What Is Scribd? – My Scribd Review

In my Scribd Review, you will find out Scribd is and how it gives Amazon a run for their money over their audiobook users. In Scribd reviews, you will find that they started as a hosting site for documents. While at Harvard Trip, Adler woke up one day and began Scribd to learn about the lengthy procedure required to distribute academic copies.

That happened because his father, a Stanford specialist, was told that it would take a year and a half to distribute his medical research. Adler needed to create a simple method to distribute and share compound substances online.

What is Scribd? Is It Worth it?

Consistently, Scribd makes a recommended summary of books written by the specialists behind the application. That offers a precise selection of the best books for subscribers to see. This collection is replete with many titles and everything that is continually included.

Scribd’s mission is to change the way the world reads. They approach life in learning from a vanguard point of view, understand how people obtain their data these days and acquire reports and publications directly to readers with that equivalent method: through their electronic devices.

Scribd Review

  • Name: Scribd
  • Website: https://www.Scribd.com/
  • Price: 1st month free then 8.99/month
  • Owners: Trip Adler and Jared Friedman
  • Overall Rank: 95 out of 100

Scribd, Product Overview

How did Scribd get here?

Scribd began as a publication host in 2007. It started with the expectation of allowing anyone, anywhere, to share their thoughts with the online world.

Six years later, Scribd created its subscription service to allow readers to access their books monthly at an introductory fixed rate. At that time, they began to incorporate recordings of books, magazines, and articles on paper, adding to their collection of offers and expanding their range.

What Is The Current Situation Of Scribd?

reading books online via Scribd

Scribd has about 700K subscribers monthly who have spent more than 150M hours reading the application in its current location. Its author has been registered in many lists of successful young entrepreneurs.

They claim over 100 million members in 194 countries. This quickly makes it the most prominent online book club, if you want to call it that.

Publishing partners include Fortune, Simon & Schuster, Bloomberg, Harper Collins, The NY Times, Entrepreneur, People, Newsweek, Time and many more.

Scribd Review Pros and Cons:

The Good:

  • PRO #1 – Books are available in an easy-to-read format.
  • PRO #2 – Mobile friendly. Text is converted to fit the screen you are viewing them on.
  • PRO #3 – Trial month for free before going to an affordable $8.99 a month.
  • PRO #4 – You have access to books, audiobooks, magazines, and newspapers too.

The Bad:

  • CON #1 – Not available offline. This is an online-only platform.
  • CON #2- No telephone support.

I can not find anything wrong with Scribd. Even the testimonials are almost 100% positive.

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Who is Scribd For?

This goes without saying that people who want one source and one place to access books, magazines and newspapers will love Scribd.

Monthly Subscription

Scribd has a subscription cost of $ 8.99 in a month. The service offers 1 million books, fun, and audiobooks through the Scribd application or a program.

In March, Scribd changed its subscription plan from providing access to infinite digital magazines to a maximum of three digital books and one book recording in a month.

The service can be accessed on Apple and Android devices such as the Kindle and the Nook. The administrator also chose a few books that change every month and read under an infinite premise.

Monthly Subscription Benefits

Reading my books online through the Scribd app

With a premium membership, you have the opportunity to read thousands of predominant and professionally distributed books in a wide variety of genres.

Also, you will have full access to a large number of composite works contributed by users,

For example, this includes short stories and articles. The benefit is obvious for a friend of books: $8.99 each month for monthly access to our ever-evolving library.

Number Of Books You Can Read Each Month

As many as you can! They strive to provide the complete list to the majority of our members. They can not guarantee the immediate accessibility of any particular title.

However, members can read an infinite number of audiobooks and books each month. On occasion, they have to restrict the claims they readily allow access within a particular library in 30 days.

Scribd Support

You can contact them via their email address: Support@Scribd.com. It is available for customers who need to issue a comment, complaint, or ask a question you can find answered in the FAQ section of Scribd website.

Their mailing address of 539 Bryant Street, San Francisco, CA, 94107 is also listed. I do not see a published phone number at this time.

You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram if you are into social media, as many book lovers are.

Amazon audible books stacking up to the new Scribd app

What Are Amazon Users Saying?

Amazon has been the leader in causing users to buy, download and read e-books, magazines, newspapers and digital media through the Kindle store and finding themselves switching to Scribd.

Most of these people making the switch are because of the price factor and the user-friendly app that is not eating up their battery life on their device.

The reading has more colour settings that make it easier for readers to read under low lighting, causing little or no discomfort to their eyes.

Although Amazon still holds the number one position in purchasing paperbacks, Scribd is closing in on the digital media world. Their audiobooks inventory may even be gaining ground on Amazon Audible’s collection.

Scribd Review Final thoughts

I have to say I am highly impressed with this website and service. I had heard of them before, and I had never been to their website until I wrote this review. This is laid out in a very easy-to-navigate website.

I did not mention the announcements tab at the bottom of their website. I noticed you could read the Mueller Report as other members had shared it in their community, and they commented on it.

