What Are The Best Independent Sales Rep Opportunities?

Most people starting out online want to know what are the best Independent Sales Rep Opportunities, and what do they do.

Affiliate networks are a great way to get access to multiple affiliate merchants and their offers, products, and services with one account for you to manage.

This is a fast way to get your affiliate marketing business off the ground and earning while you learn.

I have discovered there are many benefits of joining affiliate networks such as Amazon, ClickBank, Commission Junction, Max Bounty, Wealthy Affiliate, and many more. You can find networks for affiliate sales, cost per action programs, and pay per click programs online.

One of the big benefits of joining an affiliate network is getting to work with your own affiliate network rep. I have found this to be helpful for a number of reasons.

If you do Internet marketing for any period of time you will find it can be a lonely profession. Social media has helped a lot with that, but if you are an affiliate marketer it is nice to have your own contact with the products you are promoting.

The affiliate rep is that contact! You will want to work personally with one and learn how you can help each other out.

So, what exactly does an affiliate network account representative do they do?

1. Sign up new affiliates. Many people join an affiliate program from a Google search for the specific product they want to promote.

However it’s extremely competitive online today, and the affiliate rep is responsible for approving new affiliates, not just waiting for them to sign up for the network.

In the ever-expanding world of Internet marketing, and affiliate marketing specifically this keeps them busy virtually all day long.

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Tools for Independent Sales Rep Opportunities

2. Create promotions for affiliate products. The network may do this, but the affiliate rep can work directly with the affiliate to come up with promotions that make sense for both of them.

You need to understand that these account reps have bosses just like everyone else. They are judged on how their affiliates are performing, so they can be very receptive to hearing your ideas if they are mutually beneficial.

3. Maintain ongoing relationships. Good affiliate reps are in constant contact with their most active affiliates. They also keep in touch on a regular basis with inactive affiliates trying to get them to become more active.

You will receive an email asking how you are doing? This is when you want to reply and tell them exactly how you are doing.

Part of the relationship-building process is no different from an affiliate network account rep. then it is in any other business. Get to know them and they can be of service to you when you need them.

You will also find that you get to them as people just like you. We are all trying to make a buck, but we all have lives outside of work as well.

This can be a lot of fun!

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4. Search out new opportunities. This is really great for affiliates who are into niche marketing. You can work with your affiliate rep to find new products to promote within the niche you may not currently be in.

Let me give you an example. If you do cost per action programs you will bet getting leads, or perform another action such as getting your website visitor does download software.

I am always amazed at the number of opportunities available in CPA programs, but as affiliates dig deeper into micro-niche marketing the needs for more CPA offers will expand and your affiliate network account representative can be a big help to you.

Live your dream by joining Independent Sales Rep Opportunities5. Provide motivation. An affiliate rep can be your coach. They’re there to help keep you motivated when maybe you are a little down.

You don’t want to take advantage of them, but the good ones are willing to spend a little bit of time helping you stay motivated. However, they are not babysitters who are looking to provide a shoulder to cry on, so keep your motivational needs on a business level.

6. Help you track stats. One of the nice things about working with an affiliate network is the ability to track your advertising campaigns. Your affiliate rep can help you monitor the results so you can analyze them and make necessary adjustments to perform better.

I have found over the years that most affiliates do a very poor job tracking results. Your account network is there to help you correct this.

7. It’s payday. If you have a problem with your paycheck contact your affiliate rep. If you’re doing a good job for the network they will jump right in and help you get this taken care of right away.

They understand you have many affiliate networks to choose from and your primary reason for working with them is getting paid. Show me the money baby!

Conclusion On What Are The Best Independent Sales Rep Opportunities

These are handful things an affiliate rep does. If you currently are not working with your own rep seek one out.

This will really take a lot of the pressure off of you to do everything for your business and it’s nice to have confidence working with you to make more money.

If you are not working with the best affiliate networks you should be. The larger networks have full-time affiliate account reps. who earn real wages with benefits and they know what they are doing.

These are smart people who have college degrees and offer new and fresh ideas to what is now a 20-year-old industry.

If you are really interested in creating your own home business, check out my #1 recommendation on how to build a successful business. You’ll get plenty of support, training, websites, and access to 24/7 live chat where people are always online to help you.

PS: No credit card needed!

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16 thoughts on “What Are The Best Independent Sales Rep Opportunities?”

  1. Hi, David…

    Good post highlighting the power of independent sales reps as to how they can leverage your own affiliate marketing business.

    They are most certainly a resource for marketing materials, access to products, tools, and services that will help your sales…

    In my experience, if you go the extra mile and reach out to these individuals, you will gain a leg up on others who are promoting the same products.

    As you mention, they often have insights from the developer perspective that are not readily apparent at first glance, and they may be able to give you insight on what is or has worked in regards to promotions.

    If someone is serious about affiliate marketing, your advice is sound and you have done a favor to readers by bringing this important tip up for discussion through your post.

    As to which may be the best independent rep to work with, I have seen results that are all over the map. Some are very good, while others not so much.

