Trying To Make Money Online & Not Get Scammed?

Are you trying to make money online and not get scammed by business owners? Let’s take a look at this on a serious note.

The internet offers many benefits that can put money in a person’s pocket, but there are also many cyber traps. It can be a difficult experience getting scammed by someone online.

This has always been a pet peeve of mine because there really is no need for this from either side. Many scammers are people who are smart and have talent but choose to waste their talent hurting others for their own gain.

Sadly many of these scammers view scamming people online to make money for themselves as being as easy as shooting fish in a barrel full of fish.

It kind of reminds me of the greatest bank robber ever, Willie Sutton. When he was asked why he robbed banks he said: “that is where the money is”.

How prophetic that is!

That is how scammers view people who are not careful online. I get that some people are so desperate to make money on the Internet that they want to believe what they are reading and what they are hearing.

Don’t do that. Take your time and do not fall for some of the scams and pitfalls I am going to give you below.

There are some important steps that can be followed to avoid these pitfalls. The best way to know how to avoid a scam is to know when one is coming your way.

Trying To Make Money Online - and not get scammedFishing Scams

These types of scams centre on correspondences made through email and social networks. A message will be sent by the scammer, hoping that they will be able to get your login credentials.

They will pretend to be an official authority such as a bank. The idea is to trick a person to click a link in their correspondence so as to gather private and secure information.

They build an atmosphere of urgency to force the person to follow their false links. Once you click on that link you are in for some trouble.

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Money Laundering

The oldest and most widely used scam is also known as “the Nigerian scam.” There are multiple versions of this scam since it has been around for so long.

The scammer sends an emotional email that attempts to misdirect the person by getting them to help with retrieving a large sum of money from a bank. The trick is to make the person think that they will get a large sum of the money if they help in paying for small fees and other tasks that are needed to release the money.

I’ve always found it interesting that Nigeria is the center for these scams, but that seems to be where most of them originate.

Trying To Make Money Online

Greeting Cards

This is an old scam where you receive an email gift card that seems to be coming from a friend. The email will contain a link that tricks the person to click.

After the link is clicked, a malicious program will suddenly be downloaded and installed on your computer. Your computer will then be controlled by the scammer as private information is sent back to them.

Bank Loan Or Credit Card

This scam appears that a bank is offering you a guaranteed pre-approved loan. The plot is to get people to pay a mandatory processing fee.

Offers like this don’t make sense because banks don’t offer loans without checking your financial records. Plus do not pay any processing fees over the Internet for anything you have not checked out 100%.

The Hitman Scam

This is a frequent scam that is used to force people into paying money in order to keep from being killed by a fake “hitman.” They will send an email with all of the relevant material to look legit and will then proceed to extort you for the money to save your life.

They obtain private information and include it in the email in order to appear as if the scam is real. You would never fall for something so far-fetched as this right?

Economic Scams

A very popular scam that tries to build up trust with the illusion of making easy online income. The idea is to exploit the fact that the person needs money.

By offering fake online employment, along with plans and ways to make money, the scammer preys on a person’s financial situation, luring them in like a romantic dance until it is time for them to be dropped. This can take on other forms.

Trying To Make Money Online - with affiliate marketingMake Money In Your Underwear

OK, this is not really a scam, but the premise is used to get people to buy digital information products, join a business opportunity, or maybe join a membership site. Can you really make money sitting at home in your underwear?

Of course, you can, but it might take you 10 years to become an overnight success and pull this off. If I was you I would never join a program where everything seems to be too good to be true.

I can tell you from personal experience that it takes a lot of work to make money on the Internet. The famous Internet marketer Willie Crawford once said of making money online if it was so much easier than making money offline and more people would do it.

That’s not the problem.

The problem is people selling information on how to make money online portray it to be easier than it really is. You want to believe that it’s easy so you buy the product only to find out that sitting at home making money in your underwear is a lot harder than it sounds.

final thoughts

Do not fall for these scams or any scams for that matter. Use common sense and do your due diligence before you spend any money trying to make money!

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