Mailcharts Review – Your Email Tracker To Boost Your Business!

How would you like to sign up to receive your competitor’s emails and newsletters anonymously? I can do it, as you will see in this Mailcharts review.

Affiliate marketing and other online business industries are very competitive. Keeping an eye on the competition is not an easy task anymore. That is why you need a little help. Getting the right tools to help you manage your business is essential if you want to draw the consumer to your internet door.

You do not see a gardener going to his or her garden carrying a lawnmower, drill, and chisels. Those tools are not for gardening. If a gardener wants to succeed, they carry a shovel, rake, and other tools designed to help them create a great garden.

The same for the internet. It would help if you had the right tools to make sure you can have a great online business. One of those tools is Mailcharts. It does have the features that make it a handy tool for you and your online business.

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What Is It Mailcharts?

Mailcharts Review

This company is not really a company that we could find a lot of information about online. There is very little information about the people behind this tool. Their website is void of any personal or company information and focuses mainly on the product and what it can do for you.

I was given a free version membership which helped a little. What is known is that the company Mailcharts LLC has been around since 2013. The product was or is made in New York. Even the reviews about Mailcharts lack any in-depth or company information.

The lack of transparency is not always a red flag. It just means that the people behind the product want consumers to focus on the product and not them. I could find the best information was Tom Buchok for his business partner Carl Sednaoui who died while on safari in Africa.

Other than that, there is no information about the company. Even the reviews of the tool contain any information other than the tool itself. The landing page has an e-mail address you can write to if you have any questions you would like to ask.

That may be the best way to learn the back story of the company and any pertinent information.

How Does Mailcharts Work?

This internet tool is designed to work with e-mails. It fills a void as there are few tools out there that target e-mails and how to organize them. Plus, this tool tracks different e-mails and rates them for your benefit.

Mail charts look at e-mail subject lines, analyze them, and grab other data like how often those emails are sent out. Then the tool makes a comparison so you can see how your company’s efforts stand next to your competitors.

Some of the features include e-mail journeys, lists, and reports, as well as e-mail scores and views. That is what the tool does for you. It saves you hours and hours of hard work doing the same task and lets you view your efforts at a glance or two.

Mail charts Price

There are 4 plans you can sign up to use to help you track your competitors and their e-mails. The initial plan is free, but it only has two features you can access. It is designed to give you a taste of what the tool can do for you and encourage you to sign up for the paid versions.

Each version comes with more tools while including all the ones the cheaper plan offers. Actually, as you pay the next plan’s price, you get access to 2 new tools each time.

The pricing starts at $99 a month and goes on up to $250 per month. That is a heavy price tag to save you a few hours of work each month. But if you need a boost to get your company’s name in front of consumers, this might be a great investment.

Can You Make Money With Mailcharts?

Maiilcharts Review - Can you Make Money With Mailcharts

This remains to be seen. This is a tool that is being marketed to internet businessmen and women who want to make a bigger online impact. There is no indication that you can be an affiliate marketer and sell this product for the company.

There may be a way to do that, but it is not mentioned in any review or company website. The reason you are signing up is to keep track of your competitor’s timing and content; help organize and plan your emails when the holiday seasons approach; find A/B test ideas; and check the health of your e-mail scores.

There is no opportunity to make money by selling this tool to your competitors or other online businesses. If your revenue stream moves up because of the information provided by this tool, then you can make some money.

How To Make Money with Mailcharts

As mentioned previously, one example of how you can make money is by increasing your revenue through the information provided by this business tool. The data it provides can help you streamline your efforts or edit your emails to be more effective and create more conversions.

Another example of how you can make money is through your time savings. If your time is valuable and analyzing your competitors’ emails take up to much of that time, then you can focus on other duties and let this tool handle the email chore.

Being free to handle other situations, issues, and problems is an indirect way to make some money through this tool. Other than that, you may lose money due to the high cost of the monthly fee.

If you do not have the traffic to support the cost, you will be on the losing end of things and searching for a way to generate more business. This is going to be a judgment call on your part.

