The Internet Marketing Plan That Is Right for Your Business!

I am doing an article on the Internet marketing plan. I know what it means so I think I can give you a good article on it.

What does an Internet marketing plan mean?

1. What is hot right now in Internet marketing. What is in?
2. What is not hot in Internet marketing. What is out? I’ll start with that first, and then I can end on a positive note!

OK, here we go……

What Is Not Hot In Internet Marketing?

1. RSS Feeds. I remember not that long ago when RSS feeds were the big thing. You wanted to get people to subscribe to the feed for your website or blog so that they could receive updates from it. I don’t know anybody using that much anymore.

The Internet Marketing Plan - internet marketing diagram for your online presence

2. Review of mini-sites. Unless you do pay-per-click advertising, the small mini-sites do not work well.

This is primarily due to the increase in social media marketing.

The other problem is to make any money online with the smaller many sites, especially reviewing a particular product, it takes a lot of them to make money, and most people won’t stick with that long enough.

3. Spam websites. This should go without saying. If you build spam websites or blogs, you’re going to get banned by Google. Plus your readers will never come back to your site, so it’s impossible to get a lot of traffic from them.

4. Spam email. This is illegal so that should be reason enough not to do it. Email marketing through bulk emails to people who don’t know you are another bad idea and can be considered spamming, so don’t do that either.

5. Inconsistent blogging. You may have been able to get away with blogging whenever you felt like it in the past. However, that doesn’t work today because of the competition. If you’re going to have a blog you need to be consistently adding content to it whether you create the content or have somebody else do it.

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What’s Hot On The Internet Marketing Plan?

1. Blogging. By far this is the number one thing that’s kicking it in Internet marketing.

what's hot on The Internet Marketing Plan

Because there are so many different ways to go about blogging let me tell you what’s also really successful.

Start an authority blog. This is a long-term solution to blogging in a niche that has a lot of people interested in it and can be monetized in a variety of ways.

An authority blog is an asset that can be with you for many many years. Your niche is somewhat Evergreen meaning it’ll never go out of style.

You can monetize it through Google AdSense click ads, affiliate products, creating your products, and whatever else becomes popular in the future. It’s easy to be quickly responsive to changes and trends in the marketplace when you blog this way.

2. Responsive design. Your website or blog needs to be responsive in design.

This means that it’s going to resize automatically based on the device people are viewing it on. This means the template you’re using looks correct on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Google is already starting to de-rank websites or blogs that do not have a responsive template. Sometimes this is also referred to as a mobile design because Google predicts 90% of all searches will be done on a smartphone in the future.

3. Email marketing. This has not gone out of style and continues to be a hot way to do Internet marketing.

Building a targeted email list you can contact any time you want is a tremendous long-term asset for your business. It’s also an excellent way to monetize your business because you can sell things to your list.

Successful Internet marketers also use email marketing to drive traffic to their websites or blog. This is as easy as sending out a short email update with a link back to your new page or post.

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4. Search engine optimization. Also known as SEO, many people have given up on this because they think it’s too hard to rank in the organic results of the search engine.

If you use the authority blog model, you’re going to end up with hundreds, or even thousands of pages of content. As Google begins to recognize your blog as the authority you’re going to start automatically ranking for keywords whether you’ve targeted them or not.

However, initially, if you want to give your blog a boost, focus on specific keyword phrases. Long-tail phrases are easier to rank for, but the shorter keyword phrases have more traffic and those are the ones you want to show up on page 1 for in the future.

5. Pay per click. Google Adwords used to dominate this business model primarily. However, today can target ads specifically on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter.

The beautiful thing about PPC advertising is you control your budget. You can start small and then scale up as you begin to become more profitable.

6. Social media. Many Internet marketers have been slow to embrace this or have not wholly embraced it because they think it takes too much time.

In reality, if you were just to focus on one or two primary methods of social media marketing you could build an enormous Internet business from that. This is the case because so many people use social media automatically every day of their lives.

What social sites are the best to be on?

From a business standpoint, you want a business page on Facebook or even a separate Facebook account for your business. Twitter, and Youtube. If you have time for others to market on would be LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and anything specific to your niche.

Final Thoughts

Your Internet marketing plan should focus on what is hot and avoid what is not! You can join a community that keeps you updated on what’s working and what you need to be doing to have success.

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4 thoughts on “The Internet Marketing Plan That Is Right for Your Business!”

  1. Hey David,
    I love blogging and you’re right that its on the hot part of internet marketing. I used to get loads of comments and sales each day but after I stopped for a few months due to some personal problems, so do the sales.

    I guess I may be in the inconsistent blogging part and that’s not cool. Its super hard trying to get my blog back up but I hope to one day reach that status again. Loving your post, keep up the good work!

  2. Hello David, I am always looking forward to coming to your site. It seems like I learn so much here. From social media to truly understanding your audience. I so appreciate how you broke this down to make it so understandable.
    in peace and gratitude, ariel

    • Ariel, thank you for dropping by from time to time. Glad I was able to provide value to you on a consistent basis. I use the same rule of thumb for all my posts, and it is paying off. If you need help with anything please let me know. Talk to you soon.


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