How To Become An Affiliate Marketer – Start from scratch!

You might hear different ways how to become an Affiliate Marketer from many experts, but in this article, I will show you how at the end of this post, and I will meet you inside.

The reason is that network marketing and affiliate marketing will continue to grow. And the reason they will continue to grow, I can summarize in two words.

Free Enterprise!

If you offer free enterprise to people with little to no government interference you see people who jump at the chance to start their own network marketing business every day.

Network marketing and affiliate marketing are business models. They are not a scam and not a hobby.

For example……

Products are sold by the network marketing company to distributors at wholesale pricing and to customers at retail pricing. This is pretty much how all products are sold regardless of the business model.

Network marketing will continue to grow because it is not a pyramid scheme like many people think it is. This has been proven in a court of law many times in the past.

Actually, network marketing is just the opposite of a pyramid scheme.

Let me explain…..

A Prospect - How To Become An Affiliate MarketerCustomers

In network marketing, today distributors use Internet websites to sell products directly to their customers. Network marketing is direct sales and that is another reason why it will continue to grow.

Over the years the Federal Trade Commission has gotten involved with various network marketing companies to get this point across. You must have retail customers if you have a real network marketing business.

This isn’t to say that you as a distributor can’t just join the company and by-products for personal use. Buying clubs such as Sam’s Club and Costco do this every day.

I personally am in favor of that because there are so many outstanding products online you might as well personally use and buy at the wholesale pricing level.

However, that’s not going to make any money. To make money you need to be selling these products.

This is easier to do if you are not in an MLM program offering the same products your customer can pick up at Wal-Mart!

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I do know that people focus on sponsoring new distributors in their business more than they do retail selling.


Unless you sell a big-ticket product there’s not a lot of profit in selling products and earning you a small commission. However, if you want your network marketing business to grow you need a combination of retail sales and sponsoring new distributors.

Most network marketing businesses work off of the model of you get 10 customers and sponsor 3 frontline distributors and help them get 10 customers, and so on.

This is great in theory and the people who follow it make a lot of money in network marketing! Their businesses continue to grow and so does their downline.

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Internet Marketing

Network marketing, as well as affiliate marketing, will continue to grow because the Internet is making it possible to do both selling and recruiting much easier than in the past.

I happen to feel that these businesses have only scratched the surface in terms of how they’re going to grow in the future using the Internet.

We haven’t even seen the next great thing yet. It hasn’t been that long ago that Google revolutionized the Internet with paid and organic searches.

Facebook is not very old either. Neither is Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Network marketing will continue to grow because the opportunities to promote products and the business model will continue to evolve and that’s a great thing.

how to become an affiliate marketer using youtube to earn money online

Should you start a network marketing business?

Maybe, maybe not!

Ask yourself this question, am I entrepreneurial?

That would marketing will continue to grow as more people who are entrepreneurial discover it as a legitimate way to start a business and be in profit very quickly.

Only you can answer whether it’s a good business model for you.

Because it’s so inexpensive to start an online affiliate or network marketing business you may want to do so just to find out if it would work for you or not. Invest a little bit of time and money to find out.

This is another reason why network marketing and affiliate marketing will continue to grow. People are willing to take a chance on it because they don’t have a lot to lose except some time and a little bit of money

Final thoughts

Of course, I’m all in favor of people developing large businesses because my blog is here to offer you make-money tips including many great articles on MLM and affiliate marketing.

I also help people get started in affiliate marketing. I use the Wealthy Affiliate training program to do that.

What I have found over the years is now people are branching out and making money in a number of different ways. Once you learn how to use the Internet to make money it doesn’t matter whether you’re in network marketing, affiliate marketing, or focusing on another business model such as e-commerce or email marketing.

It all comes down to generating quality traffic to a landing page, capturing names and email addresses for future follow-up, and then building relationships online. Network marketing will continue to grow because people are doing this more and more every day.

Some of these people are good candidates for affiliate marketing as well because affiliate marketing is more focused on direct sales and not as much on recruiting. However, there are 2 tier affiliate programs as well where you recruit affiliates into an affiliate program and make money on their sales as well s their own.

Network marketing will continue to grow all over the world thanks to the Internet and so will affiliate marketing.

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6 thoughts on “How To Become An Affiliate Marketer – Start from scratch!”

  1. Hallo there,

    I have to say that this post has really offered me great insight into affiliate marketing.

    I have heard many people say that affiliate marketing is an evergreen way to make money online and you have explained that very well that I have now seen the truth of their words.

    I have already gotten started with your recommendation and I hope to get much value from it and more help from you with it.


    • Dave, thank you for your comment and kind words on how to become an Affiliate Marketer, and how others can use it today as a part-time or full-time business.

      It is true that it is an evergreen way to make money online, it is happening for me, and I would want it to do the same for others, that is the reason I created this website.

      Thank you for taking the challenge and getting started with Wealthy Affiliate, if there is anything that you need help with, please do not hesitate to contact me. talk to you soon.

  2. Hi Bishop, I am just starting out with affiliate marketing and the journey thus far is pretty fun I’d say!
    After reading your article, I feel more informed about not only affiliate marketing, but network marketing too. I feel like I know what to expect now and I really found it helpful! Thanks and definitely checking out your other articles!

    • Hi Femglow, thank you for the comment. Glad I was able to bring clarity to you on Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing as well. Feel free to come to this site again cause I make weekly updates and add new strategies that can help you with your business.

  3. I am very interested to see the growth of affiliate and network marketing over the next decade. I have been involved in direct sales pyramid scheme style businesses and found it didn’t work for me. I didn’t like the idea of trying to convince people in my network that they need this one particular item to make there life better. The beauty of network marketing is, you put the information out there to the WWW and whoever is actually in NEED of that information comes.

    At times I find myself getting discouraged with how many other sites are related to my niche and wonder what would possibly make someone like my content over others. However, I think the most important part of being successful as an internet marketer and affiliate is consistency and the long game.

    I remember thinking when I first started the direct marketing business and felt discouraged, “if I had only got in this in the beginning?” Well I wonder if we truly are in the beginning of affiliate marketing because it seems most people I know work their 9-5 without realizing the potential at their fingertips and building a legit business from the comfort of their home.

    Thank you for your summary of the different forms of marketing. It helped to provide some motivation to keep going!

    • Hi Olivia, whether we like it or not, most company are getting into Affiliate Marketing, cause they know that it works, look how big Amazon is, and the potential growth of Walmart. Pyramid schemes programs are fading, cause people are getting more aware on how the internet works.

      The Internet is very big and would be difficult to ever get saturated. If you focus on giving value to your audience, your business would stand out and people would favor yours over others. Long=term is the only way it will grow cause people takes time to like and trust you. The search engines favors domains that are older and consistent as well.

      Affiliate Marketing is in the early stage so it is very good for someone to get in part-time today, because it is growing rapidly and it would put you in the forefront to receive better success in the future. I am here if you need any help.


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