Pros and Cons of Mailcharts


Even business tools have some great positive aspects to them. If they didn’t, they would not be in business and would ignore the tool. Here are some positives about Mailcharts:

  •  Lots of features – This tool is loaded with features that help you get the data you need.
  • A free version lets you test the product to see if it will be of value to you.
  • Frees your schedule up – This tool takes over an important online business task letting you have more time for other duties.
  • Tutorial – It is a 5-minute crash course on how to use this tool. That helps everyone who wants to be serious about their work.
  • Fills a void]- Mailcharts targets an area that does not have many tools covering this issue.


Like every product ever made and every company that has come into existence, there are negative aspects to this online tool; here are a few of those:

  • It is not cheap- That is the main issue with most online tools. You have to have a good revenue stream to afford it.
  • No guarantees- c
  • No transparency – Very little information about the owners and the company on their website and on the internet.
  • Too few reviews – there is also a lack of people reviewing the product to get a good idea of how good it is or isn’t.

Any Negatives Beware of Lawsuits?

No Mailcharts complaints

There have been no complaints or lawsuits reported about this company or this tool. If there had been, someone would have mentioned it by now. It seems to be a well-run company, but that is hard to analyze unless you actually sign up and access the membership plans.

The biggest negative will be the cost. The company’s website does not place the cost of each plan on the signup pages. You have to submit your email address first, then go to your inbox and send a confirmation back.

There is no price mentioned in the confirmation e-mail. We did not go any further than that. Getting the correct price seems to be a mystery that needs some investigation.

Is Mailcharts Legitimate?

There is no doubt that this company is legitimate. It markets what seems to be a great tool for those online businessmen and women who want to beat their competitors.

The product they market is filled with good features that help you analyze emails and make sure you are implementing the right email strategy. If it works, then it is a precious tool.

The user has to be able to justify the cost per month before they sign up. With no guarantees, it is a business gamble that depends on how you use it.

Final thoughts

Investing in this online business tool is a depends situation. It can be a very great asset to your business efforts, or it can be a waste of money for various reasons. The lack of company information is disconcerting, but there is a way to learn more about the people behind Mailcharts once you sign up and become a member.

The product is there, and it is easy to sign up. However, the best way to go is to sign up for the free version and see if it will be of use for you and your work. The people behind Mailcharts play it close to the vest, but that is a marketing strategy that appears to be working for them.

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18 thoughts on “Mailcharts Review – Your Email Tracker To Boost Your Business!”

  1. Hi Bishop

    I think Mailcharts is a useful tool to help you run your online business smoothly. It helps gain a lot of time, that is true but the price is definitely not beginner-friendly. 

    I am just starting to build my online business and I do not think it will be wise for me to use Mailcharts for two reasons. It is very expensive and I do not have a whole load of work to need this tool. So, I will keep it in my tools and hopefully, I may use it one day.


    • It is great that you see the power of the tool although you are not in that category yet to use it. I always wanted a BMW sports car when I was a kid going to high school, but never downplay the beauty of the sports car. Thank you for your honest opinion of Mailcharts.

  2. Hey, a nice article you have there. This is the exact opportunity I have been looking for. Analyzing emails and email strategy used by your competitors will definitely have a positive effect on your business both in the long run and short run. If I am to get started with the monthly plan of $99, how many of the tools will I have access to?.

    • thank you for the kind words and feedback. Mailcharts is a tool if you are serious about your business or your company. the tool is designed for the serious business owner and how successful you want to be. And understanding your customers would be an advantage to the business owner if you want to be a leader in your business.

      Working with the people at Mailcharts would put you at ease. You can join for free and reach out to them on what they would open up to you for $99.00. You can say that you would refer to me, by asking for Angela. But the staff would attend to your needs. If you are having any problems you can contact me and I would be happy to help you, cause I have access to the  CEO Tom Buchok. I hope that helps!

  3. I stumbled upon your site, which I must say it is really amazing! With so much useful and quality content.
    Very well written and easy to comprehend.  The Mailcharts is an amazing platform to make money but still, the cons are more than the prons, it’s just too expensive for a starter.

    • The business was design for the serious business owner, but they would work with the newcomer to advise you. Remember they have a free version, so if it is not for you at the moment, at least you would know what it can do for your business without putting out a dime. My mentor always says that education is key.

