Sell Affiliate Products For Companies And Get Paid

affiliate marketing to make money online

The easy way to sell affiliate products for companies and get paid is to become an affiliate marketer.

It’s easy regarding getting started, and it does not take a lot of money, or experience to get started either.

You can sell products without inventory as well. Many people are surprised when they hear that.

They think about starting a business and needing to rent a storage unit or make the wife park in the driveway to create product storage space. You literally can work from home selling other people’s products for profit and never touch the products you sell when you are in affiliate marketing.

There is never an inventory issue!

So how do you sell products for companies and get paid? Let me take you through the whole process.

Selling Online Gives You A Big Market

First of all, as an affiliate marketer, you are always advised to choose a niche market to sell your product. Think concerning helping people by solving a problem.

This helps identify who you are selling to and it helps you find products to sell. I like to say find a targeted niche market in terms of competition from other affiliates, but find a BIG market of buyers.

Let me give you an example using myself as the affiliate marketer.

The make money online niche is huge. Millions of searches are done every month by people looking for ways to make money online.

I promote the Wealthy Affiliate membership site that teaches people how to make money online as an affiliate marketer. This solves the problem for people looking for ways to make money online and narrows my niche down to people looking to make money in affiliate marketing.

This also gives me a huge market to sell to. Because my membership site is a digital Internet-based product I can sell it to anybody regardless of where they live in the world as long as they have an Internet connection.

You could never do that with the brick and mortar business.

You Do Not Need Your Own Product

get paid selling products through affiliating marketing

Many people are attracted to marketing on the Internet as an affiliate because they don’t have to have their own product to get started. This has always been a problem for people who have wanted to start a business in the past but did know what they were going to sell.

Affiliate marketing is a business model that takes the need for any kind of product away from you. A quick Google search is going to put you in touch with affiliate merchants, and affiliate programs, that are full of products just waiting for somebody like you to sell them.

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You Do Not Need Your Own Marketing Materials

One of the best ways to sell products for companies and get paid is to use the marketing materials they provide you. What type of marketing materials?

1. Landing pages
2. Videos
3. Banners
4. Text Ads
5. Blog articles
6. Email messages
7. Social media
8. Paid advertising such as pay per click and email solo ads.

And more……

I suggest you look closely at the marketing materials being provided to you by the affiliate merchant when you join their program. The best merchants are those provide high-quality marketing materials that are coded with your affiliate ID number.

Your focus is to promote these marketing materials in a variety of ways all over the Internet. You only are trying to get people to your landing page for future follow-up, or to your sales page where they can review the product before purchasing it.

Once you become adept at traffic generation using these marketing materials there’s no limit to how much money you can make online. You literally can be in multiple programs at one time and make a six or seven-figure income if you choose.


seo online training

Because there is so much competition for good affiliates on the Internet today affiliate merchants have been forced to step up their game when it comes to training members on how to promote their products. Much of this training is free.

However, merchants realize that when somebody has something invested they are more likely to do something with it. For this reason, they offer paid training in the form of a membership site that offers much more than the free training offers.

Wealthy Affiliate is a good example of this. Let me ask you a question.

Would you pay $47 a month to learn how to do affiliate marketing? Would you pay that amount if you were given every trick of the affiliate marketing trade?

There’s a lot that goes into affiliate marketing.

You don’t have to know it all, but you do have to become more skilled at promoting your products on the Internet if you expect to sell them. I like archived training because it lets me log in to my member’s area of an affiliate program and view training around my own busy schedule.

Many affiliate programs now offer this, and they do a great job of updating it as well.

What do you sell?

Now that I have gone into detail describing the process of affiliate marketing it is time for you to decide what you are going to sell. Nothing is off limits regarding what you think about.

You can sell physical products such as pianos or socks, or digital products such as membership sites or ebooks.You can join the Amazon affiliate program or Clickbank just to name two.

If you’re still unsure check out the free training that Wealthy Affiliate offers. I make money selling memberships but encourage you to get started by doing a little research first.

Please leave your comments or questions below, I would love to get your feedback.



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