Why Consistency Is Important In Business?

People always wonder why consistency is important in business and is something that most entrepreneurs failed to achieve in the very beginning and that is why most of them quit.

What does it really mean to be consistent in business? Why is it so important for a business to strive for and reach a high level of consistency?

Here at DavidBishopMakeMoneyTips.com, we work with businesses of all sizes, but we really specialize in helping small business people. This is the entrepreneur or as they are sometimes referred to the micro business.

Even more, we work with affiliate businesses so I will talk about consistency from both as a business and affiliate perspective in this article. I have found consistency offers many rewards to the entrepreneur to his/her business. It helps improve your business skills, grow your business, and build your brand.

It is always beneficial to join a community that speaks your language and if you do not have one, at the bottom of this article I will introduce you to the one I use that you can join for free.

Apart from that, there is more to say. Please find below the other benefits of consistency in business.

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why consistency is important in business - Women effectsCredibility and Reliability

Being consistent means building your credibility and reliability factor with your customers and with others with whom you do business. Sometimes, your credibility may be a challenging thing to make in a business, but when you have it you reap beneficial rewards.

Being consistent in everything you do will let your customers know that they can count on you. The trust factor naturally happens!

When your clients know that they can count on you, you become their person to turn to. I see this all of the time in affiliate marketing and network marketing.

They do not look for their answers anywhere else. They come to you because you are known as someone they can trust every time.

These are the people who join your email list and stay on it. They are repeat visitors to your blog.

They are the ones that do viral marketing for you. Once you reach that high level of credibility and reliability there is really no end to how big your business can be and how much money you can earn.

Trust is everything, and if you can help others grow their brand and build a successful business online, then your audience with stay with you till the end once you continue to work with them consistently as I am doing with this website.

What does it mean to be consistent?

Let’s say you have a newsletter. Whether you mail it or send it online by email as an electronic newsletter does not really matter.

What matters is you send it consistently. Getting on a set schedule is helpful to you and to your reader. It seems so small, but your customers notice it.

Let’s say you have an ezine and it comes out once a week. We will go on Friday at 4:00 pm est since statistics have shown this to be the best time to send out this email.

why consistency is important in business - Understanding why

So, every Friday, your clients count on you to send that information right into their inbox. What happens when he is not there?

Your list notices. Some may call you, send you an email, communicate with you via text and so on.

They want to know if everything is okay. They have come to expect their newsletter from you.

Think of consistency from your perspective. Wouldn’t you rather work with people who do business consistently? Or would you prefer to work with people who are not reliable and consistent?

You must do everything possible to be consistent with everything in your business. Strive for consistency in the message you are sending and the way your phones are answered.

Be consistent in the colours you use in your brand, logos, marketing, and office hours. Treat everyone the same. We all know the old saying “do unto others as they do to you”.

Credibility and reliability go hand in hand. Becoming the person to turn to for your industry, or affiliate niche starts by being consistent in your business, in your marketing, your messages, and your life in general.

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Your Goals

Here is another area where consistency is important. Goals are often personal, but in the world of affiliate marketing, you can share them as well.

When you are sure about what you need to achieve, you can establish coherent goals that will lead you to that goal. Nonstop action towards the target will always produce the best results.

Even if progress seems to be slow initially, keep jumping and continuously move towards your goals. So when you hit one goal you set another.

In the world of bloggers and entrepreneurs, we often use consistency to keep on track. In the book “Think And Grow Rich” we write down goals and read them twice a day.

I can not think of any more important thing to do that shows consistency in your business. You are changing your attitude which affects your long-term achievement.

Most will give up before they ever reach the end of Think and Grow Rich. They give up on the consistency it takes to make it to the finish line. This may or may not determine how successful the business is.

As I get ready to wind this article down let me break down consistency into 4 rules.

why consistency is important in business - Quality, honesty and team Spirit.

1. Measurement. Consistency sets your barometer to measure how you are progressing in your business.

Here is an example. You join an affiliate program and over time it is not producing. If you are not consistently presenting or marketing this affiliate product how do you know if your lack of sales is the fault of the product or the fault of yours?

2. Accountability. Consistency holds you accountable especially when it comes to goal setting.

3. Reputation. Think about other affiliate marketers in the niche your affiliate business is in. Are they consistent in what they do? Are you striving to be like them?

