My One Coin – One Life Review | Is it a Scam or Legit?

This is my One Coin Review. This is a cryptocurrency that aims at empowering people around the globe.

It provides unlimited and low-cost financial transactions to clients.

This along with its marketing arm connects members to the financial environment. This company is expanding its territories and has developed a trustworthy base for all its customers around the globe.

This has attracted millions of people in over 195 countries on six continents. It is transparent and honest for all its functions.

one coin reviewCryptoCurrency

It’s the first cryptocurrency that stores all KYC documents in its blockchain and sets new industry principles. This is what makes one coin transparent and able to work with several governments and lawmakers in helping the currency industry in achieving improved regulations.

In offering access to financial services, OC provides educational tools and simplifies and demystifies cryptocurrency.

This has made it possible for millions of users who use  OC when making transactions all over the world. One Coin is trouble-free when using and trading with.

There are neither technical skills nor knowledge required when using OC. Members are protected by a centralized model that ensures their safety and compliance.

Among all cryptocurrencies found, OC is the first one that makes audits its blockchain. This blockchain records all transactions of mined coins.

For future reference of all mass transactions, OC applies the use of the most sophisticated technologies that are able to process several transactions than any other competitor. The OC blockchain is made in a way that is able to accommodate business needs and can run all the time.

One Life

One Coin is a business model that works together with One Life. One life is an online marketing company that provides access to several products and services.

This network marketing company aims at adding individual and social values to all members’ lives. This gives members an opportunity for both individual and professional development.

To attain stable and healthy growth, One Life gives its members an open and transparent environment to work in. This has built mutual trust between One Life and its members.

All members work in improving One Life’s network and functionality. Just like OC business, One Life Network works at preparing future finance leaders by offering training services, mentorship, and access to the necessary tools.

One Life Network works together with OC by allowing its members to mine and in trading with One Coin. From recent information about OC – One Life, it is that this business is thoroughly growing.

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This means that the company will be one of the biggest direct selling biz-opp in 2017 around the globe. According to Business For Home, it will surpass Amway and Avon, the well-known giants in MLM.

OC – One Life is aiming at being the first cryptocurrency and e-commerce listed company on the stock exchange. By mid-2018, OC – One Life’s business will fully go public and will be open to all members who are willing to engage in buying and selling one coin.

us one dollar coins

Big Money

In researching this article I was amazed to see that 8 of the Top 10 Earners in direct sales for Feb. of 2017 were members of OC. They place several more in the Top 100.

This is more than a surprise when you think about Amway’s Dexter and Birdie Yeager earning an estimated $1.3 Million for the month. They have been in Amway for over 40 years. OC is only 3 years old.

You will have to look deeper into OC – One Life to see how you could be involved and how their compensation works, but there is no doubt there are people earning very big money with this company.

Legal Problems?

When doing a Google search on OC I see in the #2 position a Wiki that is written around legal problems with the company.

They describe it as a Ponzi scheme which I am always suspect of because I have seen legitimate direct selling businesses such as Amway and Herbalife described as a pyramid or Ponzi scheme over the years.

In case you are not aware of what a Ponzi scheme is it is defined as “A fraudulent investing scam promising high rates of return with little risk to investors. The Ponzi scheme generates returns for older investors by acquiring new investors.

Bernie Madoff went to prison for operating the largest Ponzi scheme in history. I do not see OC this way.

Ted Nuyten is the owner and publisher of the highly successful Business For Home website and newsletter. He interviewed Ruja Ignatova, founder, and CEO of Feb. 26, 2016, to try and get just the facts and figures on One Coin and why it is growing so fast.

Ted sees it as a real opportunity outside of the United States. Because of Federal Regulations, this is not a great opportunity for people in the U.S. He also summarizes his article this way…

“The unpredictable growth and complexity could be a major challenge for the company. It is a high-risk investment opportunity with a strong MLM compensation plan, not for the faint-hearted as nobody can predict the future of a cryptocurrency market and where is it going.

Final thoughts

Let me throw my own 2 cents in here. With thousands of real MLM businesses to choose from people in the U.S. and even outside of it should really do their due diligence. Ask yourself whether you are looking for some fast money or want to build a business with long-term income.

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