Honest Reliable Home Based Business – Best Income Training 101!

In my opinion, giving you what I feel is the absolute best honest reliable home based business would be like choosing my favorite kid. Let’s dive into things here.

There are a lot of home-based business opportunities that are honest and they are reliable.

Based on that I am going to write this article around concepts and ideas. I will include some links to various home-based business opportunities where it makes sense. In the end, I will offer you some free training from a program I promote in the affiliate marketing business model to help you identify some of these businesses.

Business Opportunity or Business Model

There is a difference between a business opportunity and a business model. Network marketing is a business model. Amway is a business opportunity.

Affiliate marketing is a business model. Google AdSense is a business opportunity in the form of an affiliate program.

You can choose to start your home-based business from a specific opportunity or you can choose to get into the business model and develop your business around that.

Let me give you another example. Many home-based businesses are service-oriented.

Examples would be daycare, hair care, baking cakes, and so on. Other home-based businesses start at home and go out into the marketplace such as HVAC contractors, mowing lawns, painting houses, and so on.

These are business models that people turn into their own home-based businesses. Business opportunities arise in a number of different ways as we mentioned with network marketing for example. The opportunity is more in the form of a business in a box and you join that opportunity and build your own business from it.

Online Home-based business needs a great website and newsletter that gets into the direct sales business model, It can talk about literally hundreds of different business opportunities. I certainly would suggest you look at that if you’re in the market for an honest reliable home-based business opportunity.

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Is Longevity Important?

It could be. There are a lot of shady business opportunities available thanks to the Internet.

I know I feel a little more comfortable when I’m looking at a business opportunity that has a proven track record. There are many business opportunities that have been around for 10, 20, 30, and even over 50 years.

Even on the Internet, today opportunities such as becoming an Amazon affiliate have been available for over 20 years now. Google AdSense has had its affiliate program for over 15 years.

Other opportunities that use resources such as a hosting company like Go Daddy tied with blog-building platforms, such as Word Press, have been around for 10 to 15 years as well.

I’m not saying don’t look at opportunities that are new. Wouldn’t it have been nice to buy stock in Walmart back in the 1970s? I see James Woods on Twitter and people ask him why he is not in movies anymore. His answer? “I bought Apple stock in the 80’s” 🙂

When you are looking for a reliable home-based business, longevity provides people with peace of mind. Let me say this if you’re willing to take a risk, never be willing to invest more into an opportunity than you’re willing to lose because, in business as in life, there is no such thing as a sure thing.

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What Is A Reliable Home Business

Businesses that solve a problem are more reliable if they are in an evergreen market as opposed to a sunset market. An evergreen market has been around and will be around.

Kids going to college is an evergreen market. Stop sweating is an evergreen market. Making more money is an evergreen market. Retirement is an evergreen market.

Starting a home business is an evergreen market that gives you a real shot at having a reliable long-term business. Starting your own DVD rental store is a sunset market. Did you know there is only one Blockbuster video store left in the whole world?

One of the reasons Amway has lasted for over 50 years is its primary product line is built around basic commodity items. These are items that you use up and need to re-order. Cleaning products, vitamins, laundry soap, nutritional supplements, and on and on we can go.

Let me give you another example. I promote the Wealthy Affiliate training program because this is the starting point for anyone who wants to work from home part-time or full-time.

This is a very reliable program because it offers training for people on how to start their own affiliate marketing business. Affiliate marketing is an industry that has been around for over 20 years and is only going to grow and grow.

Virtually every niche in the world has an affiliate program you can join. The problem is when people join an affiliate program they still need to learn how to promote the program.

This is why a training program such as Wealthy Affiliate has continued to thrive now for many years. It is what I would consider a reliable product to promote as well as a reliable home business in an evergreen market.

Final thoughts

There is no right or wrong answer as it pertains to a home-based business that is honest and reliable. However, there are certain things to keep in mind as we discussed in this article.

For example, a business model such as drop shipping with Amazon or eBay is extremely reliable. The question is, would they be the type of home-based business you would want to be in?

The same thing is true with all different kinds of business models such as affiliate marketing, email marketing, gett-paid-to-programs, blogging, and on and on I can go. Put some time in and do your due diligence.

There are a lot of great opportunities out there and a lot of great home-based businesses that are reliable and honest as well.

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20 thoughts on “Honest Reliable Home Based Business – Best Income Training 101!”

  1. Hi David

    I love your post and so glad I landed here. I have dabbled in a few business opportunities as well in my life and some have been amazing while others not so good however I still believe the best way to become successful is to work for yourself from home.

    Part-time until you are earning a full time living and I also think a 2 years goal is great because great businesses take hard work and time.

    I see you have a link to learning how to build a business based on your passion and I am going to join for free and check this out as I love music and feel this could be a great business especially teaching people how to play the guitar via video

    Thank you for inspiring me today and I hope we will connect again.

