How To Advertise On Bing – Your Traffic On Steroids!

In this article, I will show you how to advertise on bing, and why you should consider using Bing Ads as your major traffic source.

Although Google gets more search engine traffic than all other search engines combined. Therefore you should focus on Google and forget about Bing and everyone else, right?


It is true that Google is still the King of search traffic. However, this is only important with organic traffic and not paid traffic.

Organic traffic is free traffic. This comes from ranking on Google or Bing for keywords being searched for.

Paid traffic is where you find the ads on a search engine. An advertiser is paying for that traffic whenever someone clicks on that ad.

Of course, the big benefit of paid traffic is how quickly you can start getting it. It may take you months to reach even page one of an organic search result. You can be on page one, or even in position one if you are willing to pay for it, with a paid ad.

For smaller Internet marketers like many of us, having a well-paid Ad at a price we can afford can be the difference between being profitable or not. It can also mean the difference between getting traffic to our website and not.

Let me ask you a question. Do you care where your traffic comes from?

I do not as long as it is quality traffic. Quality traffic to me is people who come to my website with an open mind and are not a bunch of tire kickers killing time.

Bing has quality traffic and so does Google. However, Bing is a little more in line with what we smaller guys are looking for.

I would like to suggest that maybe you should look at Bing and forget about Google for a while. Beyond that take a look at using Bing Ads as opposed to Google Adwords for a variety of reasons. Some of those reasons are what we’re going to discuss in this article.

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Less Competition

Let’s start with the obvious. Bing has less competition than Google.

For those of us who are small businesses, less completion is a big deal. With everyone thinking of Google first you can capitalize on this and use it to your advantage when doing both paid ads as well as organic searches.

We look at the competition when choosing our niche to be in. You should also be looking at the competition when it comes to paid search,

Bing Ads Cost Less

Studies in the past have shown that Bing Ads cost around 33% less than Google Ads. In translation, you can do 30% more advertising with Bing than you can with Google.

Not only is the cost per click going to be lower, but your ad placement will be better with Bing. SEO managers refer to this as auction placement.

They have found that when you run a quality ad you will get better placement for less money than with Google. At the very least you should try a campaign and compare it yourself if you are currently using Google Adwords.

If you are in a competitive niche like I am in the money-making tips niche, the competition can be brutal. Saving money while getting more traffic is huge to my bottom line. With Bing Ads, it can be yours as well.

Ad Scheduling

Would you like to have more control over when your ads run? You will get that with Bing Ads!

Bing allows you to run different campaigns in different time zones. This ad scheduling benefit makes it easier for you to run Bing ad campaigns than with Google AdWords.

This may or may not be a big deal if you’re primarily in the US market where we have four time zones. However, if you are utilizing the World Wide Web to reach international markets being able to manage your Bing ad campaigns with easier and better scheduling, is a big benefit.

Quality Searcher

Here is a statistic that almost any Internet marketer will appreciate when it comes to pay-per-click advertising. Unique desktop searchers spend 34% more than the average Internet searcher.

Here are a couple of more interesting facts. 71% of Bing’s network audience is 35 years or older. 54% earn $75,000 dollars a year or more.

When you think about why to buy Bing Ads the quality of the people clicking on the ad is huge. These are more mature people with earning power and the ability to buy something they see.


Here are some statistics that give you a quick overview of the advantage of Bing Ads.

  • – A 29% lower cost per sale with Bing Ads than with Google AdWords.
  • – $40 cost per acquisition — $10 lower than the customer’s target.
  • – Mobile savings: Compare Bing’s average smartphone cost per click at $0.49 to the industry average of $0.58.3
  • – 35% higher conversion rate at the same cost per click as Google AdWords.
  • – 40 % conversion rate with Bing Ads, compared to 10% conversion rates for banner ads on third-party networks.
  • – Return on Investment that grew 25% in one month

getting support for your businessBing Support

This is not to knock Google, but Bing support has great customer service. You can chat, call on the phone, or schedule an appointment to get your questions answered. There are also Bing ads Specialists to assist you with your ads.

If you are new you can get help signing up and setting up your first campaign. If you are more experienced take advantage of the help provided on campaign improvements and enhancements, as well as optimizing keywords and budgeting cost per click.

