Videfit Review – Is it a One-click 2 Billion Traffic Blast?

Getting more leads and sales is getting more challenging these days, but not for VideFit. In this VideFit Review, you will see that you can create interactive sales videos even if you don’t have video editing skills. And with its one-click 2 Billion traffic blast, you can get more leads and thus more potential income. But is this true? Or VideFit is just a money-grabbing scheme? Let’s discover what this is all about within this review.

  • Product Name:  VideFit
  • Founder: Rick Nguyen 
  • Product Type:  Video editing software
  • Price: 

VideFit has the following options:

$17 VideFit Regular Front-End one time offer only (Regular price: $197)

  • Interactive video elements
  • 1-click 2 Billion traffic blast
  • Process payments, add file downloads and opt-in forms inside your video
  • Add in-video quizzes, polls, maps, and CTAs
  • Unlimited video hosting
  • Embed link and share anywhere
  • Step-by-step video tutorials and support

The following are the one-time offer VideFit Upgrades:

OTO 1: $29 VideFit Pro

  • Unlimited creation of interactive videos
  • Unlimited use of interactive elements
  • Unlimited social accounts integration
  • Access to more trending content from YouTube, Instagram, Reddit, Pinterest, Tumblr, Buzzfeed, and more.

OTO 2: $37 VideFit Advanced

  • Video drive access to upload your own videos
  • Embed your own interactive elements
  • Embed a video on another video
  • Access to 1 million HD stock video
  • Place hotspots to your video
  • Access to analysis report

OTO 3: $37 VideFit Done-for-You

  • Create stunning animated videos, video ads, and social images.
  • Access to DFY graphics such as:
    • 100 DFY videos
    • 200 Editable logos
    • 800 Royalty-free images
    • Editable of banners and info-graphics
    • DFY thumbnails

OTO 4: $47 / $67 / $127 VideFit Agency

  • Manage client videos
  • Add 100 sub-users to your account
  • Fiverr sales kit
  • DFY Professional website
  • DFY Video sales letters
  • DFY Social marketing suite
  • DFY Email templates
  • DFY Client contract templates
  • Business card templates
  • Training videos

OTO 5: $32 VideFit Club

  • Access to 4 revolutionary software products
  • Weekly training
  • Be one of the first to receive a newly launched software in the future

OTO 6: $57 VideFit Reseller

  • Resell VideFit accounts (100% profit is yours)
  • Receive 6 packages when you purchase one front end VideFit software and 1 one-time offer (Packages are combinations of software products, templates, graphics, and more)
  • Best For:  Marketers, advertisers, publishers, bloggers, etc.

VideFit is an easy-to-use video editing tool. With the use of VideFit, you can allegedly increase your profits in a short time. It claims to provide you with a 2 billion traffic blast with just one click. It has several upgrades where there are plenty of Done-for-You features. VideFit also offers a business opportunity to resell VideFit accounts and keep all of its profit or offer video editing services to clients.

  • Ratings: 70/100

What is VideFit?

VideFit is a cloud-based video editing software that lets you create interactive videos effortlessly without technical skills or knowledge. It was developed by Rick Nguyen, a 7-figure marketer, in March 2020. He claims that VideFit is a profit-pulling machine that can boost your website traffic and increase sales in just a few clicks. He also added that VideFit allows you to create sales videos that compete with those created by big production companies without spending a fortune.

How does VideFit work?

If you have edited videos in the past and used a video editing tool, VideFit works similarly to those tools. But not all video editing software works the same. Unlike the other video editing software products, VideFit has a simple design and easy-to-use functionalities. You could probably create professional-looking videos within minutes. It is not as complex as other video editing software products, which could take you days or weeks to learn all of its functions.

According to VideFit, interactive videos are in demand nowadays for both businesses and individuals. They added people prefer interactive videos rather than traditional videos because they can:

  • Capture the viewers’ attention longer with its interactive content
  • Include different offers and CTAs in your video
  • Gain more leads thus better profit.

