PXL MLM Review – Is This Male Enhancement Business Legit?

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So you want to get bigger. Sorry ladies this is a men’s only product designed for the tools that men do not share with women. It is in this PXL MLM Review that may have many men crossing their legs in embarrassment if the truth got out.

Men pride themselves on sizes. The size of their muscles. The size of their intelligence. And the size of their … well, you get the picture. This company is supposed to help men with a lot of activities that are associated with that last size factor.

To learn more about how this product and company work for men just continue to read our review. Our review holds a sizeable amount of information that should pique anyone’s interest

The only way women should be interested in this review is if they are searching for products to help their mate out in certain private areas of their lives. Women can buy the product for their mates but they can’t use it. Keep reading to find out why.

What is PXL?

PXL MLM ReviewUnbelievably no one really knows. The only way you can get access to this product is through the website which is also equally hard to find if you have no leads. There is no company listed that owns PXL or its products. The only place you can get it is through the internet and their website.

The best anyone can tell you is that PXL is a niche product that is designed to help men perform better in the bedroom. Whether this pill does the trick or not is also a mystery. There are no clinical studies to be found that have tested the natural and synthetic ingredients to see if they really work.

Without those studies, you are just blindly taking a daily supplement that may help you or may undermine your health in key areas of your body. You may want to compare PXL to viagra as it seems it is supposed to do the same thing.

This ‘company’ uses the following ingredients to produce these little pills– Boron, Saw Palmetto, Horny Goat Weed, Tongkat Ali, Nettle Extract, and Orchic Substance. If that is not enough to give you a scare, then nothing will.

How Does PXL Work?

According to what we have found out you go to their website. If you can find it. Pay your money and you will be sent a supply of pills. Those pills cost almost $5 and you get enough for a 15-day trial.

Once you start taking the pills you should see an increase in your libido as well as an increase in sexual desire. Then as if men need more, their sexual desire increases, they become less stressed while certain body parts grow.

The ingredients we listed above are also supposed to increase testosterone levels as well as help men get over any sexual dysfunction. It does all of these things naturally.

There are no side effects with using this pill. The ingredients are supposed to be all-natural with no fillers added. You are instructed not to drink alcohol while taking these pills. Do not take them if you are using other medications. Consult your doctor first.

Also, do not take too many of these pills at one time. Since there are no clinical trials to look at, very little is known about how people respond to them and if there are any dangers

Can You Make Money With PXL Enhancement Pill?

Absolutely not. The website for this pill is very difficult to track down to see if there are any affiliate marketing connections or direct sales opportunities. Since you can only buy these pills online it is doubtful that the latter option is valid.

There is no commission split mentioned. No recruiting mentioned. No bonuses or other ways to make money with this product. The 15-day trial costs about $5 and at the end of that period if you do nothing you will be billed about $90 every 30 days for a month’s supply.

There is no refund policy and you better cancel right away if you are not satisfied with the pills. Other than that you stand no chance of making any money unless you sell them on the black market at an even higher cost.

If there are any affiliate sites marketing this pill there is no mention how much they get paid, or if they have to do some recruiting. There is a customer service number and e-mail on the website if you have any questions.

PXL MLM Review: Examples Of How To Make Money

PXL MLM The only example of how you can make money is that there was a rumour that there were affiliate marketing opportunities. You can make money off of referring people to the company’s website and being paid a commission.

However, there is no mention of how much affiliates are paid or what the minimum threshold is to get a payment or how much you have to sell in order to qualify for a payment.

On a side note, the website we have not been able to find at this time has been known to sell the same type of product under different names. The website makes the same claims and promises for those alternative brand names but nothing has ever been produced to back those claims or promises up.

That tells us that any affiliate marketing these pills may not be on the up and up and if you are lucky enough to be an affiliate watch your earnings carefully. The lack of transparency and anonymity is a huge red flag telling you to watch out.

If you get paid is hard to tell you at this time as the information we came across focused solely on the product, its ingredients, and other issues. Not one mentioned compensation plans, ways to sell or make money, where to sign up and so on.

PXL MLM Review: Pros & Cons

Even though there is little known about these pills and company selling them, there are a few pros that can be gleaned to give you an idea of how the pills are supposed to work. There are also a lot of negatives to put those positives in their proper place.


Help men grow in size
Helps men lose weight
Men last longer and grow in stamina
15 day trial period
Helps with your mood
Helps with blood flow to key body parts
No known side effects
Uses natural ingredients
Helps men lose stress and relax
Helps overcome sexual dysfunction


Manufacturer unknown
The company selling pills unknown
Owner and founder unknown
Health benefits unknown
No clinical trials proving claims and promises
Little to none scientific support
No way to make money off of selling these pills
Lots of verifiable competitive products on sale already
Can only find it online
Website hard to track down
Expensive and no refund policy

Any Negatives? Beware of Lawsuits

The list of cons has clearly stated the many negatives that are a part of the company behind these pills. If they really work and are valid pills to help men in the bedroom then why would the company hide behind anonymity?

Then the lack of verifiable scientific studies proving these pills have something to offer men is a little disconcerting. If these pills are so great why hasn’t the company allowed scientists to conduct trials and publish their results?

The fact that this company has been known to use the same website to sell the same type of pills but under a different name makes the whole production suspect. Something is going on here that needs to be exposed.

We did not find any mention of any lawsuits. However, it is very difficult to sue someone you do not know exists. There are just too many questions about these pills and the company behind the. There are too few answers to satisfy anyone’s interest in these pills.

Is PXL MLM Legitimate?

PXL ReviewGiven the evidence at hand, we are going to say that this company, whoever it is, is not legitimate. Or if they are, why are they hiding from the public? We see nothing in the information presented in our research that would counter our decision and conclusion.

If these pills were as stated, then the company and all of its officers would be out in public and shouting from the rooftops that they found a way to help men perform to their ladies’ satisfaction.

All we hear are crickets in the night air. That is not the sound of triumph and jubilation of success. So we will repeat our conclusion and state so that everyone has no doubt about this product, it is not legitimate

PXL MLM Review Final Thoughts

It is hard to advise you on a company that does not allow you to really sell these pills or provide you with any verifiable employment as an affiliate or direct sales representative.

All we can say is look to their legitimate and verifiable competitors for a legitimate shot at making some money helping men do better in the bedroom. The secrecy alone should tell you to stay away.

When looking at the research for this PXL MLM review we find nothing associated with this company that says it is an MLM corporation. It looks like other scams. As you know when it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and walks like a duck it is a duck. This is a duck of a corporation.

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PXL MLM Review






Overall Quality



  • Help men grow in size
  • Helps men lose weight
  • Men last longer and grow in stamina


  • anufacturer unknown
  • The company selling pills unknown
  • Owner and founder unknown
  • Health benefits unknown
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See the 4 steps to working online from home & earn residual income

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