    • Thank you for taking the time to write a comment and give your insight staying long in the game to work at your business. it does take time and once you build it right, it would stay with you for a long time earning you a well-deserved income from home.

      I always hear that hard work brings great rewards and I can certainly attest to that with Wealthy Affiliate. Starting part-time as you mention is the best approach. Although it will take a little longer, if you arrange your schedule the bright way, it can make a big difference.

      The advantage of that is money can always replace time. You can outsource part of your business if you have the money so that you can work on other parts that fit your schedule. most marketers are doing that today. and I started off that way when I first got started. Wish you great success.

  2. Hi Bishop,

    I learned a lot reading your informative reviews about Home Based Business. It’s true, there are many types of business and many kinds of home-based business. To be successful, I have to choose the right platform indeed. I agree with your advice. Affiliate marketing is one of the best business beyond technology. But there are many scams and fake sites in this field. Among the Home Based Business, you are confident about WA, that inspired me. Thank you so much for the excellent reviews. I enjoyed it with the video.

    • Rgpratap, I must say that I had to learn the hard way. I was a little too ambitious and was eager to work from home and was not willing to pout bin the work, cause all the successful ones I came across never mention that it takes work to be successful.

      So I went after a few of the shiny object businesses. I came across a few that teach me the basic of building a website, like Chris Farrell Membership, and was very successful, but the hard work with coding took a lot off my time and I could not stay with it and do my full-time job. So it slowly diminishes after about 3 years.

      Tofday is different and much easier. And yes, affiliate marketing is the best way to go because they give you your own affiliate links, and WordPress makes it easy to get a website up and running within seconds. And thanks to Wealthy Affiliate that makes it possible with their secured platform and website hosting. Happy that you enjoy my reviews and thanks for the comments where necessary. All the best with your business.

  3. I found this article full of information that would be valuable to an affiliate marketer.  I liked the explanation given on the various home-based businesses. These are lovely guides and tips which should be implemented. 

    I have fell victim of scammy sites claiming to be an online business site and later end up elope with our hard earned money. For now, I still regard wealthy affiliate to be the best online platform I have ever benefitted from. Thank you for this post and your recommendation.

    • Wanting to build a legitimate business online is everyone’s dream. And not taking the time to do your due diligence and finding out about a company before you join is a big mistake on our part. I guess the eager to earn to care for our loved ones get us blinded.

      It took me a while for Wealthy Affiliate to sink in because of all the scams on the internet but once I asked questions and investigate a little, I know that I had come across something that I would be a part of. Now more than 5 years after, the rest is history. Enjoy your stay and let me know if I can help take your business to another level here at WA? All the best.

  4. I absolutely love what I read in this insightful article because it is full of great information. It is difficult to find a business that is honest and reliable on the internet. This is fascinating and interesting to me, your article is an eye-opener to working online from home. It gives you a detail explanation on how to choose the right business and once you find it, what you need to do. 

    Getting a reliable home base business is important. Wealthy Affiliate has been in existence for long and it pays They take time to address each members issues to help grow their business. plus with their referral program, the pay their member’s commission religiously on the set date. 

    WA offers a training program to help people improve in the affiliate marketing world, or any business model they choose. I am a proud member of the Wealthy Affiliate program and enjoying every minute of it. Thanks for the review and this well thought out article on creating a home-based business. Regards!

    • Hi Adam, glad that you get some value here and thank you for the comment. I know one has to be very careful when choosing a company to join online. I made a few mistakes and I would like to help others not to fall in the same trap as I have.

      There are a few good business models out there but what I would like to inform people is to learn how to market online first. And once you have the knowledge and know-how, you can market anything you choose. Knowledge is key and once you have it, no one can take it away from you.

      And yes, as you rightfully mention, Wealthy Affiliate can be that program that teaches you all you need to know to build a successful business on the internet. They have done it for me, and I would like to alert my audience that they can do the same for them as well.

      Happy that you enjoy the article on home-based-business and than you for taking a look at my Wealthy Affiliate Review. If you need help with your business in any way, please contact me. I take this business seriously and I will do whatever it takes to see others have the same success.


  5. Thanks, David for this article on honest reliable home-based business. This is really an informative and educative post. I agree with you that there are business models and business opportunities. And I really appreciate how you have explained in a simple way that is understandable. 

    I just deduce in this article that every niche has its own affiliate program and it is essential to have the proper training to promote it. For now, I will stick to the Wealthy Affiliate program as well know to be one of the evergreen home based business product to promote. Thanks for this article. Great job. 

    • Great that you find this article valuable and to the point. There are a lot of programs that are honest and reliable but would not work today because the way the internet has changed. Anyone starting out should stick to educating themselves about the internet on a continuous basis while trying come up with a niche to promote.

