Backlinks Indexer Review – To Increase Website Rankings!

This article will conduct a Backlinks Indexer review to see what exactly this is, what it does, and if it is worth it. Before we get into the review itself, it might be worth understanding what a backlink is.

The World Wide Web is made up of backlinks. Your website is made up of pages that contain links both incoming and outgoing.

A link on a page pointing to another page is a backlink. I like to think of backlinks as roadblocks that people run into that lead them to your site.

Backlinks Indexer Review - Backlinks Are Really Just Roadblocks!The Backlinks Indexer Review

  • Name: Backlinks Indexer
  • Website:
  • Price: Varies
  • Creator: Daniel Anton
  • Rating: 85 out of 100

General Overview:

Website owners are looking at a subscription, cloud-based system for faster indexing and creating backlinks. You need to put their URLs into the system.

In return, an app ensures backlinks are created by sending them to various other sites. According to the system, these are sites with authority ranks, exactly what search engines are looking for.

Ultimately, website owners can expect to enjoy all the benefits that come with backlinking in general. The benefit is these benefits come without all the hassle.

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Backlinks Indexer Review Good & Bad

Just like everything else in life, there are two sides to a coin. So, here is an objective look at this cloud-based system.

The Good:

  • 1. A quick method for creating backlinks
  • 2. A money-back guarantee which is available for 30 days
  • 3. Significantly increase traffic
  • 4. Extensive user-base
  • 5. Customer support is up to par

The Bad:

  • 1. The subscription is somewhat expensive compared to other alternatives
  • 2. Unpredictable future in terms of algorithm changes.
  • 3. Google might not favor any software that increases the ranking factor of a website.

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Who is Backlinks Indexer For?

For the most part, this system caters to internet marketers that utilize content marketing as part of their SEO campaign. More specifically, it is regarded as a shortcut for creating backlinks.

The idea is to rank quicker with as many links going out to as many high-ranking sites as possible. So far the system seems to deliver on several of the promises.

Backlinks and their algorithms

Unfortunately, consistent algorithm changes in the future.

As it has done so many times in the past, it can render the system redundant at any time.

It will be based on the quality of the links going out.

Backlinks Indexer Tools & Training

  • – The Backlink Booster
  • – Guaranteed ping for every link
  • – Automatic Drip Pinging
  • – Tears are created for the backlinks

Their Support

Overall, the customer service for the system responds quickly and provides a helpful experience.

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Backlinks Indexer Price

As mentioned earlier, this is a subscription-based system and it gets offered in different tiers.

They are broken into 4 packages.

  • – $17/pm: Basic Plan
  • – $27/pm: Advanced Plan
  • – $57/pm: Pro Plan
  • – $97/pm: Enterprise Plan

It is worth noting that you can sign up for a free trial period. During this time, you can experience how the system works for your specific campaign.

My Final Opinion

Opinion Of my Backlinks

To begin with, it is not really a question of whether the system is effective in increasing your website rank and traffic.

It has a reputation for keeping its promises, and the company has many impressive measures in place.

However, making this system your only source for backlinks would be a mistake. For example, link-building used to be a straightforward process.

As with many things online, when marketers started to exploit this tactic, search engines locked down with aggression. Now search engines pay close attention to how these links are created.

They want nothing less than quality and legitimate backlinks. So, if you are in a hurry to get your ranking higher, only the price tag might prevent you from using the Backlinks Indexer.

The alternative is to continue creating backlinks more naturally. In other words, post informative content regularly and share it through social media.

By posting quality content regularly, we are normally talking about blogging. The standard procedure is to create a blog post and then comment on it on your social sites.

Include the URL to the blog post. When you do this, you create a natural backlink back to the post itself, leading to traffic navigating around it.

When we come back to the natural urgency internet marketers, tend to show, especially if they have experience in the area and they want to get things done quickly, Backlinks Indexer could be a constructive system to invest in.

Verdict: Legit

The system is legit, but it should not be your sole focus in creating backlinks. Search engines do not view one type of backlink to be normal.

Just as the World Wide Web is made up of various backlinks, so should our own website and blog. Variety, along with the quality of the backlink, is important, and making that seem natural is the way to do it.

As you look more into backlinks, you will hear of white hat backlinks and black hat backlinks. It is just what you think it is. If you have any doubts about what you are doing, don’t do it.

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Backlinks Indexer






Overall Quality



  • A quick method for creating backlinks
  • A money-back guarantee which is available for 30 days
  • Significantly increase traffic


  • The subscription is somewhat expensive compared to other alternatives
  • Unpredictable future in terms of algorithm changes.
  • Google might not favor any software that increases the ranking factor of a website.
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10 thoughts on “Backlinks Indexer Review – To Increase Website Rankings!”

  1. Just as you rightly said David, it’s quite exhausting finding the right or perfect way to make money online. There’s a whole lot of products begging for everyone’s attention and sometimes it can lead to confusion or indecisiveness on what product to choose from. I like how you have brought the attention of potential customers of the backlink indexers the fact that there are also other ways to legitimately create genuine back links to their blogs. Wisdom is key in everything. 

    • I always say to anyone starting out is to choose a passion that they like, and use that to build their business. That would take away the decisiveness and put more fun into their business.

      We have to be careful about how we use software to gain rankings. Google will penalize for doing that. That is why it is important to get genuine backlinks, and you can do that by sharing over social media.

  2. Wow, What a pretty post. After reading your post I have come to the point that your Backlinks Indexer is very effective and easy to create backlink work. Quick feedback. Very fast work, many advantages, Backlinks Indexer Tools & Training, and support system are alluring for a backlink creator. I am so much interested to use this Backlinks Indexer and highly recommended. Thanks for the post.

    • Although some people said that it works for them, I have not tried it as yet. I am getting backlinks naturally by sharing my post over social media. Using Linkedin and my facebook fan page is where most of my backlinks come from. I would stay with those for now.

      I personally believe if you write quality engaging content, the backlinks would come, and that would last a long time just in case google decide to change their algorithms. glad that you stop by.

  3. Your review on black link indexer is appreciated. I have never came across such an application which has numerous benefits along which is an app to generate huge traffic to blog sites. This will be useful for me as well as I prepare to launch my site after my training. Thanks for this article. 

    • just do not focus on it entirely. let creating content with competitive keywords be your first choice. And if you do decide to try it out, try it on one post and check the results.

  4. Thanks for sharing this insightful review. I am just getting to know about Backlinks Indexer.  From your review I am convinced the system will be  effective in terms of increasing website rank and traffic. I appreciate the fact that you listed  out the pros and cons.This will help in making lasting decision

    • Glad to know that the pros and cons were informative. Like any other business, when looking at a product it is important to look at it in both perspectives. Sometimes the cons outweigh the pros and the opposite is true as well. 

  5. This is an incredibly nice information.

    Of course when it comes to faster indexing, website owners would prefer cloud- based system for faster  indexing. Having read through your review revealing the powerful features that come with the backlinks indexer, I think giving it a trial will be a real kick. This will be very useful for internet marketers as it helps in quick ranking. Thanks for this wonderful piece!

    • Good to see that you mention the magic words, “give it a try.” many times we get carried away by reading reviews and not doing our personal due diligence. I certainly will give a try on one of my website that I have not paid close attention to. and if it does work, I will use it on my posts that have no rankings.

      I would not suggest that you try it on your post that has high rankings at first.


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