Success With Anthony – Is This business A Scam Or Legit?

I could make this short and say Success with Anthony is not a scam. A Google search told me as much. However, on the same front page of Google, I see Success with Anthony as a scam.

What gives here?

As an affiliate marketer, who is active with Wealthy Affiliate, a very legitimate training program, I know a lot about affiliate marketing, and I know a lot about marketing online. I am not tooting my own here, but I want you to know I love affiliate marketing, and I love the people in it, so I go into this review with my eyes wide open.

Let’s get to the truth and review Success With Anthony!

Full Overview of Success with Anthony

  • Name: Success with Anthony
  • Website:
  • Price: $21+ upsells
  • Owners: Anthony Morrison
  • Overall Rank: 0

what is Success with Anthony?

Success with Anthony is a program that teaches people how to make money online. This is a good market to be in for three primary reasons.

1. Millions of people come online looking for a way to make money.
2. People are willing to spend money to learn how to make money.
3. People will spend more money in the future chasing the next big secret.

Anthony Morrison saw a market for people wanting to learn how to make money in affiliate marketing. The basics of his teachings are not new.

Build a funnel, drive traffic to it, capture the names and email addresses, and follow up and sell training. He does this with his Profit Cycle Business, as shown in this screenshot.

The Pros and cons of Success with Anthony

The Pros:

  • PRO #1- Members area.
  • PRO #2- Training by videos.
  • PRO #3- Anthony is a professional who knows what he is talking about.

The Cons:

  • CON #1- Upsells.
  • CON #2- It is harder to do than it looks.
  • Con #3- Shiny object syndrome for newbies.

The training contains an overview and introduction of the program, explains how your profit cycles work, goes into autoresponders, emails and list building, traffic generation, and how to build more profit centers. All in all, the program makes a lot of sense, and once you learn these basics, you can really apply them to any product beyond click funnels.

The next shiny object is a sales letter written by a professional copywriter. It’s designed to appeal to a newbie who is trying to learn how to make money.

What I’ve come to learn is that the newbie doesn’t have to be somebody who was coming online for the first time. There are newbies in the making money online niche looking for ways to make money for almost 20 years.

Their hard drive is full of downloads, and they’ve joined countless memberships spending thousands of dollars seeking the real secret to making money online. Success With Anthony appeals to this type of person.

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Who is Success with Anthony For?

when building an online business, training is necessary.

This is a training program that is designed to teach people how to make money online. Who is it for?

It is for people who want to learn how to make money online. Specifically, it teaches a sales to funnel in the affiliate marketing business model.

Anthony is using ClickFunnels as the product you will promote in your funnel. You will need to become an affiliate for ClickFunnels and buy their product.

This is one way Anthony makes money. He is an affiliate for ClickFunnels, which is a Russell Brunson program, and his reply to LeadPages.

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Success with Anthony Tools & Training

The training and support come in the form of the videos you get when you purchase the success with Anthony’s profit cycle business.

Success with Anthony Price

I’ve tried to review Success with Anthony based on what it’s like today, in early 2019. I have to admit this is a little hard to do because the program has evolved so much over the years.

As you look at other reviews, you have to consider the date, which could go back as much as almost 10 years. I remember seeing Anthony Morrison on infomercials in the past and always marveled at how a guy doing affiliate marketing could afford to have his own infomercials.

As I look at the pricing in the program today, what I see is the success with is really a landing page with an introduction video from Anthony Morrison himself.

“See How I Get 553,000 Targeted Visitors In 12 Minutes Flat”. I watched the video for a while, seeing an old picture of Anthony. One event on Don Lemon’s show on CNN. I stopped about 5 minutes in.

My Final thoughts

Before you decide to join a company stop and take a good look at their program before you decide

As with any program like this, proceed with caution. You will only get back what you put into it, and I am talking about putting more in than just money.

Why did I stop watching Anthony‘s video on the homepage of He references that the video was made in 2013. That means that this video is almost 6 years old.

From reading all of the other reviews, I know that this program has gone through various transformations in the past. Although this is not unusual, I do think it’s questionable that he’s using a video of himself showing all of his checks and saying he makes $100,000 a month since 2013.

When I think about that, I think, what is he doing today? Why is he showing a video on a landing page that you have to watch all the way through the video until you can get the next step and shot that video in 2013?

There are a lot more current reputable programs for you to get involved with, including, in my opinion, Wealthy Affiliate, which I link at the end of this article.

Verdict: Not Legit

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10 thoughts on “Success With Anthony – Is This business A Scam Or Legit?”

