Home-Based Business Ideas For Retirees That works!

Just because you are retired doesn’t mean you can’t generate a little extra income. In fact, there are many home based business ideas for retirees that won’t require too much physical strain, but can still bring in the money.

One of these methods, thanks to things like the internet is marketing for local businesses. Chances are you already know many of the local businesses because you have been a customer of theirs for many years.

Local businesses often have a hard time with marketing for their business because they are too busy working in the business to spend time working on it.

Here is a key point to consider!

These companies may want to hire you as a part-time employee. Even better for them, and for you if you do it right, they may want to hire you as a freelancer where you are your own boss.

Let’s talk more about both.

It Will Not Get You Rich Quick

Often one of the biggest mistakes retired people make is thinking opportunities like these are shortcuts to making big bucks. Yes, there is a substantial amount of money to be made, but it requires a learning curb to find a way you can market for them they are not already doing.

There are different levels of Internet marketing, and just like with any other profession, some are going to be better at it than others.

What does this mean to you exactly?

Well, the possibility will always exist that this can be your big ship coming in after all these years. But everything depends on how you approach it, and whether you have the right mindset for marketing in general.

Therefore, instead of seeing it as making money quickly, see it as an extra income that can cover a few bills, and you don’t have to kill yourself doing it.

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There Are Many Ways To Approach This Situation

thinking about Home Based Business Ideas For Retirees

Now that you know what is waiting, you have to consider how you are going to execute your local marketing campaigns. And you also have to take into consideration the type of businesses you’ll be doing the marketing for.

Seeing as they have to pay you for your services it is only natural to present them with a strategy they can invest in.

For example, you can try to do some old-school marketing. This will entail printing flyers and spreading them on street corners, which is not very effective and is simply just wasteful. Or, you can take a modern approach via social media and other online tools.

That’s right, the internet is going to cut your expenses for starting your marketing service, and all you need is time to make things happen. Working in your favor are online courses such as Wealthy Affiliate that can teach you marketing skills you can use for local business owners.

In fact, there are many basic and easy-to-understand courses available for people who want to learn about marketing, and it’s not nearly as complicated as you think. Check out Udemy. Here is the one I found for $10: Local business marketing course: SEO, social media & more

Run A Social Media Campaign

Local businesses still need to be on Facebook and Twitter. The problem is updating their accounts and staying active when people comment on them.

You can offer to take this on for them for a fee. You work as a freelance social media manager and run their social media for them

You set up their Facebook and Twitter accounts if they do not have one. You post several times a month and help them build up their friends and followers.

This is important for local businesses to be active in, but they are not. It is said that still around 50% of small businesses still do not have a website, and most of these do not have social media accounts either.

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Home Based Business Ideas For Retirees - blogging in my spare time

Start A Local Business Blog

Many local businesses do not have a blog for their business and this is costing them in terms of Internet marketing. Blogs can be a great way to get more eyeballs on a business.

Start a blog of your own and use it to target local businesses and tell them about your local business blogging service. You only need a handful of customers to keep busy and make some good side money doing it.

Here is a great thing for both you and your local business customers. They control how much they want to spend each month and you customize your blogging service to their budget.

How much you charge is going to depend on your writing talent. Remember this though if you can talk you can write.

You may only charge $10 for a 500-word blog article. As you develop your customer’s blog you will see you can write a 500-word article in about 30 minutes, so this is good part-time money for you and does not break their budget.

final thoughts

The main thing about starting a marketing service to local businesses, especially this late in life, is important to keep expenses low.

The one thing you have is time on your hands which is what you want to turn into money. You are not looking to spend money like the major corporations in order to make more.

In other words, this is a completely different approach that can bring in some extra money and provide a valuable service in your area. Use the Internet to do Internet marketing for local businesses.

Whether you do social media marketing or blogging, you will be as busy as you want to be and you will be supplementing your income with part-time money. Plus this is very part-time and can be done anywhere you have Internet access, even visiting the grandkids!

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6 thoughts on “Home-Based Business Ideas For Retirees That works!”

  1. Hey there,

    My uncle has long retired and has this great financial breakdown that he is now wishing he never got old. Starting a local business blog seems to be something that will pique his interest.

    I will get him to read this post and even help him set up the blog cause I have some skills in this.

    Thank you very much for the idea.

    • Hi Dave, sorry to hear that your uncle are having financial issues. We all is or were there at some point in time. happy to know that this article was able to show you some light which your uncle can use to help him.

      That is great that you are willing to help him get started with building a website and starting his own home-based business. If he or you need further assistance, please feel free to contact me, i would be glad to lend a hand. Take care and thank you for the feedback.

  2. Hi there,

    Good timing to read your article, it’s good to find some information about what a retiree can do as a job from home.

    You’re right when you say some people look to get a part time job, but this jobs will not make them rich and you only get pay for the time you work.

    Your idea about learning marketing and start a local blog to help entrepreneurs in the area with their business to get more clients and more sales, it’s a win-win!

    Thanks for sharing a good idea for a part time job with a better option to make more money from it.

    • Thank you for the comment Alejandra, glad I was able to bring value to you on what I believe the direction Retirees should take for finding a job.

      Working at home with Affiliate Marketing is a simple approach today, and joining Wealthy Affiliate to do this takes away all the heavy lifting on starting your home-based business. Have questions? please do not hesitate to ask. take care.

  3. My mother is a retiree and she really wants to find a business model which can teach her how to make money online and I wonder that how is wealthy affiliate about this and how long does it take her to learn all the necessary stuff? By the way she is a newbie.

    • Furkan, thank you for leaving me a comment, glad to help. Wealthy Affiliate is the best place for your Mom. They catered for newbie and for the seasoned Marketers. i came here not learning anything about Internet Marketing and now I am blogging everyday and teaching others to do the same and making an income doing it.

      When you have a passion and doing something that you like, time is not the essence, but people make money online within weeks, some months, others years and some never. It all has to do with the individual. But what I do know, I have not seen anyone who do not make money that never quit.

      I have seen members here at Wealthy Affiliate who takes action, learn all they need to know to build a business online within six months, and then start to move on from there by earning a decent income from home. I would love to help if you need direction on how and where to start. Talk to you soon.


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