They also encourage members to share the free month and beyond by membership. You do that on the gift membership page.

Scribd at a Glance…

  • Name: Scribd
  • Website: https://www.Scribd.com/
  • Owners: Trip Adler and Jared Friedman
  • Price: $8.99/mo.
  • Overall Scam Rank: 95 out of 100


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16 thoughts on “What Is Scribd? – My Scribd Review”

  1. On the consumer side, I always appreciate competition, and it’s nice to know that someone out there is competing with Amazon. I haven’t heard a lot about Scribd so this post is very helpful. I’m glad to hear that readers are finding that Scribd has some benefits over Amazon, as this brings to light that there may be some flaws on the latter side. As an author who has published a book on Amazon, I will definitely be looking into this product a little further. I have bookmarked your post, well done!

    • Yes, it was surprising to me as well that Scribd is getting so many subscribers and a lot of lifetime Amazon subscribers are turning over to Scribd audiobooks because they find it more user-friendly. especially the price and the less strain on their device battery life.

      I am don’t think they have reached there with paperback books, so if one is leaning on publishing paperback books, well they should utilize Amazon cause they are the leaders in this arena. I will certainly be leaning Scribd way for their audiobooks. Thank you for your input.

      • Please l want to represent but now l am jobless and now l am not good but now look like this business plan will safe me personly to start this reward later.

        • Is better you look for a job, cause that is what will pay the bills for now. but in the meantime, you can start building your business from home over the internet. That is where I started and now I am full-time at home. You can start here and I will meet you inside and work with you.

          David aka LazyBlogger.

  2. Hi David

    I’ve used Scribd in the past. I think it’s great!

    I found an out-of-print book on airspace drag calculations, which would have cost me hundreds to buy on eBay or a vintage books website if I could find one.

    The danger, at least back then, was that people would scan and upload copyrighted books, which is, of course, theft.

    I think, as long as people respect the copyrights of the material, this is a great place to find (sometimes) obscure topics and details.



    • Scribd is really making a mark for themselves and I like the idea that the leaders in the industry, Amazon, is being challenged by another service. Good to know that you had a positive experience with Scribd.

      With all copyrights law coming into play makes it difficult now for someone to steal materials over the internet. The penalty for that is huge and it does not worth. Happy you were able to find what you were looking for on Scribd. Stay safe.

  3. Hi, I have read your article carefully. Oh my God, this was just the most helpful article. I am happy you found this helpful topic. I haven’t heard a lot about Scribd so this post is very helpful. I’m glad to hear that readers are finding that Scribd has some benefits over Amazon. 

    It’s nice to know that someone out there is competing with Amazon. It was surprising to me as well that Scribd is getting so many subscribers and a lot of lifetimes, Amazon subscribers are turning over to Scribd audiobooks because they find it more user-friendly. As an author who has published a book on Amazon, I will definitely be looking into this product a little further.

    Excellent breakdown, thanks to you now I am sharing your post to my friends.

    • When I first step foot on Scribd, I was intrigued and wanted to dig deep into this service and what subscribers are saying. The response was amazing that is the reason I reached to this review and beginning to use it myself.

      Amazon is still the leaders in paperback books, and Kindle is still ranking high, but Scribd is right on their heels with audiobooks. I believe Amazon would come out with something new to gain back the trust and some of their lifetime subscribers, but for now, Scribd is the new kid on the block, and their subscribers love every minute of it.

      Happy to know that you got some value here and willing to share with your friends.

  4. Hi, Bishop.

    Thanks for the comprehensive review of Scribd. It seems to be a bonanza for book lovers. The summary of books written by the specialists is going to save a lot of time on one hand as well as provide relevant information on another side. I am going to emerge in the 1-month free subscription.

    Please suggest if Gifting Subscription is going to add a few more free months or we need to purchase next month compulsory to continue? I am happy that someone is giving competition to Amazon.

    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    • Gaurav,

      You are welcome and the more I get myself acquainted with Scribd, I see the reason why lifetime members from Amazon are subscribing to this platform.  Thank you for the input here.

      Once you start to navigate yourself around the platform, you will determine if it is the right platform for you once you start your 30-day free trial subscription, which after that the price is $8.99 a month that bills to you automatically. Amazon is still my favorite cause is only a matter of time before they fine tune their audiobooks service.

  5. You provide a unique way of presenting the facts and history of how this app came into being.  This validates it and gives the reader peace of mind knowing that it isn’t a scam, but a helpful resource to gain access to quality books.

    What I like about it is that you can try it free for a whole month, that is quite a significant amount of time to find out if one really likes the app and can afford the monthly fee.

    Thank you for your most informative article, I may just give it a try.

    • Yes, Scribd is legit and the number of subscribers speaks for itself. Plus if you try it out yourself you would see how it does not use that much power on your device. 

      Yes, you can read free for 30 days and enjoy all that they have to offer before deciding if it is good for you before paying the #8.99 a month subscription.

      Happy I was able to provide you with such information about this service.


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