What Is A Google Update? And How To Profit From It?

Many on the internet ask what is a Google update and how often it occurs. In today’s marketplace, Google continues to be the most preferred search engine and still provides the quality that has become expected from it.

What is it about Google that people trust and use almost instinctively eg ‘just google it?

These words have become part of everyday language for those working in the IT sector and in the household also.

Part of what makes Google so exceptional, integrated, and up-to-date, is the Google updates. These happen often and are of utmost relevance and importance for the businesses advertised and the clients searching. Updates influence which websites will be listed in which order therefore it is in the interest of users to be aware of them.

There can be something called ‘Phantom updates’ which refer to updates that are not advertised or in other words are ‘unknown’. However many updates occur whilst giving users a specific name for the update and also a purpose.

This is significant and informs the user of how they may be affected by the changes. Updates are carried out to make Google as efficient as possible. It is necessary for the user to be fully informed of the changes so as not to fall behind with rankings or access to information.

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What Is A Google Update? - Mobile friendlyMobile Friendly

Known updates happen roughly on a yearly basis. One of the most recent is the ‘Google mobile-friendly update’ otherwise known as ‘Mobilegeddon.’

The purpose of mobile-friendly is to increase access and to optimize the service for mobile/cell phone users. Google, as it grows as a business, must reflect society and the requirements of individuals – people are now using mobile devices more and more and so Google made the update with these important users in mind.

Is your site mobile-friendly? Take the Google test here: https://search.google.com/search-console/mobile-friendly

What if it is not mobile-friendly? Let me ask you this…..

Is this website a long-term website? If you use it for a local business it probably is your company website and you need to get it up to date. Why risk having sandboxed by Google and having your customers and prospects not be able to find you?

Pigeon Update

Other reasons for updates include more inclusion for local enterprises – the 2014 Pigeon update improved the position of small to medium local businesses on the Google search engine. Thus putting local services before the international ones. Often when there is an update there may be losers as well as winners and this is just part of the attempt to modernize and expand Google to keep it functioning within society, business, and users’ needs.

Other reasons for updates include speed and precision and detecting artificial attempts to gain higher rankings. How can we know more about these updates and how they may affect our services and searches?

The following index can be referred to as – the SISTRIX visibility index. One should also know that different rankings on the Google search engine may be the cause of other factors such as technical issues.

So Google would be unlikely to continue to be the top search engine without these important updates. They are desirable, crucial, and profitable and will most likely continue as long as Google is a modern, interactive, striving empire.

So why not join a community that keeps abreast of the changes that Google makes from time to time? Don’t hurt your website by not following the rules of Mr. GOOGLE. You can join for free by clicking here.

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SEOWhat Is A Google Update?

Why is Google the number one search engine? SEO – search engine optimization, is one of the most important aspects of online marketing, and Google with its updates is very much part of this and actually leads the way.

As pointed out ‘Google’ has become part of our everyday language, but it has also embraced our lifestyles and probably even our thoughts. It is an easily accessible tool that incorporates our phones, maps, and music.

It even replaces our tedious search at the library – we can access the same information in a matter of seconds. It has made our lives more convenient, resourceful, and efficient.

Google is an outwards reaching service. It brings people together – client contacts business or American meets UK friend. The goal is to contact, use services, and make friends. Google supports this to be achieved.

In fact, it is somewhat difficult to imagine life before Google. We have so much more time now thanks to this search engine – homework, careers and personal interest are areas which have become accelerated time-wise and so now we have more time to indulge in other activities with our learning and contacts further enhanced.

Therefore Google continues to be a reliable search engine it is due to many updates, SEO, and a group of loyal users. As long as it grows, adapts, and respects our wider world and society, it is hard to imagine the world without Google.

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Mobile friendlyWhat Is Next?

Google Mobile-First Index is the next update rumoured to be coming out. The bottom line is Google predicts that 90% of all searches will be done on a mobile device.

So, you need a responsive site that looks right on a smartphone or even a tablet. You also need to be doing SEO for mobile devices.

Google will be indexing mobile-ready websites first. There are going to be websites disappearing from their organic rankings and there was no need for that to happen.

Final Thoughts

Google is still important because they get more search engine traffic than all other search engines put together. When they do an update you have to pay attention if you are getting traffic from Google.

Until Google becomes less important they get to make the SEO rules. Please leave your comments or questions below, I would love to get your feedback.

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2 thoughts on “What Is A Google Update? And How To Profit From It?”

  1. Hey Bishop,
    As boring as the word ‘update’ sounds, we need to watch out for Google’s updates because for those of us who have websites, it can either be a bane or a blessing.

    I currently focus on writing content on my main website and after Google Penguin hit, it boosted even more but as for the rest of my websites with very little content, it was flagged. Loving your article, do you know if Google has any new updates this year?

    • Riaz. thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment. Yes, updates can be a blessing. Writing content and giving value to your audience should be your focus. Google never warned us when they are going to make updates, they just do it.

      Is very important to keep active in a community like Wealthy Affiliate, they keep you ahead of the changes when they do happen.



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