4. Your message. I love this one because consistency shows up in the message you are trying to convey to your prospects, blog visitors, old customers and so on.

Final thoughts

Have I given you some food for thought in relation to the importance of consistency in business? I hope so!

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10 thoughts on “Why Consistency Is Important In Business?”

  1. Another worth reading blog here! Yes, I agree consistency is one of the keys to success. I would like also to say that being consistent in giving valuable contents to your readers is important. Valuable contents will get the readers to trust than just giving simple content to sale affiliate programs.

    Thanks for sharing this!

    • Gillian, it is also good for the search engines, they are always looking for valuable content on topics to share with their readers when they do a search. that will keep more readers coming to their website to look for information.

      that you for your insight on this topic as well.


  2. I agree with you that consistency is very big is not the biggest part of establishing a small business. I can also confirm that it is very challenging being consistent – you have your regular work that pays for living and your small business is usually your evening and spare time gig. 

    I know that 3 articles a week is desired when starting your business, but is 2 articles a week ok as well? How will this decrease of 1 post a week impact my growth and is there anything else I can do to help my growth? I tried to post 3 articles a week but I burned out in a month so I decided to better cut down a little and keep on pushing.

    Do you have a suggestion or anything that would help me keep on going and growing?



    • Here are so many things that are available online that can help you stay consistent. base on your response it looks like content writing poses a big challenge for you. As of today, I have 8 posts that are waiting for me to publish and I continue to stay ahead with this.

      When I was starting out, this is what I do. I spend my time doing keyword research in Jaaxy and try to have about 20 each month. if I have time to write, and I have a Freelance writer that I work with that understand my niche and Wealthy Affiliate platform. I can call on him to provide 10 to 20 articles for me within any given month. But I provide the keywords.

      So when I do get the articles it takes me little or no time to proofread and make the adjustment before I publish. then I follow Wealthy Affiliate SEO strategies for higher rankings. Hope that helps!

  3. Thank you for this informative post. My wife and I started a blog about two months ago. When we were blogging four times a week for one month our visitors started to increase. But then due to family problems, we blogged only once or twice in the past month and we definitely saw a decrease in our visitors.

    You are so right that consistency is very important when doing business online. It’s one of the only ways your readers will see you are when they come to find out what new stuff you have written. If they see nothing they leave, which then shows Google that your site is in is important as they might’ve once thought.

    I just want to say thank you for bringing this back to the forefront of my mind once again. Going to get working on my site and make consistency a reality for the coming year.

    • keep in mind Eric, what you lack in time you can always makeup with money and hire a Freelancer to do some of the writing for your blog so that more time would spend promoting your blog. This is what I used to do when starting out and today I still add that aspect as part of my business from time to time.

      Google looks at consistency with new domains cause the vast majority of them do not stay on the Internet for too long. so build your blog consistent and down the road when it comes an authority blog in your niche, you can scale back your writing or even hire a full-time writer. hope that helps!

  4. Hello, thank you for the informative article. I start building my website. At first, I was writing post after post. After a while, I slow down, get bored, sometimes lazy.

    I do agree I need to be consistent on my posts, to be more creative and work on my website. Your post reminds me not to be lazy, make a schedule, do goals.

    Thank you again for the post and ideas. I will follow them, and I will be consistent more than I was a few days ago (that’s my promise to myself).

    • Is funny that you mention the word lazy. Cause Lazy Blogger is my username on Wealthy Affiliate.lol. So you can still be lazy and be successful in business, cause whatever you lack in Time, you can always make up with Money. I mean, there are so many experts out there that you can hire and outsource different aspect of your business so that you can stay consistent.

      You can also spend time writing articles and just save them for the future when you know that unforeseen circumstances will cause you to be lazy for a week or two. just keep that in mind.

  5. Hi David! I agree with you. Consistency not only helps us archive our initial goals in business but after we have arrived there it has trained us concerning how to remain in business.

    I personally believe that the most important aspect of consistency is that it holds you accountable. Thank you very much for this important reminder.

    • Yes, it disciplines us and it takes us out of our comfort zone, an area that most people find difficult to leave, and is one of the main criteria of having success with anything we set our minds on.

      As you mention, accountability is the main factor for achieving success. thank you for your input and all the best with your business.


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