With VideFit can make interactive videos in just 5 steps:

  1. Upload your video – Insert your video URL or you can also select it from the VideFit video library.
  2. Drap and Drop – Simply drag and drop the elements you want to add to your video.
  3. Customize – Edit the elements according to your preferences or your business’ brand then save.
  4. Copy and Paste – Copy and paste the embed VideFit link to your website.
  5. Blast your video

You can add interactive elements such as:

  • CTA buttons
  • Questions
  • Quizzes
  • HTML codes
  • Google Maps
  • Videos
  • Opt-in forms
  • Clickable text and images
  • Hotspots

VideFit also has countdown timers and an in-video checkout button for faster sales and conversions. It is also compatible with major website builder platforms such as WordPress, Divi, or ClickFunnels. If you purchase VideFit now, you can get the following bonuses.

  • Bonus #1 Free Autoresponder (valued at $997)
    • Built-in SMTP
    • Unlimited emails to unlimited subscribers
  • Bonus #2 VoiceOver Creator App (valued at $497)
    • Use human-like voices for your videos
    • Over 100 languages
    • Audio Editor
  • Bonus #3 Logo Video Creator App (valued at $397)
    • Add your logo to your videos
    • Edit logos using the smart editor

Although VideFit appears to be a simple video editing tool, it can compete with the big media companies’ videos. These companies can create stunning interactive videos because they have the resources at their disposal. They can hire professional animators or video editors to create videos for them. But with the use of VideFit, you can also create interactive videos without spending a fortune.

Can You Make Money with Videfit?

I think you can make money with VideFit if you are going to use it for work. Whenever you need to make videos for your clients, you can quickly create one even if you are a novice at video editing. Also, it is more affordable now when compared to other video editing software products. As of this writing, the VideFit Regular only costs $17. It may not have many features compared to other VideFit packages, but I think it is a reasonable price for what it can offer you.

How To Make Money With the VideFit?

VideFit offers VideFit Agency, a business opportunity where you can make a better profit. However, your profit will depend on many factors such as your location, marketing strategies, quality of your work, the costs of your services, and so on. Aside from that, consider human labour costs if you have hired VAs or video editors.

And I think you also need to know who will be your competitors. There could be video editing businesses in your area that offer the same services. So, there’s a lot of planning and brainstorming to figure out how you can offer better services than your competitors.

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VideFit may be cheaper than most video editing software products, but it doesn’t mean it won’t have its pros and cons.


  • 30-Day money-back guarantee
  • Low one-time investment
  • Free updates
  • Cheaper than many video editing software products
  • Compatible with any niche
  • No technical skills required


  • No guarantee of getting better traffic or higher profit
  • One-click 2 Billion traffic is not possible
  • Has limited features when compared to other video makers
  • Not the best video-making software overall
  • There are upsells within the application to get more features

Any Negatives? Beware of Lawsuits

VideFit Review - Any Lawsuits with this company

I didn’t find any lawsuits or complaints against VideFit online. But one thing worth mentioning here is that there are other software recommendations within VideFit. Its developer and his team have also created other software products such as FunnelzPro, Contentify, MultioSociFit, FunnelChief, and many more. While it is not surprising that they will include their other products as upsells or upgrades on VideFit or vice versa. However, you could end up purchasing software products that you don’t need.

Is the VideFit Legitimate?

Yes, VideFit is a legitimate video editing software, and you can create interactive videos with it. Unlike some software scams where you don’t get the real thing or worse, you don’t receive any products. At least, with VideFit, you get what you pay for.

Final Thoughts

VideFit is a good video editing software for beginners. It is easy to learn, and with its drag-and-drop functionality; you can create interactive videos almost instantly. But for its earning potential, this depends on you. VideFit even said on their earning disclaimer they do not guarantee earnings, and they are not a get-rich scheme.

Rethink before you spend your money on VideFit. If you only need to make simple videos and only use video editing software once or occasionally, perhaps it is more practical to use a free video editing tool instead. You can find plenty of them online.

If you want to start a video editing business, you need to save on the start-up cost. You may need a high-powered desktop computer or laptop capable of running video editing software products. Establishing a physical agency may also require you to pay business tax, depending on your state law. You can expect to spend more or less $15,000 for a full initial setup and spend hundreds of thousands more on high-end equipment.

But there’s an online business that has low start-up costs and does not require high-end computers.

If you are interested in creating your own home business, check out my #1 recommendation on building a successful business online. You can get access to hundreds of training videos, 24/7 support, professional consultations, private access to training guides, tools, and much more.

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