    If you find a good one, I would recommend cultivating that relationship, as they often can help you with other promotions as well. They can become a valuable resource for you…


    • Dave, your comment and insights are well received. Glad that you see the importance of affiliate marketing and how it can bring great value to independent reps and create an income that would last a lifetime.

      Thank you for adding some real value here and why someone should be careful on choosing the affiliate marketing business moving forward, cause as you rightfully said, some are good and others not so good. All the best.

  2. Great article. I haven’t really been working with an affiliate rep. I have been promoting clickbank’s products, but I simply signed up and didn’t have to sign up through a representative. I have noticed that MaxBounty’s affiliate rep has reached out to me a few times, but I haven’t discovered anything in MaxBounty that fits my niche that I want to promote just yet.

    • Hi Melinda, just this week few of my Team members was asking this question so I decided to write about it. People today are very good sales rep and have no place to go to find job offers, the few that i have mention was very helpful in the past, so I thought why not share some light here.

  3. Hello David,

    It’s always good to maintain a strong working relationship with affiliate rep as you said. He can be your coach to motivate you to be successful in your business.

    This has inspired me to actually engage with people through affiliate programs. It has been quite tricky to figure out which one is right for my graphic design niche.

    Thanks David!

    Kind regards,


    • Hi Frasier, glad that you able to take something from this article. If you have further questions or need clarification moving forward, please feel free to contact me, I would be glad to lend a helping hand.

  4. Thank you for this very timely and useful post. You’re right, affiliate marketing is a lonely business and to be honest I hadn’t thought about seeking out a rep who has time to research affiliate opportunities and build relationships with vendors. Having read this article I will add it to my list of things to seriously consider in the near future. Thanks again.

    • Glad that you get some value here about affiliate marketing and why more and more people are jumping on this business because of the results so many entrepreneurs are having. If you need help moving forward please reach out to me, would be happy to lend a hand. Talk to you soon.

  5. This is a lovely article and it is full of reasonable and useful information about what an affiliate network account representative does. I’m an affiliate marketer and I’ve been into it for not quite long but I’ve not been so on to any sales rep, reading this post made me understand the fact that it is all being monitored and affiliate marketing is a business that is so coordinated. I’ll try to be in good relationship with him/her and I’m sure It’s gonna be to my advantage. Thanks for sharing this informative review, it’s useful.

    • Thank you for the kind words, Jones, and it gives me great pleasure to see that you keep coming back to my website and leaving your comment. As a valued reader please reach out to me if you need help with your business, I would be happy to let you know what is working for me as an affiliate marketer. Talk to you soon. 

  6. This is a very good article, it’s a great way to help with sales, which is something that I certainly need, this really does look like it could give me an advantage and it is great advice for anyone who is getting into or already into affiliate marketing, your post here has given me another avenue to try while I’m in the process of building up my affiliate marketing business, thank you for sharing.  

    • I have had this question asked a few times so T was motivated to write this article. There are so many people that I come across that is well-spoken and have a gift of speaking and striking a conversation that gets your attention. and as an affiliate marketer, I always think about how that individual can make some money.

      Sales Rep has the potential of exploring opportunities that can develop into a full-time business, and I have discussed some of the ways in this post. I wish you all the best with your affiliate marketing business and thank you for the comment.

  7. This is my first time to know the affiliate program has a representative. In the past, I always think we simply apply for a membership then everything will be controlled and approved. The best part of an affiliate representative could support and motivate you to maximize your success, so I think I will try to engage more with them through different affiliate programs. Thanks a lot for this post, and I learn new stuff about the affiliate program every day. 🙂

    • Sales Reps can be easily forgotten and yet they play a major role in our affiliateb marketing business. they know all about the best products that are converting and they know where their audience is hanging out. this could help us bin our marketing efforts if we pay close attention. It is a great plus for us if we engage more as you rightfully mention. Thank you for the feedback.

  8. I am energized by this article of yours! The explanation is clear and concise, it reminded me that being affiliate means you do not have to do it alone by yourself, you are free to seek the help of others in case there are problems. It’s actually a team effort. 

    There’s just one thing that confused me with this. I’d like to know what is the difference between affiliate network account representative and an affiliate manager? In my years of doing affiliate marketing, I only encountered an affiliate manager but never with an affiliate network account representative. 

    Also, with the affiliate manager that’s assigned to me, the only message that I received from him is the welcome email and none follows. Is that normal with an affiliate manager?

    • You hit the nail on the head, Gomer. Being an Affiliate you do have help from others that is apart of your business although you are in business for yourself.

      The technology platform that provides a tracking solution and reporting interface for the Merchant and Affiliate to view performance. An In-House Network provides the Merchant with a less expensive tracking and reporting solution.

      AffiliateManager.com is an Affiliate Management Agency. Hiring a quality OPM like AffiliateManager.com brings tremendous value to a program for under half the costs of an In-House Manager, and provides access to an established Affiliate base.

      I would try to reach out to them instead and seek assistance, they can be of great value cause they know what products are gaining momentum and where their audience are hanging out. this can be of great help to your marketing efforts. I hope that helps!


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