  1. Gateway site you put together here my friend. And a great review of another shady character in the industry. There is no way with so many upsells that this system is legit. If it was it would only have a few options and that’s it. I hope you continue to post helpful stuff like this in the future to give guidance to others.

    • Hey Kenny, you are so right. and what had me is the age of the video that is still around, 2013? Give me a break, the internet changes so often and Google makes so many changes to their algorithms.

      Thank you for your insight and kind words. I would always try to warn my audience what to avoid or proceed with caution.

  2. Great writeup, This program’s basic idea is very similar to any other ‘ make money online ‘ program you see kicking around. Build a basic affiliate sales funnel and send it traffic so you can make money promoting affiliate offers. The only thing I gather here is that the system seems to be old, and the huge upsells are factors that turn me away from joining these programs.

    Reviewing this company was a great idea to let the public know what they are getting into before they join. The good news is, it’s not going to work, and it’s very easy to grasp that you are going to be spending a lot from the click funnels. By following these steps, you can potentially spend a lot and not make any money. The program you promote (Wealthy Affiliate) is a legitimate and profitable offer that I would look into.

    I took the time and went through your Wealthy Affiliate Review. If I start and join Wealthy Affiliate, how long do you think I would start to see some monetary gains? Thank you.

    • Michelle, happy that you went through Success with Anthony and you have a clear idea if this program is one that you should join or not. The way the internet is changing, it is troubling to see that this business has not updated its advertising methods.

      Glad that you take the time to look at the program that I still use today and the one I will recommend for my audience. Wealthy Affiliate would teach you how to build a website and to be successful marketing online with whatever passion you have.

      To answer your question. If you join Wealthy Affiliate and follow all the tasks all through the end it would identify if this product is a good fit for you and if you see the potential then you can take the premium membership. Moving forward to finish the rest of your training, you will begin to see monetary gains before you finish your training, and that is the excitement that members are having who are following the training.

      So within 3 – 6 months is a realistic time for you to see some monetary gains, but the real income comes as you be consistent in building your website and posting regular and getting the traffic that would give you the big sales and income. You would have a community and I to help you along the way. Talk to you soon.

  3. I am curious where did you first learn about Success With Anthony program? Is it by accidentally landing on his page while searching for other things on Google? Or, via a search in the Clickbank marketplace? If so, then why is his site still found on those places? Is he doing SEO too or paying for exposure like Google Adwords?

    I agree with your verdict. Any program that’s not telling the truth or lying is considered “not legit” or in short, “scam”. In my opinion, this Success With Anthony program is a scam.

    • When I first started to investigate this company I asked the same questions you just die. One of my Team members told me he was a part of Success with Anthony and left because of reasons I rather not to disclose here.

      This is what brought me to this review. I would advise my audience if they have questions is to read my review and make a sensible decision. I would end by saying if you need to be successful online with a business, look elsewhere.  Thanks for the comment and your insight.

      All the best.

  4. The red flags that you raised are quite significant, infact, I took my time to read and read all over in order to know the reason why you have written such a review. I have heard about success with Anthony but I haven’t registered on the platform simply because I smell a scam. 

    I tend to be leery of just about everything that I come across online nowadays because I have been scammed a couple of times myself, and I really can’t afford it any longer. thank you for highlighting this company to warn people out in the marketplace.

    • Yes, I believe that there are a lot of people who have been scammed in the past, looking for a better way to take care of their families than their 9 to 5 jobs.

      Is amazing how some of these so-called companies get away with their false claims on making money online. But because of the rise in social media, most of these companies are being shut down. You can start with a company today and not knowing if they would be around later. Very scary, if I would say.

  5. Thanks for this review about success with Anthony, Bishop!

    It’s funny how when you Google a topic looking for reviews, and you get different opinions, however, in this case, the negative, certainly outways the positive.

    At the very best, you could say that the training is outdated.

    Even if he has continued to update the training in his member area, I wouldn’t consider any training that is saying that it is so old.

    It seems to me that there are too many unknowns in his program and that you would be far better off looking for something more up to date and transparent.

    Thanks for the walkthrough 🙂

    • Hey John, thank you for the comment. I see that you took the time to read my review and brought the points that trigger why is not a program to associate yourself with. Maybe in the near future, he might update is methods but who knows how long would he do it again. His track record speaks for itself and is integrity to members has lost its value.

      I would definitely as my audience to look elsewhere and contact me if you do find one that you want my opinion on before they decide to join. although I recommend what I promote, there are other good ones out there as well. Thank you for your input.


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