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That is something that affiliate marketing platforms have corrected. This article is all about the free online university training with Wealthy Affiliate Community.

One of the keys to affiliate marketing is getting the right training. One of the biggest complaints about different Multi-Level Marketing companies is that they do not provide enough training to their sales reps.

To learn how you can benefit from this free training, all you have to do is continue reading our article. It is filled with the information you need to learn so you can get the best training possible.

Knowledge is king. The more you know about conducting your affiliate business the easier it is to overcome those challenges that rise up to thwart your business efforts. You can get that knowledge through Wealthy Affiliate University. It doesn’t take much to join and learn.

Free Online University Training: Affiliate Community Education

Getting the education you need to run your affiliate business is not going to cost you an arm and a leg. It may say Wealthy Affiliate University in the ads, its website, and other blogs, etc. However, that doesn’t mean you will be paying traditional university tuition to attend classes.

Free Online University - Wealthy Affiliate

The classes are free, but you do have to sign up at the Wealthy Affiliate website and create your account to attend. There are two levels you can choose from. The first is the free account called the starter.

Once you sign up for this program you get 50 training modules to read and do assignments. Also, you are given access to 10 core certification courses and 10 affiliate boot camp lessons.

All of this training is designed to help you learn the affiliate marketing business and get you on the road to success. Oh, and there are 2 training classrooms involved at this level.

Once you have completed all those courses and feel like you are ready to move up to the next level, you can join the premium level and get even more free training.

At this level, there are 13 training classrooms involved. Along with that, you can access over 1000 training modules and over 400 live class database options. That is not all. In addition to all of that extra training you also receive 50 core certification course lessons and 70 boot camp classes.

When it comes to education and support, you are not left alone to fend for yourself when you sign up with Wealthy Affiliate. You get the training you need without emptying your bank accounts.

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The Competition for Online University Training:

To be honest there is a lot of training competition for Wealthy Affiliates. Yet, those competitors rarely top what Wealthy Affiliate has done. Those ‘free training’ courses often come with strings attached.

You may find that the free classes are very inferior, not well taught, and do not contain the information you need to be a success in your chosen field of online employment.

Often, you are asked to pay more to get additional classes and training that hold the information you were looking for in the first place. There is an old saying ‘if you can invent a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to your door.’

Wealthy Affiliate has built a better mousetrap when it comes to training those people who sign up to work their affiliate business through their platform. That can be seen in the training and education options they provide to you at no cost.

Already Wealthy Affiliate has saved you some money while making sure you get the information you need to be a success.

The Pros And Cons of Free Online University Training

Nothing is perfect in this world. While the training you receive at this university is great there will always be a few flaws that some people will use to criticize the platform.

First, you need to see the positives to get the right idea about this free training.


  • It is free to join-Can’t beat that price.
  • You get great support – Your questions are actually answered and the support is there 24/ 7.
  • It’s all-inclusive training – You get to know about and learn about the tools you need to be a success at affiliate marketing.
  • Legitimate training – In other words, you are told how to be honest in the business and make money the right way.
  • You can learn at your own pace – There is no clock on you timing your training and telling you when you need to be done. You can slow down to make sure you learn the lessons right.
  • It pulls no punches – The classes do tell you what is involved in affiliate marketing and let you see the reality, not the hype.
  • You can learn at home – This makes it easier to concentrate on the lessons and see if this is a program for you.


  • It’s not easy – In other words, you are going to have to work hard to master the information given to you
  • It is not for everyone – That is why Wealthy Affiliate tells people to try free training first before moving up to paid training. Affiliate marketing is not everyone’s cup of tea.
Want to learn how I earn my passive Income working from home?

Click here right now for our review, my personal help, and instant access to our free training videos where we'll show you exactly how we did it ourselves starting out as complete beginners without ANY prior knowledge or experience in marketing online whatsoever!

What Is Covered In The Free Lessons?

This is an important question because you want to look before you leap. Knowing what the different courses cover is an important part of looking.

Free Online University Courses

Here are some of the course topics you will be taking when you sign up for your free classes:

  • Understand how to make money online
  • How to choose a niche
  • How to build a niche website
  • Basic search engine optimization training
  • Basic website content creation
  • Using keywords

As you can see the lessons are very pertinent to affiliate marketing. They get you the information you need to work on the business. These lessons provide you with a great foundation. You can build upon them as you get more experience and more knowledge.

Once you master these lessons you are on your way to creating a good affiliate business that should attract lots of visitors. On top of that, once you sign up for the free lessons and created your free accounts, you are given 3 gifts to help you implement that training.

The first gift is the free keyword tool. The second is a free website. Wealthy Affiliate does not just train you and then forget you. They continue to provide you with what you need in order to use what you have learned.

The keyword tool was created by Wealthy Affiliate and is called Jaaxy. Using the right keywords is essential when it comes to affiliate marketing. The University is setting an example for you to follow. Using the right tools helps you get to success.

Who is Wealthy Affiliate University For?

This is another good question. Not all people are cut out to be online and sell different products. While anyone can sign up to take these classes, you should sign up for the free plan first.

The reason for that is after attending those classes you may find out you are not one of those people who can adjust to the affiliate marketing business model. The good thing is you won’t be out any money if that is the case.

Then this university is for those people who are cut out for the affiliate way of making a living. The good news is you can enter the university without any prior training, experience, or skills associated with online money-making businesses.

Also, if you are tired of working at a traditional job and having supervisors flex their authority muscles over you all the time, you may be a better fit for this industry. Finally, Wealthy Affiliate is for those people looking for a legitimate method to make money online.

They do not teach you dirty unethical tricks to deceive and mislead your audience. Instead, they tell you that it is going to take patience, hard work, and the right decisions to be a success.

Why does Wealthy Affiliate Make This Offer To You?

Free Online University Wealthy Affiliate

The answer to that question is that it is a simple and intelligent business strategy. The better you train people, the better you treat them, and the more likely they will stay loyal and move on to the paying levels.

Wealthy Affiliates can afford to offer all this training and education for free. They know that they will make their money in other ways. By treating people well they get it back in spades.

Also, they know if they help you and others become a success, the word-of-mouth advertising will bring even more people to their affiliate platform and sign up for paid accounts.

Setting an example is just good business. It pays off in the long run. The training you to do well also makes their company look good. When they look good it means they can get more people to sign up and work through their platform.

Final thoughts

There are a few online universities that you can join, but the one that teaches about affiliate marketing and starting an online business from home is the one I recommend.

The message here is that you have nothing to lose when you sign up at my recommended university and get their free training. You have invested nothing and you are getting a lot in return for that $0 investment. The lessons cover what you need to know to make your affiliate business successful.

If you need help on how to get started, check out my #1 recommendation on building a successful business online. You can get access to hundreds of training videos, 24/7 support, professional consultations, private access to training guides, tools, personal private assistance, my personal help, and much more.

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