What Is An Internet Marketing Strategy For Your Business?

What is an Internet marketing strategy and your plan for promoting something on the Internet?  Think of it as your Internet marketing plan.

A strategy is defined as…..

“A careful plan or method for achieving a particular goal usually over a long period of time; the skill of making or carrying out plans to achieve a goal”. Let’s break this down as a strategy that would pertain to Internet marketing.

A Careful Plan

First of all, we are talking about a Careful Plan. That probably eliminated over 50% of all Internet marketers right there!


Many people who do Internet marketing never put together a plan at all, much less one that is carefully thought out. This would imply that you have to put some time into thinking about what’s your online marketing strategy, or plan, is going to be. I will admit this can be hard to do if you’re brand-new to Internet marketing.

One thing that I’ve always been a big proponent of is doing due diligence, especially as it pertains to joining business opportunities and finding products to promote online. I feel that more effort needs to be put into carefully checking out what you’re going to be marketing online before you even start thinking about how you’re going to do it.

The reason for this should be obvious. Because there are so many different ways to implement Internet marketing you need to think about what you’re selling. Then you can then find the right strategy as it pertains to that specific type of product or business opportunity.

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Achieving A Particular Goal

What Is An Internet Marketing Strategy -  your online goals for maximum profits

An Internet marketing strategy implementation and practice are going to focus on a specific goal.

Then it’s going to be broken down into detail on how you’re going to go about achieving that goal.

For people who visit my money-making tips, the specific goal they are looking for in their Internet marketing strategy is reaching a certain income level. Many times this is an income level that would allow that person to become a full-time Internet marketer.

I’m all for that!

Except to get to a big number means you’re going to have to achieve smaller numbers first. Therefore I think you should have your big number in mind as a long-term goal. However, first, your Internet marketing strategy should be broken down into daily and weekly action items that allow you to achieve a smaller goal first.

As an example, you may have a goal to earn a six-figure income per year. However, to get to that you need to start by earning $10 a day, then $50 and then $100 a day before you can get to the $2000 a week that a six-figure income earner would be making.

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Usually Over A Long Period Of Time

If 50% of the people never put together a care plan, the other 49% do not stick with their plan over a long period of time. Simply put, they quit!


You’re going to run into a lot of obstacles when you market something on the Internet. If for some reason you think it’s easier to do Internet marketing than to promote something offline you may as well get that out of your head right now.

Yes, it is easier to join an Internet marketing company, especially with a business opportunity. It’s also easier to establish an online presence than it would be to build an offline business with a retail outlet, hire employees, stock the warehouse, and so on.

You’re still going to have problems marketing online, but they just may not be the same as a brick-and-mortar business would have.

What kind of problems?

I think the biggest thing that prevents people from sticking with Internet marketing over a long period of time is a lack of traffic generation. This can almost always be traced back to a lack of Internet marketing skills.

It takes a lot of skill to drive traffic to a website. That’s really the core of Internet marketing

How many eyeballs are you getting on your offer is another way to think about this. Most people fail to stick with Internet marketing long enough to achieve a high number of eyeballs.

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Internet Marketing Strategy Example

What Is An Internet Marketing Strategy - Making a list of 5 marketing strategies to start with.

Every online business knows that a large percentage of people who visit their website is not going to buy from them.

So, how can you to Internet marketing to increase your traffic and get more positive outcomes outside of people making that initial purchase?

  • 1. Start an authority blog.
  • 2. Set up an autoresponder.
  • 3. Build a list from your blog.
  • 4. Follow up via email with your subscribers.
  • 5. Add high-quality fresh content.
  • 6. Do social media marketing.

If you were to follow these six steps you would have a real Internet marketing strategy you could spend your time on. We know this works just from looking at all of the successful blogs in virtually every niche.

Every one of these blogs has an autoresponder on it for building an email list. The autoresponder is set up with pre-programmed messages to go out to the subscribers.

Blogger spends the majority of their time adding fresh content to their blog. Not only content but high-quality content that people want to read and come back and read again.

Then they either promote their blog through social media marketing or hire somebody to do it for them! In many cases, they may even outsource some of the blog writing so they can increase the amount of content they are getting online without having to write it all themselves.

Final Thoughts

This Internet marketing strategy is actually very simple to achieve. Getting your blog set up doesn’t cost much money, and doesn’t take technical skills. This is probably why you see so many blogs with sign-up forms on them!

The problem is sticking with the blog long enough to become an authority in your niche and begin to reap the profits from all the work you put in. I can not really help you with the effort part, but I can certainly help you in terms of getting your blog set up and monetizing it.

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  1. I am so much impressed to see this post which is clearly the main point of marketing. In addition would like to say If you want to achieve the set goals, you need a strategy – the marketing strategy. How do you want to achieve your goals, which market position do you take in the long term?

    • Thank you for the comment and insight on using a marketing strategy to achieve your goals. I use Bing and Facebook ads with my Affiliate Marketing website. But content marketing is a must for long-term success. hope that helps!


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