Totally Free Images For Commercial Use

One of the things I like most about Internet marketing is the cost. You really can blog for next to nothing if you do it right. This includes totally free images for commercial use.

There is no point in having a blog if all you do is type articles and publish them.

Every blog needs to be brought to life by adding images, occasionally a video from YouTube, or even banners from an affiliate program you’re in. All of this can be done with virtually no technical knowledge and at no cost to you if you know what you’re doing.

Let’s talk a little bit about where you can find totally free images for your blog and how you can get them published.

Where To Find Free Images

If you were to Google search “Totally Free Images For Commercial Use” you will find many sources that Google returns in their organic results. Let me list some of the ones I use and some of the most popular image websites online.

Pixabay - Totally Free Images For Commercial Use

1. Pixabay
2. Free Digital Photos
3. Dreamstime
4. Unsplash
5. Creative Commons Search
6. Freerange Stock
7. Epicva
8. Realistic Shots
9. RGBStock
10. The Morgue File

My Choice Here is a tutorial that explains all about free commercial images and how to get them. also when you join this community free commercial images are included within the site content of your free membership.

These are just a handful of the literally thousands of places you can go online and get free photos and put them on your blog or website.

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Things To Keep In Mind

I do think it’s a good idea on any website that you’re looking to download images that you read their rules to make sure you’re following them. In many cases you don’t really need to worry about it, you can just save the images to your hard drive on your computer and upload them to your blog.

In some instances, the site may require that you give credit for the photo to them and that is something you need to consider if you want to use that image or not.

Here’s another important thing to keep in mind. Never go to Google and download images for free. Almost always these images are going to have a copyright attached to them and chances are you could get away with it, but it’s not worth the risk.

If you are caught using copyrighted material you could be subject to legal action. If this includes a fine do you need the hassle and the opportunity to lose some of the money you are earning on your website or blog?

how to get free images for commercial use

How To Get Free Images For Commercial Use.

This is your number one task when starting out your blog. You need to have quality content consistently and very attractive images to make your posts engaging and not boring for your readers. Pixabay is a place where you can get some cool free images for your blog.


I could pick any site that has totally free images for commercial use and tells you a little bit about them, but let’s go into a little bit of detail on Pixabay. I picked them because a lot of the images you see on my blog come from this fantastic image website.

  1. On Pixabay you will find images you can use and share free of copyright.
  2. You can copy and use them for free.
  3. You can use them on your social sites including Facebook and Twitter.
  4. You will find Shutterstock photos as well. These have the Shutterstock watermark on them. I never use those personally.
  5. They have a safe search feature that filters out images you may not want to see such as porn images.
  6. You need to upload the images. There is no way to use Pixabay URLs on your site.
  7. I just save the image I want to use a file called images. Then I go to my blog and upload the image from the file to the post I am making.

I do a couple of things when I upload a free image to my commercial blog. First of all, I adjust the image size. Most of the time I choose the medium size.

I align the image to the right or center, never to the left.

Is this important?

This is a personal choice for me because I like the look of having my images on the right-hand side of my text. However, there is another benefit to this from a search engine standpoint.

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Search Engines View On Images

Search engines cannot spider images, they only spider text. I like to have words being spidered by Google for example before they start looking at the text in the image of self.

What I do is insert my featured keyword phrase in the actual ALT tag of the image itself. This lets Google know what this picture is about.

working at home on Totally Free Images For Commercial Use

Another thing I do is I generally do not link my image to another site. I found this to be helpful, especially on mobile devices which Google says will account for 90% of all searches in the future.

I don’t want people coming to the site and clicking on the image and immediately leaving my blog post. I would rather them see the image and then get into the text itself.

One other point I want to bring up is how many images you put in a blog post.

You can certainly put as many as you want, but I generally try to space it out and add three or four medium-sized images in a 1000-word article. I might only use two or three in a 400-word article.

I try to put in an image that relates to either the headline tag or the text I’m writing about. This makes sense to the reader because the image matches the text and it also helps if they’re just scanning the article to see an image and maybe go to that spot in the article and read that text.

Final Thoughts

You can get as fancy as you want with images. You can buy them, or just use totally free images for commercial use. That will usually get the job done for the average blogger or Internet marketer.

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