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Welcome to my review of the EasyMag theme from Fame Themes which. We will take an in-depth at this practical and responsive theme that the Wealthy Affiliate Community is bragging about

Let’s analyze everything from price and functionality to the pros and cons and the good and the bad things about this theme.

Is it for you? Let’s find out.

EasyMag Themes Product Overview

  • Name: EasyMag Theme
  • Website:
  • Price: Free or $49 for Pro Version
  • Owners: Fame Themes
  • Overall Rank: 80 out of 100

The EasyMag Theme from Fame Themes is a mobile responsive theme designed for news and magazine-style websites. Having a responsive theme is important because of the many different ways people view it.

The Good, The Bad Of The EasyMag Theme

The Good:

  • Responsive Design: The EasyMag design was designed to detect what type of device is visiting your site and display perfectly, whether it is a phone, tablet, or desktop PC.
  • Google has predicted over 90% of all searches will be done on a mobile or smartphone device. However, you do not know what people will be using, so you want your theme to adjust accordingly.
  • Custom Widgets: The theme makes it easy to customize the appearance and layout content with over 12 custom widgets. You do not need to know any code to do this.
  • Layout Options: You can choose between a full-width wide layout or the traditional boxed layout. Both options allow you to showcase your content.
  • Advertising Options: Fame Themes made it easy for you to add advertising to your website with four different ad units. This will help you monetize your blog without added effort.

The Bad:

  • Social Icons: Fame Themes elected to put your icons for Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms at the extreme top of EasyMag. You cannot move the icons unless you use a third-party plugin.
  • Support: There is a bit of a mixed reaction to support. Support appears to be adequate but is obviously from people whose English is not their first language. You may experience a few communication challenges, but in the end, they will provide decent support.
  • Lack of Font Support: We were a little disappointed to find out that the free version does not provide access to Google Fonts. You need to upgrade to the Pro version if you would like to use additional fonts on your site.
  • Busy Layout: The layout was hectic by default. You can cut down the clutter by fine-tuning the theme and reducing how many ways you display your new articles.

Who is EasyMag Theme For?

EasyMag was designed for people who want to report the news. It is designed to let you highlight pictures and short snippets of content to get readers to click through the entire article.

It is a good theme for someone new to building a magazine-style website. It is easy to change layouts, add your news, and add advertising to your site. It will end up looking like a professional designed it, even if you are brand new.

EasyMag Theme – Tools & Training

Training for the free version of EasyMag Theme is limited. You can access the online documentation, which covers most questions, but there are video tutorials available. or you can meet me side the Wealthy affiliate community, and I would answer all your questions

EasyMag Theme – Support

You can get support for the EasyMag theme in several ways. Request support through’s page for the theme as one method or through the Fame Themes website.

There is no guarantee of a fast reply on the free version. If you have upgraded to the Pro version, you get 24/7 priority support. You request support by creating a support ticket on the Fame Themes website.

EasyMag Theme Price

The EasyMag Theme comes with three pricing options as follows:
EasyMag Theme – Free
EasyMag Pro – $49
FameClub Subscription – $99 Annually

Review of EasyMag Theme - mobile device theme

The EasyMag Pro option gives you access to 600+ Google Fonts, multiple category selections for posts, AJAX navigation, and 24/7 priority support.

The FameClub subscription gives you access to all of Fame Themes and Plugins, plus allows you to use them on as many websites as you would like. It also includes priority 24/7 support. Keep in mind this is an annual subscription.

My Final Opinion of EasyMag Theme

The EasyMag Theme is a solid choice for someone starting a magazine-style website. It is easy to use and looks good on all devices.

It would be nice to have access to Google Fonts without upgrading to the Pro edition, but the $49 price is very fair. You can start with the free version of EasyMag Pro if you prefer and then upgrade after taking it for a test drive.