      Thank you for the feedback, Sheddy, if you need help building your business, please feel free and reach out to me. I take this business seriously and I will do whatever it takes to see others have the same results.


  4. Well, I learned something new today so thanks for sharing about Mailcharts!  I honestly had never heard of Mailcharts so I’m glad that you have introduced them to me.  There is so much to learn.  I could always use a boost to help my company so this could be the answer.

    What is your experience with them?

    • Happy I was able to give you value on a tool that could make a difference in your business or company. I have worked with Angela in other business ventures so when she reached out to me, I was excited. My website was built to help people and business owners in their business. My website is also to show my audience what to stay away from and what looks like a scam.

      they would work with you, and if you are not at the level yet to use their tool, they will let you know that as well. this is what I like most about their marketing team. Their website is on my post so feel free to contact them. You can use my name although there is no commission on that, lol. But maybe I would be able to twist Tom’s arms a little down the road. Just kidding!

      Let me know how it goes?

  5. Hello Bishop! I must commend your sincerity in explaining in detail what this site simply offers. For me, I had no idea that it was possible to find out about your competitors, and track what emails are converting and how you can use that for your email marketing campaign. although I am not at the level to use this tool, I know that bit would be of great use as I build my business, especially if I am to build an email list.

    Thanks for sharing this with me.

    • The money is in the list, as they often say. Happy to know that you get some value here with Mailcharts. Keep in mind that a free version is available when you ready to get going. if you need help with building your business and drive insane traffic to your offer, contact me, I would be happy to work with you and help you grow your business.

  6. Nice write up you has there on” Mailcharts”

    I really appreciate your effort in enlightening us on the usefulness of “Mailcharts”. I am of the opinion that Mailcharts is a good company that provides good tools for websites but my only issue is the subscription fees per month! For a beginner, I wouldn’t advise starting with this tool but for a larger company, I think you can use it depending on what you are expecting in return. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Lizzy, this website was built for everyone, the beginner and also for the seasoned marketer and business owners. Large companies can also contact me if they need my service to expose their business. Thank you for your honesty that Mailcharts is not in your league, but keep in mind that your business would eventually grow, and it is always good to know your competitors’ gems. 

      Thank you for stopping by!

  7. This is a new product for me.  From your descriptions, it is mainly a spy kind of tool that compiles lots of information from your competitors and lets you deconstruct what they are doing.  If you have a business that is having suspicious activity and making a great deal of money or if you are having your business success secrets stolen, I can see that this is a protection service that would be worth your time and money.  The online world is very competitive.  There is lots of room for competition, but part of protecting your business is knowing what the competition is up to.  

    It was interesting to read through the description of what all the product could do, and how it worked.  The fact that little is available on the company members makes the owners a bit mysterious and that is always interesting.  Thanks for sharing a tool that I hope to need one day- at $99 to $250 a month, it is a bit pricy for me right now.  Sami

    • Sami, you describe this tool exactly the way it works. In business is always use what is working, and if you could find what your competitors are doing and getting results, it is a great way you can duplicate their system for similar or better results for your business as well.

      This is what I actually do for my rankings on Google, being an Internet spy is fine once you stay within the guidelines. Nothing is wrong with that and there are tools today that is able to give you the data, Mailcharts being one of the most sophisticated ones online today. For any business that is experiencing growth, this tool would be ideal for them to stay ahead, and for the businesses that are struggling, this is a must-have for them as well.

      Thank You!

  8. Nicely written and there’s a ton of info here, but not enough info to make a decision as to whether or not this makes sense for my online business. My initial thoughts are that my business is too new or small to consider this service and I’m not exactly sure what I could do with this if I was large enough to incorporate the cost. 

    • Hey Bob, thank you for your honest opinion on Mailcharts. Whatever stage your business is at the moment and you do not dee that this service is for you is understood. Thank you for the feedback.

  9. Hello Bishop – Great review on Mailcharts.  However, it’s a little bit out of my league for now.  But there is nothing like preparing for the future; especially in business.  I will be bookmarking this post for the future. “The future belongs to those who prepare for it” right?  Thanks for this info!

    • Very smart choice Nathaniel, when services are out of our league, a good thing to do is to keep it for when you do step up your business to their level. Most of the time the cost is the one that keeps us away, and that is fine.


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