WAH Program Review – Can You Earn Money By Posting Links?

When you encounter a work-from-home opportunity that promises big income like I would show you with this WAH Program review, it’s like a once-in-a-lifetime chance that’s just too good to pass up. Especially when this job only needs you to copy and paste links and you only need to spend a few minutes of your time every day.

This is the Work at Home Program which seems legitimate with all the success stories and video testimonials, and it was even featured on the news. And best of all, you can earn as much as $13,000 in a month or more. So, it looks like we just hit a pot of gold, right? Or did we? To find that out once and for all, let’s deep dive into the WAH program and reveal the hidden truths behind it.

  • Product Name: WAH Program
  • Founder:Lou Kallianes
  • Product Type: Work at home job
  • Best For No-one
  • Price:
    $97 Direct Online Income Kit
    $194.95 Advance Program
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Work at Home Program offers a job opportunity for people to earn an income by simply posting links. These are product links that you post to other websites and you get paid per posted link. You can post 5, 15, 25 links per day or you can post more links to earn more. WAH programs do not require selling or any special skills and anyone can do it.

Ratings: 10/100

woman working at homeWhat Is WAH Program?

WAH Program or Work at Home program is founded by Lou Kallianes in 2014 and is currently based in Newark, Delaware. It was one of the programs run by the company called the Computer group. The WAH program is an educational program that aims to provide people with the opportunity to work from home by just posting product links online. You can earn $15 per link that you post and your earnings can increase if you post more.

The WAH program claims that the big companies will pay you money when you post their product’s links online. In one of the program’s ads featuring the story of Melissa Johnson, she claims that she makes $12,000 to $13,000 per month by just working 15 to 18 hours a week. Another story is from Michelle or Bobbie Robinson which is more commonly used by WAH Program.

She’s a single mom who’s working multiple jobs. She hated her jobs and being away from her child. Despite having a job she’s still having difficulties making ends meet. She was also in debt and hated her bosses. Until she found out about the WAH program which she claims changed her life.

The WAH program has other versions such as WAH Education, Work At Home Academy, Work At Home University, Work At Home Revenue, and Work At Home Institute.

It also appears that these programs are also managed by Bobby J. Robinson and Michael Sirois. Bobby J Robinson is a manager of Bob Robinson LLC and Netcore Solutions LLC. While Michael Sirois manages both Mega Export 2005 and Mega Export USA. There is not much information about Lou Kallianes online.

How Does WAH Program work?

The WAH program is simple and easy. You only need to register and log in to your account. Copy the system-generated unique link that was provided to you and start posting the links to several websites. These websites are the “customers” automatically assigned to you by the system daily. You can purchase the Direct Online Income Kit to start with a set of customers and if you would like to earn more you can upgrade by purchasing the Advance Program.

Can You Make Money with WAH Program?

At this point, you may have already realized that this program is a scam. So, you will not make any money at all. You will spend almost $300 on their programs or more and get nothing in return. I’m unable to find real proof that some people have earned from this program as well. Most of the things I found out are the complaints of the consumers.

WAH Program Pros and Cons

Let’s still take a look at the pros and cons of joining the WAH program to get a better understanding of whether this is real or not.


  • Simple and easy work-at-home earning opportunity
  • Offers money-back guarantee


  • High-pressure selling
  • Unethical marketing
  • Fake testimonials and comments
  • Many other suspicious versions of the program
  • WAH program no longer exists to this day

beware of lawsuits on WAH ProgramBeware of Lawsuits

I found a temporary restraining order filed back in 2017 by the Federal Trade Commission against the WAH program. The people behind it are Bobby J. Robinson, Michael Sirois, Bob Robinson LLC, Mega Export 2005 Inc., Mega Export USA Inc., and Netcore Solutions LLC.

They are the same people behind the Work At Home EDU, Work At Home Program, Work At Home Academy, Work At Home University, Work At Home Revenue, and Work at Home Institute.

The FTC said that the defendants have violated the FTC Act and the FTC’s Business Opportunity Rule. The rule requires business opportunity sellers to provide disclosures so that consumers can evaluate the offered opportunity and restrict sellers from unsubstantiated claims of big earnings.

FTC also alleges that the defendants lured the consumers into buying the online system with false promises of making hundreds or thousands of dollars of online income. This lawsuit has been finalized and has ordered the defendants to refund its consumers up to $2.3 billion in refund and fees which covers the period from July 2017 to June 2018.

Is WAH Program Legitimate?

