Who Are The Millennial Generation?

Who are the Millennial Generation? The millennial generation popularly referred to as Generation Y is a demographic cohort that succeeded Generation X. Millennials’ generation age ranged from the early 1980 end ending in the mid-1990 to the early 2000s.

This generation is motivated by a variety of factors. These factors include:

1. Guidance and Counseling

As this generation consists of young people below the age of 40 years, they need constant guidance and counseling from their elders. Some are still young people who need directions on what to do in life. All young people need is someone who will take them through the reality of life-giving them tips on what is good and bad to do.

The youth will tend to follow the path of advice given to them by their parents, mentors, and friends. Parents of this Millennials Generation should ensure they avail themselves to offer unending guidance and counseling to their children. Guidance and counseling from professionals are also important if the parents can achieve get to their children.

Who Are The Millennial Generation - independence2. Independence

This young generation needs space to try out new things. It is obvious that this generation consists of young brains who are innovative.

They want to prove their knowledge as most of them are in school or have just graduated from college. Therefore they need the space to showcase their talents, creativity, and knowledge they possess.

They should be understood despite this group being characterized by mischievousness. Giving this generation enough space will shape them to be independent characters.

It is time that this generation is trusted to do this on their own though under close supervision so that they do not go wrong. This generation is the future and thus must be safeguarded.

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3. Success

Any form of success in the lives of this generation motivates them to scale to a higher height. Achieving success in school or place of work is no doubt the desire of everyone out there. This generation is no exception as it is time they are trying out things in life.

Achieving success in any area will, therefore, motivate them to crave much and dream more. The appetite to achieve more will increase and they will input more effort into their course.

Who Are The Millennial Generation - growing their money online

4. Money

The Millennials Generation will be happy once they realize they are making money out of their ventures. As this generation is setting foot on acquiring resources, they will be motivated once they learn that they are earning out of their efforts.

They have an enormous appetite to achieve and get resources to build their future. Realizing that they are making money will make them double their efforts.

Millennials are investors. These are a category of people who are putting money away in a 401l or IRA. They understand the power of maximizing a company match and use it to the fullest.

They are also a group of people who are not afraid to work harder now for a brighter tomorrow. This can include starting a home business of some kind which we will talk about now.

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Home Business People

Millennials are perfect if you are in a home business that recruits people into your business. For this, I am thinking specifically about three types of business models.

  • 1. Affiliate marketing.
  • 2. Network marketing.
  • 3. Direct sales.

Millennials are independent people. Can you think of anything more independent than working for yourself?

Seriously! Having a home business means you are an entrepreneur who runs the show with now boss.

This is not to say that millennials would not have a full-time job, supplemented by a part-time home business. When defining success. as we have stated, money plays a big role in how this generation views success.

It is becoming more popular to have 2 income sources. In a married couple of millennials, this can easily be 3 income streams.

The husband works a full-time job. The wife works a full-time job. Together they operate a home business that brings in a full-time income stream and allows them to write off business expenses which can lower the personal out-of-pocket monthly expenses.

I don’t think I can overstate this. If you sell a product, service, or opportunity, millennials should be your primary target market. They are willing, able, and ready for what you have to offer.

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Who Are The Millennial Generation - The future generation 6. The Future

The future is so bright for this Millennials Generation. They are custodians of the future with the responsibility to be the parents and elders someday to come.

Realizing that brighter days ahead give this generation hope. Greater opportunities are thus available to them once they continue working hard and honestly.

The internet and technology are their friends. Even if you are not comfortable using it yourself working with millennials in some capacity is something you should take advantage of.

final thoughts

There is no doubt the Millennials Generation is the future and therefore they need motivation for them to step in once required. I do this myself by promoting a business opportunity with the marketing model of affiliate marketing.

In my viewpoint affiliate marketing is the perfect vehicle for millennials to achieve much of what they want out of life. The problem for most millennials is they do not know how to be successful in affiliate marketing. Many do not even know what affiliate marketing is.

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Wealthy Affiliate offers free training that gets the ball rolling. They also offer a paid upgrade with numerous benefits for $49 a month.

I earn a residual commission promoting the paid version of Wealthy Affiliate. I like the fact I make money helping this generation make money online as well. This is a great business model for millennials to get motivated and achieve more success in their lives.

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10 thoughts on “Who Are The Millennial Generation?”

