Make Money On The Internet – Three Of My Favorite Ways

Make Money On The Internet

There are many ways to make money on the Internet. My blog here offers money making tips so it only makes sense that I would have favorite ways to make money on the Internet.

I’ve seen posts that offer 101 ways to make money on the Internet, 50 ways to make money on the Internet, and so on.

Even lengthy articles like this barely scratch the surface but can be a little overwhelming and take time to read.

Let me break down my favorite ways to make money on the Internet selling something and I’m positive you can find one that would work for you!

Start An In-Demand Niche Blog

I’m going to list this first because this is exactly what I do every day.

I publish content on my blog, promote the content, and get visitors to come and read my blog.

This is a traffic generation strategy that gets a targeted audience that is interested in what I am talking about.

Everybody is interested in making money, and the fact that I do it on a blog gives me a worldwide market.

creating your very own niche blog

Google has told me that millions of people come online looking for ways to make money every day typing in simple keyword phrases such as “make money, home business”, and so on.

They are even typing in a really long tail keyword phrase such as “how can I make money on the Internet without spending a lot of money to get started” and Google is so smart they deliver very specific results to that longtail phrase.

So my blog is an on-demand niche and the really crucial question is how do I monetize it?

I use a very simple strategy of building an email list and then following up with it selling the Wealthy Affiliate Program. This is a membership-based program so I earn a residual income every month that my customer’s membership is automatically renewed.

You can start an in-demand niche blog on anything that solves a problem, you have a passion for, or maybe you’re an expert at. You don’t need your own product because you can find these at literally millions of affiliate programs all over the Internet.

If you want to simplify it join Google AdSense and Clickbank and sell e-books and get paid by the click. This is a fast way to make money on your blog and it lets you just focus on creating content your readers would find interesting.

Sell A Service

how to make money on the internet

One thing I quickly found out online is there are people who don’t know how to do things and will pay you to do it.

There are also people who do know how to do things, but they’re just too busy to take more on and they are looking for somebody to do it for them as well.

Anything that needs to be done on the Internet is a potential service to provide to other Internet marketers.

Nothing is too small, too big, or even to crazy of a service to provide.

Obviously, blog writing is going to be a service in big demand because millions of blogs right now need content and the owners too busy to add it. Other bloggers start a blog on a subject they really don’t have an interest in, but they know they can make money on it.

This has really created a huge opportunity for writers to sell their freelance blog writing service. As you look at online bloggers even other service opportunities could arise for you.

For example, I like blogs that have video content and not just articles. Most people don’t even know how to create a video and you could start a service providing that for them.

Take it a step further and published the video on YouTube and then put it back on their blog. Then bookmark the video and the blog post all over the Internet to help generate traffic for the blogger you are working for.


ways to make money on line

eBay is the fastest way to get started selling things on the Internet.

Almost everybody has something laying around the house they would like to get rid of and eBay is a good source to do that.

eBay has created a large number of millionaires over the years.

These are people who just got started selling things in their house, and then decided to make a business out of it.

Amazon provides some opportunities to do e-commerce as well. Their Fulfillment By Amazon program allows you to store products at Amazon, sell them on Amazon, and then pay a percentage back to Amazon to collect the money, ship the product, and pay you every month.

Drop shipping is another way to do e-commerce without having products of your own. Affiliate marketing ties into this as well if you’re going to sell physical products and again Amazon is a good source for that.


I’ve barely scratched the surface on ways to make money on the Internet. These are some of my favorites based on personal experience and in dealing with people I know that are making money online in various ways.

Whether you take an existing model or do something else, the opportunities are virtually limitless. Maybe you’re smart and can be the next person to come up with a way to make money starting a business such as Facebook, Instagram, or some other online social platform.

You’re only limited by your creativity, smarts, and effort!


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