No. It is a scam. Sadly, many people have been victimized by this scam which ran for several years. WAH program used “native” advertising where they placed their ads on a webpage that copies the look and feel of known media platforms. This strategy has lured many people into believing that their job opportunity is legit.

But if you click on any tabs or links on the supposed news website, it will only direct you to the WAH program sales page. They also used a news video clip that supposedly talks about the WAH program but when you watch it, it is an old news video that talks work at home jobs in general and not specifically the WAH program.

The unethical “native” advertising tactics and the old overused news video are the same strategies that were used on the other versions of the WAH program.

And WAH team did not only promote their program online. Some people were called by the relentless WAH sales team to get them to purchase the program. How they got these people’s phone numbers were undetermined. These unsuspecting people claim that the conversations were manipulated to collect more information from them.

Working At Home with WAH Program review

There are other claims that they were convinced to call their banks to increase their credit limits so they can look good on paper or won’t have issues with purchasing more products from the WAH program.

WAH program has 10 reviews on the Better Business Bureau website. Most of the reviews are negative experiences that mention being pressured to purchase the program or after making a purchase they are taken to the next page to purchase an upgrade.

The other version of the WAH program such as WAH Edu also has their complaints on the BBB website. The complaint was about not getting paid after following the training and working hard. The complaint was closed and a resolution was met.

WAH program may have a similar concept to affiliate marketing which is a legitimate way of earning money online. But some things make affiliate marketing different from the WAH program. Firstly, in affiliate marketing, you post the links on your website.

You usually write a blog or a review of the product you are promoting and post the link. If your website has good traffic or you have a good audience following your blog posts, someone will click on your link. If they make a purchase, you could earn a commission from the sale. The company makes money, you also make money.

The WAH program says that big companies will pay you for simply posting their links on other websites. If you think carefully about it, getting paid this way is very unlikely. There’s nothing to gain with just posting links since the companies will not make any money from it.

Can You Make Money with WAH Program_My Final Thoughts

It is good to know that this scam has been shut down. Who knows how many more people can be lured into this scam? According to FTC, they have already mailed around $1.1 million in refunds to 87,256 consumers. And this is back in 2017, so the number of consumers could be more as the refund process is far from over, or perhaps it has been completed.

I’m unable to find reports of whether all the victims have received their refunds yet. I just hope that these poor victims have gotten their money back. Although the WAH program offers a money-back guarantee, people didn’t get refunds until FTC intervened. Unfortunately, thousands of people have fallen into this trap before the scam was finally stopped.

One thing we learned here that I believe we can all agree, is that we should always validate the money-making opportunities that we find online. Not all online job opportunities are legit especially when it promises easy money.

Look out for the obvious red flags such as dubious website appearance, hard selling or upselling, scarcity tactics, fake testimonials, fake news features, etc. Usually, when you’re faced with a scam, you will have that gut feeling that there’s something wrong. Go with your gut feeling, more often than not, it is right. So run with your money, and never return.

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4 thoughts on “WAH Program Review – Can You Earn Money By Posting Links?”

  1. When I first started to read your review, I thought to myself that this is a great job opportunity for making money from home. It is great to hear that we can earn money just for simply posting links! Sounds amazing, I will try it. But when I continue to read through your review, I found out that this opportunity is a scam and the testimonials are all false. I am happy that I took the time and read the entire article.


    • It is crazy how these people come up with these ideas and hoping that lots of people would fall for the scam. Then they would open another one under another name and just do the same. WAH Program should get close to being non=exixtent, but please look out for any similar opportunity like this one propping up again.

  2. Whilst reading your post I was really happy to see that the WAH Program no loner exists. Unfortunately, there are plenty of similar programs out there ready to dupe people into spending their money. I hope your post is a lesson to everyone thinking of joining such a program.

    As per normal the program sets out to attract people who have busy lives and need an extra income. By advertising you can make $1000’s with very little work people are drawn to this. Of course deep down we know it’s a scam but when people see this they often wonder it it can be achieved. Of course this never happens and the business gets richer from those who can’t really afford to pay them.

    As you quite rightly mentioned Affiliate Marketing is a totally different business and one where money can easily be made online. Thank you for an informative Post that I hope others will read and digest.

    • David, thank you for the feedback and insights. When you are desperate and find it hard to make ends meet, these are the ones that get caught up with these scam companies. That is the reason I spend time with my members working with them with affiliate marketing, and helping them achieve their goals by putting in the time that would reap the benefits in the long term.

      Some of them who do not want to put in the work end up leaving, but those who stay and follow the simple step by step process, eventually achieve success. I am thrilled what Wealthy Affiliate is doing for the community and I am happy that I am a part of that, helping others.


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