What Is The Best Way To Make Money Online?

This is one of those questions that if you asked 10 people you might get 10 different answers, what is the best way to make money online?

You may find several in one business model such as e-commerce or affiliate marketing and then the person you are talking to breaks it down from there.

Forbes had an article about 6 months ago titled “21 Legit Ways To Make Money Online“. That doesn’t make them the best ways to make money online, but legitimate ways to make money are important if you do not want to go to jail for what you do.

In my view, the best way to make money online today is to become an affiliate marketer.

affiliate marketing can make you money online

Affiliate Marketing

Here are the 5 steps I use to create what I feel is the best way to make money online and I am using the affiliate marketing model.

1. Solving a problem. This is big because you automatically define your audience.

If you solve a specific problem you will be in a micro-niche. For example “how to stop sweating” is a micro-niche in the broader niche of health.

2. Buy a domain name. Try and get the keywords that solve your problem in the domain name if possible. One way to do that is to buy an established domain name.

You can find those on websites and domain companies such as Go Daddy or Name Cheap. Another example is to just play around with various keywords until you come up with one that you like.

Domain names will run you around $15 a year. Consider buying 2 years upfront because Google will see that as a sign you are serious and start ranking you quicker.

3. Set up website hosting. There are many great places to host your blog.

Some of them include Go Daddy. Host Gator, and Blue Host. You will find hosting costs are cheap at around $5 to $10 a month.

Use a WordPress template to set your blog up. You may want to just have your blog be your website.

Your hosting company should have a feature that allows you to set your blog up with no more than two or three clicks. The key thing on your template is to use one that’s responsive.

That means it automatically sizes the content to the device it’s been searched on. It will look the right size on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, and smartphone.

If you want to get a fancier or more unique template then some of the free ones WordPress offers to take a look at elegant themes. You can find very professional themes for under $100.

make money using the internet

4. Start a blog and add valuable content. Up to this point, we’ve established a system that millions of people have done all around the Internet.

Outside of finding a really good micro-niche that solves a problem the rest of the steps have been pretty basic in terms of buying your domain name, setting up your hosting, and choosing a WordPress template.

Now things start to get a little harder.

Blogging and adding fresh content on a consistent basis is a great way to drive traffic to your blog and convert some of that into sales. Becoming skilful at doing this, along with other traffic generation methods, is one-half of the required skills to make the most money online in the best way.

5. Monetize with affiliate products. As an affiliate marketer, you will join affiliate programs for a merchant that requires you to perform a specific action.

There are five different ways to make money in affiliate marketing and you can combine one or more of them to create your own best way to make money online. The five ways are…

  • pay-per-click such as with Google Adsense.
  • pay-per-lead or cost per action such as with Max Bounty
  • pay-per-sale such as Amazon or ClickBank
  • two-tier affiliate marketing such are found at twotier.com
  • Starting your own affiliate program. Not recommended until you become more experienced or are going to hire someone to run it for you.
What Is The Best Way To Make Money Online - selling your art

Which way do I feel is best?

I promote an affiliate program called Wealthy Affiliate. This is a membership training program that teaches people how to do affiliate marketing.

From an income standpoint, this falls into the pay-per-sale category. What’s neat about it is you create a residual income because you earn commissions every month that customers’ membership is active.

I also like to promote this product because it solves a problem in that it teaches people how to make money online through affiliate marketing. Although this is one of the most competitive categories on the Internet, it also has a never-ending stream of new people coming online every month that number in the millions.

It also brings old people back to it who are still looking for a way to make money online. There’s a migration that goes on in the make money online niche of people who are constantly joining and quitting programs as they try to find one real way to make money online, so you never run out of potential customers.

Final Thoughts

Let me just wrap up this article on what is the best way to make money online by saying take a look at the Wealthy Affiliate program if you don’t have something specific in mind. Follow the five steps I’ve listed above to establish your own online business and monetize it with affiliate programs or products.

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