Final thoughts

Hopefully, our review of the EasyMag theme has been helpful to you. When it comes to a magazine and/or news-style theme, EasyMag provides a good balance of simplicity and power.

You will be able to build a strong presence online without feeling like you are taking on too much to do it! You do not have to know how to code is always a big plus with a WordPress theme.

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EasyMag Theme

$49 for Pro Vision





Overall Quality



  • Responsive design for all device
  • easy to customize
  • Great Layout Options
  • easy for you to add advertising to your website


  • Not ablke to move icons
  • mixed reactions on support
  • Free version does not support Google Fonts
  • busy layout
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12 thoughts on “My Review Of EasyMag Theme | From Fame Themes”

  1. I must say that this article is very interesting and informative. I did not hear about this theme but now I am really intrigued using it. It is really important to know the information that 90% of searches will be on a mobile phone. I still like to use my desktop but mobile is taking the world. I will seriously think about getting the EasyMag theme, it’s not expensive after all.

    • Glad that you find this article very informative. I saw this a theme a few months back and I fell in love with it. Mobile devices are taking over the search terms that is the reason that it is important to have a very responsive theme for your website.

      Happy to know that you are thinking about using the EasyMag theme. Would love to take a look at your website once you are done. hope to see it soon.

  2. I can see so many useful tips on one page; This is very informative to the extent that I had to bookmark for further review. I haven’t heard about easymag themes before now but i can tell you after reading your article, I am convinced its one of the  best theme i need . I appreciate the facts that you listed out the good and the bad.

    I appreciate

    • Glad that you see my tips useful. When doing a review is always good to point out both side of the coin so that people can make their own decision. I have chosen a few business ventures that had some bad in them, but in the long run, they have gotten better. Sometimes we have to treat certain businesses like a relationship. Thank you for your comment

    • Yes, Roger, it is ideal for ports website. EasyMag was designed to report a certain part of sports ac5ion. It is designed to let you highlight pictures and short snippets of content and sports action to get readers to click-through and get more information. Hope that helps.

  3. I also read your Wealthy Affiliate review while looking this one over. Like everyone, I am always looking for ways to make money. I guess I didn’t realize how much went into setting up something like this.

    What kind of options do I have for themes on a website? It seems like I will get overwhelmed before I get started. If I don’t want a magazine style site is there a theme you would recommend to a beginner.


    • Thank you for looking at my Wealthy Affiliate Review, and yes, everyone is seeking to make money online and it is much easier today than it was a few years back.

      The EasyMag themes are more for a news type website, and it looks very professional for adding advertising to your site. It is always good practice to choose a website based on your niche. If I know what your website is all about I will be happy to give you a few themes that you may like. Hope that helps!

  4. Thanks for sharing your website with us. I was just wondering, can you use the EasyMag theme for the sports website? I found a theme that is related to the sports website. I like to try to find something that has big letters. That would be easy for people to read. The website that you advertised the EasyMag theme, was that the EasyMag theme? I like the way the website was laid out. The letters are big enough to read.

    • Hey Roger, The EasyMag theme is great for a sports website. No, I do not have a sport or news website, so I do not use EasyMag for my theme. But when I build my other website, I will definitely consider using it. Thank you for the comment.

  5. Cool, thanks for this review.

    I wasn’t aware that themes could target individual professions. Of course, I was aware that many themes are “for authors”, or “for startups” and such, but I’ve always taken these with a pinch of salt because, in large part, it’s been a load of codswallop, with themes being interchangeable without great effort.

    I’m glad you’ve brought the EasyMag to my notice, as I plan on building a news-type website, so this positive review is helpful.

    • Yes Tayo, there are many themes are designed for certain professions and is good to be aware of these themes because they are responsive and Google pay close attention to that as well.

      EasyMag is designed for the news website and looks very professional on mobile as well, and as you know, mobile, if not already, is taking over desktop views. Glad that I was able to provide some important information to you about EasyMag Theme and its potentials.


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