      Yes, there is an Affiliate program for about everything someone to promote and build an income from home. if you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate, then you are on the right track. You also have me and many experts to steer you in the right direction. Just post your questions or concerns in live chat and we would be happy to help. Thank you for your kind words.

  6. Nice post, David.

    I like how you described the difference between a business opportunity and a business model. It helps to put things in perspective especially as you are outlining your goals and attempting to align goals with plans to move forward. I liked how you categorized markets as evergreen and sunset. This information is helpful in determining if a business opportunity is truly sustainable.  

    It is difficult to choose an honest and reliable home-based business online when there are so many scams online, it can turn off anyone rather take a chance on any business. I glad that you have your number one recommendation, and are willing to work with those who come aboard, that is huge and very dedicated. I will try out the free version and see where to go from there. Thank you.

    • Lee, there are a lot of scams online, and I fall victim to a lot of them. There are legitimate ones out there as well, but some of them will close their doors after they get the money they wanted, leaving you exactly where you started. I had fell prey to both of these businesses and did not want to try another.

      It took me a while but I was determined to find the right one, and I find that within Wealthy Affiliate. I was reluctant when I started, but after I took the free membership and begin my training, it was not too long after I was destined to go all the way with this business, and six years now, it speaks for itself.

  7. OK, first of all, I did not know there was even 1 Blockbuster store left. I need to go read about that next. 

    Secondly, I never thought of the difference between business models and business opportunities, but you’re right, they are completely different things. I’ve tried my different business opportunities and a few models in my life. 

    My favorite is affiliate marketing. I just think it’s the easiest to start up and doesn’t cost a lot to get going. Plus, you can do it from home on your own time. I know many people start affiliate marketing on the side while they work their real business until they can build up enough income to quit. I like its flexibility like that. 

    I know you can do that with other things too, but I feel like a lot of other opportunities either cost much more, or they don’t pay enough in the long run. 

    I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate too, and that site has literally taught me everything about running a money-making website. It’s great! 

    • Christina, thank you for taking the time and reading my post in the entirety, I can tell. your research will serve you well and thank you for your insight on a business model as oppose to a business opportunity.

      I Happy that you see Affiliate Marketing as a good way to get started, this is what I recommend to my Team members who are now starting out, this is the reason I expose them to Wealthy Affiliate, so they can get the knowledge to build a successful business which I am glad that you are a part off.

      Thank you and all the best. Please feel free to look me up in Wealthy Affiliate Community.

  8. Bishop – thank you for providing so much value through this post. It was also very educational to learn the difference between a business model vs a business opportunity. I also feel very comfortable with companies who have been a while a long time, It does provide peace of mind. But there are some newer companies popping out and some there are just as good, just new. 

    Could you please provide some examples of a sunset market? There were examples of the evergreen market but didn’t read any of the sunset markets. Let me know. Very interested to understand this. 

    Looking forward to learning more 🙂

    • Thank you for the comment. With lots of scam programs popping up on the internet, it is very difficult to find a reliable honest home-based business that a new person can choose. But there are quite a few. and the next thing you have to be careful is the honest ones that will close their doors after they acquire their destined amount of money.

      Making money online with Affiliate marketing is evergreen because it would not go aware. Sust marketing is building a business on a product that will soon phase away. Like VHS Rental DVD Rentals just to name a few. Picking an evergreen market is your best bet. You want it to stay around for a long time. Hope that helps!

  9. Hello Bishop,

    I love reading honest, informative opinions and I must say that I could feel the honesty in this article. Truly, there are a lot of business opportunities online that one can get confused or swayed into any of these without really taking out the time to ask pertinent questions like the reliability and profitability of those markets. It’s a great thing that someone like you is helping us think before we leap.

    This article has got me really thinking and trying to be sure that I have made the right decision in the type of honest home-based business that I really want to go into and how reliable it is.

    • thank you for taking the time and leaving a comment. With all the scams popping up online people are becoming very skeptical about grabbing on to a business online.

      My intent here is to let my audience now that they are honest and reliable business online, and what to look for when choosing one. There are some that I did Reviews on that they should stay away as well.

      Thank you that you get value here and that your eyes would be open when making a decision getting into a business focussing on its reliability and honesty. Thank you.

  10. Hi,

    This article shows some important information about an honest reliable home based business. It also shows some links to various home based business opportunities where it makes sense. This article will be very helpful for them who don’t have knowledge about honest reliable home based business. 

    It will help those who want to start home based business opportunities that are honest and they are reliable. It was a great article. I will share it with those who want to start an honest home-based business. Thank you very much for sharing it with us.

    • Happy that you are willing to share this article, and thank you for the understanding for writing an article like this one to my audience. If you know of a few businesses that you think fits these criteria, please feel free to run it by me, I  would love to take a look and add them to my list for my audience.


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