is little or next to none. A lot of investors look into their track record going through the need and the trend of the market.

      Is a win for the investors as well, so they will know firsthand if to lend the $50k or not. Thank you for stopping by, take care.

  3. Aly

    Great article! My father started a franchise as a second career after he retired from corporate America. You are so right that it’s not something to just jump into, as it requires an intense amount of research to confirm that you have made the right selection. I also think that franchising offers an opportunity to explore fields that you may have otherwise not be exposed to otherwise. Do you think people succeed better in new ventures or in market segments that are familiar to them?

    • Bishop

      Glad that your father made that choice after he retired. Getting it of the ground is always need careful planning and lots of work. But once that is done, the rest is just daily routine to build a successful business. Affiliate Marketing is the same way. Set it/Forget it and maintain it.

      It is always better to choose something where your passion lies, but whatever the business is, if you do the ground work, the results would be the same. Hope that helps and that your father is doing well. Take care.

  4. Silvano

    Thank you for sharing David! I could agree more a franchise is a great way to own some of the biggest brands in America. You dont have to worry about trying to build your business from scratch . The only thing i find difficult is trying to find the right investors to fund it. Every franchise usually wants a large sum of money in cash.

    • Bishop

      Silvano, glad that you see franchising is a big business and continue to prove as a reliable business built for success. You always get shaky with the second or third one, but after that, it becomes a no-brainer.

      Like I said, after the franchise has proved itself after two or three outlets, investors would be kneeling at your feet to be part of it. So to answer you question, you don’t have to go looking for investors, they will come looking for you. Talk to you soon.


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