  1. Awesome. My son also belongs to the millennium. But I also find that these group of people are not really willing to put in too much hard work to achieve their goals. I believe it has something to do on the concept of “leveraging on technology”. Millenniums will try their best to achieve the most with least effort. This is something we should learn from them.

    • Florence, I may agree on that a little, but there are a group here in New York City that I know personally is making it happen with their marketing efforts. You are so right, they do little but get huge results. With this technology age, it is possible if we tap into the right source. Thank you for your insight and comment.

  2. Hello Bishop, I’m part of the Millennial Generation & we are definitely the future. The only thing is, others my age haven’t had technology their whole lives. It started when I was in middle & high school. Kids these days start a lot younger – 5 years old or younger! Crazy how things change so quickly. Millennial’s are starting to make their moves in the technology world & are the best for online businesses at the moment. We are “tech savvy”. Thank you for shining the light on all the good things about Millennial’s. Recently, I’ve seen a lot of negative feedback on how we are ruining the future for others. Best Wishes, Rachel

    • Rachel, thank you for seeing my point here, and as a millennial generation, you are the future and plays a major part on growth today.

      When I look at my kids and all my nephews and nieces, I like the direction there are going and how fast they are progressing. They don’t ever stay at the same level on a monthly basis, they always learning new things sometime it is difficult for me to keep up. 

      Glad that you are part of that millennial movement. Keep it up and all the best to you on whatever you put your hands on moving forward. take care.

  3. Thanks for sharing your insight! It was interesting to read for me (born in 1993)! I’m working on my online business too, in fact working on affiliate marketing:) sometimes I feel online business is a great investment to go, but wondering what if the Internet is down? The Youtube channel was down yesterday! But we can’t deny that with the right guidance and counselling, with the proper marketing training, we can definitely learn and to success!

    • Same year as my daughter, and when she first read it, it had her thinking that her Dad felt that way. I am coming to terms that this generation is making it happen. And the good thing about it, they are using less effort because of the resources today.

      I understand your concerns, but in the offline world we face tragedy as well. I remember of certain blizzard we had here in New York that crippled the city for two days. But everything was back to normal after that. Things do gets in the way both offline and online.

      Getting the right training is crucial for your business, hence the reason I always recommend that you join Wealthy Affiliate and gather the knowledge that would take you from the 21st century and beyond. Glad that you are part of the Millennial Generation to make that happen. Talk to you soon.

  4. This is really cool. I have an 16 year old son and all he wants to do is sit up in his room and play video games. I don’t even understand how someone can sit in front a screen for hours playing the same game and not even getting paid for it.

    But anyways I told him its time for him to get more productive whether that be playing a sport, joining a club, or getting a job. I know he is interested in getting a job so he can buy more games. But I did not know it was capable for him to be making money while still being at home. What program do you recommend to get started doing that? Great article, definitely sharing this on my Facebook. 

    • Garrett, thank you for the comment on this Millennial Generation article. Kids today live on the computer and cell-hones so if you ca channel them along that way, then making money online will be of great interest to them.

      Understanding the process of building a website and monetizing it would be the first step for your so to take, and the best way to do that is through Wealthy Affiliate. In that way they would be able to learn the process and get hands on information along the way because of the different changes that takes place on the Internet. Hope that helps.

  5. From my perspective and the other millennials I personally know, I feel that the “lack of motivation” stems from knowing that we have technology that can handle the meaningless tasks of most jobs in our workforce. It is hard for me to understand value in the sweat of my brow when a machine can do the job far more efficient than I can.

    When we build a house we throw tons of material away and it takes weeks if not months to complete. Yet we can have a machine (3d printer) print a house in 24 hours with no waste. The common argument I hear is that the job of the construction worker is important so it is scary a machine can do the job now. I feel that there should be more “constructive” jobs created. Not more construction jobs.

    Thank you for the very informative article. I really enjoyed reading it….

    • I know exactly what you mean, Anthony. I amazes me how they construct these bridges today. All the construction is done offsite and all is necessary is the machines that install the bridges onsite.

      The good thing is the Millennial Generation grasp the process and making it happen in such a faster pace today. Technology has come along way, and it is moving at a rapid speed. Jobs that usually five and more people to do is now replace by a machine with one person at the controls. glad that this was a good read for you. All the best.


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