Ads Relevance

This is key when setting up your ads. If you can create relevance with your ads, you can create a successful campaign that you can eventually scale for better results. one of the best Bing Ads set up I have come across is the training in Wealthy Affiliate.

In the Bootcamp training, Phase five gives you a comprehensive step-by-step on how to set up a successful Bing ads campaign that can get you the results you need.

Why Wealthy Affiliate? 

Because this is the same system that I am using to get traffic to my business. Although content marketing is good for SEO and organic traffic, I have no intention of waiting on Google to sprinkle some angel dust over my website.

Even if you already have a business or need one, I personally recommend you join A Community and get the Bing ad training and take your business to another level. I will personally assist you inside as well.

Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership

Final thoughts

I think I have made some pretty compelling reasons for why you should use Bing advertising. Many Internet marketers never think beyond Google’s organic search and Google Adwords for paid search.

However, you can get a higher-quality searcher, for less money with Bing Ads. Why not run a campaign and monitor the results to compare how Bing Ads stand up to Google Adwords yourself? You just might find you are saving money and getting better results!

And if you want to learn how to set it up the right way step by step? Meet me inside Wealthy Affiliate and let the CEO, Kyle show you how to create a successful campaign.

learning how to advertise on by through step by step videos

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6 thoughts on “How To Advertise On Bing – Your Traffic On Steroids!”

  1. Hey i really enjoyed this article, i have been using the bing ads a lot lately. I needed to take a break until i can get up more money so i can make my ads better and my keyword groups. I have not used google adwords yet and i am not sure i will anytime soon. I have done pretty good with my bing ads and i hope i can do better.

    • Hey, Justin, glad that you are taking part with Bing ads. One of the fastest way to build your business once your ads have relevance. Please start low, and see what ads are converting, and then you can scale it as your income grows.

      The best way to get first hand knowledge is within Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp training, where Kyle show you step by step how to create a winning Bing ads campaign. All the best.

  2. I have been thinking about doing pay per click advertising for my website for quite some time but I have always been afraid of losing money. Thanks for offering a cheaper way to start. On a side note, what are your thoughts on Facebook ads compared to bing ads? Do you find one better than the other?

    • Jesse, thank you for the comment and your take on Bing ads. PPC advertising will always be a risk, cause you are using your money here, and if not done right, you can loose a lot very quickly. that is the reason I recommend you get the training first before you start. And wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp training is one of the best that I have come across. Kyle have broken it down step by step through videos.

      I have no preference over Bing or Facebook advertising, both are great if targeted properly. I got training on Facebook ads few years back from Kim Roach, which I still use today on one of my business. So having the right knowledge on how to create these winning ads are key to running a successful PPC campaign.

      And please to do take advice from these ads manager, they will have you spending more money than you can imagine, to them is a business as well. Hope i was able to shed some light here about paid advertising and using Bing as one of your traffic source. Talk to you soon.

  3. Hi David, I wish I can say the same about Bing Ads. I tried it but like you said, the ads manager just got me to spend more money than I planned to. To them, it is business as well. My ads was running at $45 a day and I can’t afford it that way, I am only a beginner and not earning that kind of money daily from my website. After 1 week I cancelled my campaign. Besides, I do not fully understand the mechanics of setting up the ads. That’s why I relied on the ad manager but then he too just wants to earn more money. When I learn more about how the ads work, I will try it again.

    • Rebecca, Bing advertising is serious business, we are not playing with monopoly money here. This is the reason I suggest that one take the time and learn how to create a successful PPC campaign before starting. And the best place to go and get this training is with Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp training in phase 6 and 7. Is the most comprehensive training on the internet to learn PPC.

      You can Join Wealthy Affiliate for free to check it out, and then upgrade to premium to get access to this PPC training and how to create a successful campaign.

      The best way to approach this is by starting a savings plan months in advance. Let’s say 3000.00. don’t use the cash but use a credit card to that amount and start low. All of how to set it up is in the training. And look for a successful adgroup and let it run for a month first. 

      Then you can see which one is performing the best with high conversions and delete the rest There you would be paying less overall and you would have a winning campaign you can leave it for a while and then scale it up once the money is coming in. Hope that helps, need more help? please let me know!


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