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Many people are asking themselves, how to apply for a job online if they have no internet experience. and if it is possible today.

We live in a world where skills matter more than ever. It is not good enough to have a stable work history anymore.

Now you need relevant work experience backed by skills for the job you are applying for. However, having said that there are ways to make money online including jobs from home.

These types of jobs are often referred to as telecommuting. You work at home at the convenience of your employer.

I want to look at applying for a job through the lens of having no Internet experience. Even though applying for an online job with no prior experience can be a daunting task, it is possible to land the right job.

To land the job you want, you have to…

Embrace Your Reality

Many online jobs may be requiring you to have prior expertise in the field. However, there are those jobs that require close to no experience.

If you want to get an online job that requires prowess that you lack you can still get it. You have to acknowledge you are a beginner and that you have to start somewhere.

You should exhibit confidence and humility in the application. Show your willingness to learn when you get inducted.

Identify Your Skills

You should make a list of skills you possess that identifies with those on the post you want to apply for. Acknowledge those basic skills you learned from your academic pursuit.

You should not dismiss your degree, diploma, or certificate just because it has not given you a job. It is time you put into use the skills you acquainted yourself with.

For example, you can have exceptional marketing skills such as persuasion that would make many online merchants hire you. Give the relevance of your skills by showcasing them on your application.

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Make The Link

As you make an online application for a particular job it must be from deep within you that you are capable of conducting the task. You have ample time to analyze the job.

Identify what formal or informal experience you may have, or the personal traits that make you suitable for the job. Market your authenticity so that the employer will recognize you.

Be yourself and apply for the job with high precision. Display honesty on the transferable skill and expertise you intend to bring on board.

Emphasize Soft Skills

How To apply for a job -  Where to find them You too can grow, learn and explore Internet skills

You may have skills that many others have. However, there are those skills that make you stand out from other applicants.

You should portray a top-notch ability to do your task with minimal supervision. Your responsiveness, your relationship with clients, and your ability to showcase professionalism on the job can help earn you the position.

Some of the soft skills are earned and not taught. Thus, it is about what you can do to surpass the competitors that make you a potential online earner.


There are a variety of jobs that can be done online. Just because your friend is doing a particular job, it does mean that you too can do it.

Connect with your friends and people doing online jobs and ask how they got the job. Inquire about the challenges and what strategy they employ to have a long-lasting relationship with the employer.

Networking is the gateway to achieving a real job online. You can reach out to your friends through social media, or at professional events.

Through your sources keep learning new things. Within no time you won’t say you have no experience.

You should research the job you want to apply for and know what it entails. Then it will be easier to make realistic applications since you will apply for the job that you know you can prove your worth when you get it.

Get Some Skills

I would be remiss if I did not give you resources for acquiring skills that will help you in the marketplace. Some of these may require you to go back to school, while others can be self-taught or by getting certified.

1. The University Of Phoenix. Here you can get everything from online business and tech degrees to nursing and other skill-required degrees. I like that you can take 5-6 week courses at a time which may help you get a nursing job at home as well.

2. This is a great website for researching over 7000 colleges and universities.

3. Skills needed. I want you to think about specific skills working online needed. These can include SEO, website design, blogging, copywriting, customer service, data entry, and many more. Do a Google search for one of these followed by the word certification and this will open your eyes to a new world of skills.

How To Apply For A Job Online -  Where to find themPlaces To Apply

I want to take a minute and give you some websites to check out for jobs you can apply to. Some of these may not require experience you do not have.

1. This is hands down one of the best sources of working jobs online. For $14.95 a month, you can join over 3 million people who also use Flex Jobs for training, resources, and jobs to apply for.

2. Convergys. They are one of the top outsourcing sites for companies looking for people to outsource work to. Think of yourself as a freelancer as opposed to an employee.

final thoughts

With an unlimited number of online jobs, it is your skill-selling tactics that will help you get into the working online game. You may be able to find work based on the skills you have.

You may need to get new skills while you are working at home. The great thing is the Internet is always open 24 hours a day so you can become more skillful around your own lifestyle and schedule. Do not let what you lack in skills stop you from becoming more marketable in the job marketplace!

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8 thoughts on “How To Apply For A Job Online | Earn Huge income Opportunities”

  1. Hello Bishop,

    Thank you for the great article!

    I have been suffering for a while now trying to get some jobs online but no results.

    I tried many markets such as Upwork, Freelancer .com, Fiverr, and some others. I built good profiles, but with no previous projects and testimonials I’m not being hired.

    And actually, these markets are already flooded with other skilled people that can work for few bucks an hour.

    I’m really tired with the whole trading time for money thing and want to have my own business.

    Is really affiliate marketing as good and profitable as many say, or is it also crowded and over-competitive?

    Looking forward for your feedback!

    • Amjad, nothing that is good happens overnight, else everyone would be successful. Success happens to the one that are willing to put in the time on a continuous basis and try different things.

      Affiliate Marketing is your best bet if you know exactly the road to take. I would take the Wealthy Affiliate course, and become an Amazon Affiliate and pick a niche that you know. Gardening, headphones, c baby clothing etc. And build your website surrounding the niche that you choose.

      While taking your course share what you have learned on social media in that way you will earn an income from referring people to Wealthy Affiliate as well. And become a premium member so that I can send private message to you on where you should focus on for better results. Other top members will be at your disposal as well. Hope that helps.

  2. Hi Bishop

    This is a well written article and has really useful advise, I appreciate that you advice people not to dismiss any qualification they have and instead use it to their advantage. Finding legitimate online jobs can be difficult but with the proper guidance, as you have given here, it is possible.

    All the best

    • Zidane,thank you for your comment and kind words on this post. If people take the time search themselves they can find some qualities that can be helpful for any company. 

      There are few legitimate online companies to join this is the reason I strongly suggest that people join Wealthy Affiliate so that they can learn how to detect these fake and scam businesses online. glad that i was able to help here.

  3. Working online is the way of the future, there is no doubt about that! Companies are starting to see the benefits of having employees working from their homes instead of coming into an office – it cuts down everyone’s overheads. Companies have less office expenses and staff don’t have to commute – it is a win win for everyone. With this digital age things are becoming easier in a lot of ways. 

    I haven’t worked for a boss for over 10 years and technology has made this possible for me. For the first few years I worked from home doing bookkeeping online and now I blog from home. It is an amazing way to earn money online. All you need is an internet connection and a computer, plus of course you need some training and support. 

    • Lynn, thank you for taking the time to leave a comment and your insight why it is possible to work from home and the reason why nit is possible for anyone today.

      The reason I build this website is to reach out my audience and show them what has happen for me and with the right training it can happen for them as well.

      Wealthy Affiliate is changing people lives and making it possible for anyone that is starting out can create a full-time income from home if they follow the training, and be active within the community. Wis you all the best.

  4. Hi Bishop,

    I couldn’t agree with you more Bishop that applying for an online job can be most of the time an intimidating task for someone who lacks the skillsets and might not have an expertise on a particular skill to compete for a particular online job considering that there are hundreds or thousands are vying for that particular vacancy. 

    What I could share is that we have the capacity to evolve by means of trying to keep ourself updated with the current trend of the online world. Learning must be a continuous process. In this way, you will not be left behind by other in this online world. 


    • Glenda, thank you for your insight here. Many people has fall to prey to a lot of online scam and believe that they can make money without having the knowledge. They can see the relevance of earning a degree but when come to making money online, they can’t see that skills-set, as you so put it, is needed.

      And this is the reason that make money scams are so popular today. people do not want to put in the work to have a successful life working from home on the internet. Thank you for reaching out here and good luck with your online business.


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